Published February 19, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—During the mid-morning hours, on January 27, 2011, Dr. Anthony J. Clark with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office is On-Call. Dr. Clark gets a call from Leon County Sheriff Lieutenant Tim Baxter in regards to a double homicide where the victims have been shot. The victims are brother and sister. The mother of the victims’ told law enforcement that she returned home from spending the night out and found her 17-year-old son and her pregnant daughter, who is 20-years-old, dead in the livingroom. The mother goes on to tell law enforcement that she last saw her daughter alive the previous night (26th) around 9:30 p.m. at the residence but that her son was not home at the time. Dr. Clark does not come to the crime scene. (There is no entry on the Control Entry Log Sheet of anyone with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office having gone out to the crime scene.)

In cases of suspicious death, investigators and police bring in a medical examiner to help search for clues as to how the person died and ultimately identify the killer. Medical examiners also work outside of suspicious deaths and murder cases, examining remains of people who died of natural or accidental causes. Medical examiners hold medical degrees and receive their positions by appointment, whereas coroners do not have to have medical degrees and act as elected officials.

According to Dr. Clark’s testimony, he did not come into contact with the victims’ bodies until the next day (morning). Therefore, it is Dr. Clark’s testimony that he could not give an approximate time of death—only that the victims had been deceased within 24 hours of him coming in contact with the bodies.


The murder investigation of seventeen-year-old Sterling Conner Jr. and his 20-year-old sister Laqecia Herring was a sham. Instead of law enforcement officers, both defense and prosecuting attorneys, judges and the medical examiner’s office utilizing their professional experience to ensure justice is carried out properly, they dummied themselves down to cover up several dumb actions that they seemingly have become so accustomed to that the person that was charged with the murders, 17-year-old DeShon Thomas, filed Pro Se because for nearly three years of him sitting in the Leon County Jail none of the four different court appointed attorneys would do the least to build a legal defense—no depositions—nothing. It’s too bad that most of those who are sworn to protect DeShon’s Constitutional Rights were more interested in their own pathetic agendas within their network—the State Attorneys Office refused to allow the victims autopsy reports to be released–and defense counsel refused DeShon’s mother’s offer to hire a private investigator to assist on DeShon’s case—then refused to retain professionals to refute Dr. Clark’s testimony. Dr. Clark’s testimony is either him dummying himself down—far, far away from his M.I.T. background or him failing to recognize how far science—the study of pathology and everything else about forensic pathology—has advanced. All factors combined is another reason to show that what Tallahassee currently has in place may not be ready for 21st Century Policing.

The Florida Bar Protects Attorneys Who Molested A Child—Gregory “Greg” Cummings, John “Jack” Campbell, Eric Trombley, and Georgia Cappleman

Published February 10, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—When a lay person files a complaint with The Florida Bar against an attorney, it is the responsibility of The Florida Bar to ensure that the attorneys are abiding by their Professional Rules of Conduct. So why has The Florida Bar chosen to protect attorneys who molested a child?

The Florida Bar is located in Tallahassee, Florida. In November 2014, the citizens in Tallahassee voted to end corruption in local government. However, if the local government agencies abided by their own rules and policies, one could say that the Anti-Corruption Amendment that the citizens voted to enact may have not passed. The majority of Tallahassee citizens have low morale when it comes to equal justice on all fronts. The “culture” in Tallahassee is that one and one’s whole family can easily become “blackballed” if they were to speak out against corruption. Case in point, former Department of Corrections Secretary Mike Crews, former Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officer Gerald Bailey, and former Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year David Graham (classic).

On February 7, 2011, when seventeen-year-old DeShon Thomas, a former freshman at Tallahassee Community College, was charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent, immediately the Public Defender’s Office withdrew. DeShon sat in the Leon County Jail for nearly a month without a court appointed attorney. In March 2011, DeShon and his mother signed a contract with a private Attorney Gregory Cummings. Mr. Cummings, who conducted himself like a used car sales man, or better yet, an ambulance chaser, called DeShon’s mother nearly every day, begging for her to hire him. DeShon’s mother did not hire Mr. Cummings right away, but like any mother who loves her child, needed legal help for her son. Yes, Mr. Cummings seemed to be shady from the start. Regardless, DeShon needed an attorney and DeShon’s mother believed that she had the protection of The Florida Bar if Mr. Cummings chose to practice unethically. The contract between Mr. Cummings, DeShon and DeShon’s mother stated a $35,000 retainer fee, in which neither DeShon nor his mother had or pretended to have at the time of signing the contract. However, Mr. Cummings accepted $11,000 and promised to start building a legal defense for DeShon—Mr. Cummings promised to have DeShon take a polygraph test. It would be DeShon’s mother’s responsibility to pay out of pocket for the test and to make monthly payments.

Over Sixteen months there were four rescheduled Pretrials (all at the request of the State). DeShon’s mother had paid nearly $30,000 to Mr. Cummings. After DeShon fired Mr. Cummings, DeShon’s mother learned that Mr. Cummings had not filed a single document to build a legal defense for DeShon. Mr. Cummings did not place DeShon’s AT&T cell phone records in DeShon’s case file and the victims’ autopsy reports were kept out of public record by the State Attorney’s Office.

Why? Because these are two main sources that could exonerate DeShon.

The State Prosecutor on the case, who was Jack Campbell, highly depended on the testimony of DeShon’s co-worker/roommate to testify against DeShon. With the admission of DeShon’s AT&T cell phone records and the victims’ autopsy reports, Campbell’s case against DeShon would’ve been derailed. So, instead of facing the fact that the State of Florida was on the wrong trail of a cold-blooded murderer—they clearly chose to allow a cold-blooded murderer to remain in the community—putting Tallahassee citizens and all of the college students that live in Tallahassee during school session in great harm.

Jack Campbell, Eric Trombley, and Georgia Cappleman all work for State Attorney Willie Meggs. The Florida Bar received a complaint against them in regards to their dishonest, fraud and deceit in the role that they played in DeShon’s case.

The Florida Bar decided that Gregory Cummings, Jack Campbell, Eric Trombley, and Georgia Cappleman had not violated any of their rules.

It would be easy for those at The Florida Bar to believe that DeShon and his mother are just upset and want their money back. Any mature person knows that when money leaves your hands, you would be most happy receiving the services you paid for more so than having to start all over. Apparently, Mr. Cummings, Jack Campbell, and Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson had probably been running schemes involving defendants for quite a while.

DeShon’s case process, according to other attorneys in Florida, was like none that they had ever seen. Four court appointed attorneys filing motions to withdraw, the public defenders clearly running away from it all—and absolutely nothing on the record after paying out nearly $30k…DeShon’s mother was not surprised when her innocent son was convicted. At trial, DeShon was represented by the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional District One Office, Assistant Regional Counsel Daren Shippy. DeShon’s trial was like an impromptu trail, according to DeShon’s case docket only two or three people were deposed—Dr. Anthony J. Clark, the medical examiner, Leslie Rabon, Leon County Sheriff Criminal Analyst. Yet, there were about 30 witnesses. Despite several items in the victims’ residence being out of place, there was no physical evidence against DeShon.

The “culture” in Tallahassee—nothing seems to have to happen formally—nothing seems to have to happen according to policy, rule or law. How sad is that?

Kids live and learn. Adults should know better. Any official of the court who chooses to molest a child in the name of justice—“Florida Justice”—is a disgrace to the State of Florida, the United States and the United States Constitution. These sick people should not be protected by any organization or agency. Clearly, the Florida Cabinet are not the only ones in Tallahassee who are spineless.

Tallahassee May Not Be Ready for 21st Century Upgrade–Represent.Us and Others Helped Citizens to Try to End Corruption in Tallahassee— Governor Rick Scott Appears to Continue to Push Corruption in Tallahassee

Published January 23, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL— Within two months of Tallahassee citizens voting via the ballot box by an overwhelming sixty-seven (67%) to end corruption in local government, Governor Rick Scott is giving a perfect example of what the citizens of Tallahassee has endured for decades—officials constantly violating laws—a breach of Public Trust. It was just November 4, 2014 when the citizens of Tallahassee elected to have an Anti-Corruption Amendment over government for many, many, many reasons. Governor Rick Scott and now former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey’s “Scandal” is a prime is example of one of the reason for the amendment.

According to several recent media reports, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey claimed that he was forced out of office by Governor Rick Scott. Since being ousted, now former Commissioner Bailey has alleged that Governor Scott and his aides repeatedly asked him to engage in unethical and unlawful acts during his time as the head of Florida’s Top Law Enforcement Agency. Former Commissioner Bailey has been involved in law enforcement with the FDLE for decades, yet, he waits until he’s “forced out” of office to want to begin to open his mouth—when he’s done wrong by keeping his mouth closed all of this time. Why didn’t former Commissioner Bailey, speak up when he possibly would’ve been more creditable? That’s the question reporters need to ask. In addition, with former Commissioner Bailey keeping so near and dear, the many “SECRETS” of Governor Scott’s unethical and illegal actions, who else has former Commissioner Bailey been keeping “SECRETS” about? That’s the question ALL Floridians should be asking.

Here’s a starting point—Why did Commissioner Bailey refuse to investigate Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell for breach of Public Trust, after a complaint was filed against Sheriff Campbell for allowing a family friend of the Campbell’s to work as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective? The family friend, Donald Odham, was not a certified law enforcement officer—neither did Mr. Odham have the qualifications to work as a detective. Mr. Odham, a Tallahassee businessman who’d sold his business and seemingly had nothing else to do with his time, was presented to the court via documents and court testimonies, as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. While Mr. Odham was not much respected by other certified Leon County Sheriff’s Detectives/Deputies, it was his friendship with Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, Jack Campbell, as to possibly why other Leon County Sheriff’s Detectives/Deputies and those within the Leon County Judicial System, yielded to Mr. Odham. (Fear of retaliation. Read about former Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year David Graham.) Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son, Jack Campbell, is an Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor in Leon County (2nd Judicial Circuit). Not only does State Attorney Willie Meggs assigns cases to Jack Campbell that his dad’s office (LCSO) has jurisdiction over the investigation, but State Attorney Willie Meggs seems to formerly charge everyone presented to him by Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Furthermore, Leon County and Circuit Judges seem to sign any search warrant and other court document presented to them by Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Clearly, Governor Rick Scott’s Administration is not the only group of people who have shown to be “spineless,” as many reporters have described them.

As far as Mr. Odham and Mr. Bailey, it is unknown if Mr. Odham and Commissioner Bailey (who was also a close friend of Sheriff Campbell’s) are/were friends. But what is known is that Commissioner Bailey, Sheriff Campbell, Captain Robert Swearingen and Mr. Odham were all present at a double murder scene in January 2011. Mr. Odham worked—processing the crime scene—alongside of several of Commissioner Bailey’s FDLE Agents. No one from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office arrived on scene.

Another starting point—is the investigation of District Two Medical Examiner Associate Doctor Anthony J. Clark. Dr. Clark, who is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, is licensed to practice medicine in Florida and Georgia. According to Dr. Clark, he has provided expert testimony in over two hundred (200) cases. In the January 2011 double murder case of a brother and pregnant sister (State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas), Dr. Clark was called to testify as an expert witness for Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Dr. Clark testified that he performed the autopsies on both victims and took samples from the female’s fetus. Although State Attorney Willie Meggs refused to allow the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to place the victims’ autopsy reports into public record, it was learned that Dr. Clark committed perjury.

In DeShon’s case process, it was clear for nearly three years, that Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell played a heavy role in the corruption that plagued DeShon’s case. Today, DeShon, who was 17-years-old and was attending Tallahassee Community College when he was charged with the murders—is without a doubt INNOCENT. The problem—for the most part, is finding a Florida attorney with a spine. One of five of DeShon’s former attorneys, Greg Cummings, conspired with Circuit Judge James Hankinson and Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell, robbing DeShon and his mother of nearly $30,000. After DeShon and his mother fired Mr. Cummings, DeShon’s case defaulted back to the court to appoint an attorney—no one had the spine to protect DeShon’s rights. DeShon’s appeals process is being conducted pretty much the same way—Conflict Counsel Jeff Lewis’ Office continues to fall short of protecting DeShon’s rights.

DeShon Thomas is not the first teenager to be sent to prison for a crime that he DID NOT commit. However, it should be very sad for ALL Floridians—and the nation—to truly see elected and selected officials violating laws—publicly committing crimes—while officials know for themselves that an INNOCENT teen is in a Florida prison sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years. There are several complaints against those on the government pay role who committed a crime in order to get DeShon’s convicted. Complaints with Leon County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs—are going on without any acknowledgement of the complaints—they are mute.

Corruption within Florida’s government is what paved the way for DeShon to be convicted. Corruption that Governor Scott’s office continues to support. How can Floridians move forward—into the 21st Century, when their constantly being pushed backward by their own local government.

Dan Krassner, Executive Director for Integrity Florida, a nonpartisan watchdog group, has called on Federal Bureau Investigator, Special Agent Michelle Klimt and U.S. Attorney Pamela Marsh for Florida’s Northern District, to investigate the accusations brought forth by former Commissioner Gerald Bailey.

Florida Innocence Project in Disbelief of How Florida Bar Handled Complaints Filed Against Tallahassee Defense Attorney Greg Cummings in Teen Charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder

Published January 18, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—When the mother of DeShon Thomas visited the office of the Florida Innocence Project and spoke to staff members about details of court proceedings and how the Florida Bar failed to hold private Tallahassee Defense Attorney Greg Cummings responsible for violations that he committed, the staff members were in highly disbelief.

Tallahassee Defense Attorney Greg Cummings was paid nearly $30,000 of a $50,000 attorney fee to represent seventeen-year-old DeShon Thomas. Within four months after signing a contract with DeShon and his mother, Mr. Cummings began to show signs of misconduct. About fifteen months later, DeShon’s mother filed a complaint with the Florida Bar against Mr. Cummings. The following month, DeShon’s mother recommended to DeShon to fire Mr. Cummings. Unfortnately (yet, fortunately) DeShon’s mother was right, Mr. Cummings was unethical in his conduct.

DeShon’s mother learned that Mr. Cummings, along with Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell were conspiring against DeShon in order to protect the numerous of violations that had been committed by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, the father of Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell, had assigned his wealthy, close, personal friend, Donald Odham, as Lead Detective on the case. Mr. Odham, who was being referred to in court documents and other official documents as “Leon County Sheriff Detective Don Odham,” was not on the Leon County Sheriff’s Office payroll—neither did Mr. Odham have the credentials to be a detective. It was “Detective Odham” as to who claimed to that he’d received incriminating statements from a single witness as to what led him (Detective Odham) to prepare a Summary of Offense for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Probable Cause Report—which was approved by none other than Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Shortly thereafter, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell replaced then Lead Detective Melinda McBride and her team of seasoned detectives and deputies with his wealthy friend, “Detective Odham”. (Detective McBride and her team had spent over a week trying to make a clear connection between DeShon and the murders—to no avail. The same day Detective McBride and her team began investigating solid suspects in which the victims’ family members had originally given to them (DeShon was not one of the suspects), that’s when “Detective Odham” came with his incriminating statements from a witness in which Detective McBride and her team had already learned the same witness to be disgruntle—not creditable.)

In his rebuttals to The Florida Bar, in regards to DeShon and his mother’s complaints, Mr. Cummings didn’t deny many of DeShon and his mother’s complaints against him. This is in part why many find it baffling as to why The Florida Bar has failed to hold Mr. Cummings responsible for violating their rules. In DeShon’s mother’s complaint, The Florida Bar ruled that Mr. Cummings did not violate any of their rules. In DeShon’s complaint, The Florida Bar just didn’t rule at all.

For instance, DeShon’s mother learned that prior to hiring Mr. Cummings, Circuit Judge James Hankinson had been conducting crucial case events outside of DeShon’s presence and without having provided motions to the Leon County Clerk of Courts and without informing DeShon. Mr. Cummings was aware of these case events and never informed DeShon or DeShon’s mother. While at the same time Mr. Cummings spent weeks soliciting DeShon’s mother. Coupled with violating The Florida Bar rule 4-1.4 in regards to Communication, Mr. Cummings also violated rule 4.1-3 Diligence: A lawyer should pursue a matter on behalf of a client despite opposition, obstruction, or personal inconvenience to the lawyer and take whatever lawful and ethical measures are required to vindicate a client’s cause or endeavor. Mr. Cummings was fully aware of “Detective Don Odham” as an impostor—pretending to be a Leon County Sheriff Detective. Mr. Cummings also was fully aware of “Detective Don Odham” being supported by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the 2nd Circuit State Attorney’s Office—with both offices having filed legal documents identifying Mr. Donald Odham as a “Leon County Sheriff Detective” plainly shows that the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the 2nd Circuit State Attorney’s Office acted fraudulent and deceptive.

The Florida Bar’s failure to hold Mr. Cummings responsible for his actions in the case involving a child client—sends the message to all Floridians—when it comes to consumer protection—the hiring of an attorney—The Florida Bar is selective as to what attorneys they chose to hold accountable for violating their rules.

It is a sad day when even those who know the ends and outs of The Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, like staff members at the Florida Innocence Project, are left scratching their head about the actions of The Florida Bar.

A Sincere Message From MAUL—To Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young and the Citizens of Gadsden County (North Florida Counties): Lock Your Doors & Watch Your Back! State Attorney Willie Meggs Wheels & Deals With Convicted Felons!!!!

Published January 17, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—State Attorney Willie Meggs is asking for Sheriff Morris to release records in regards to inmates who were let out of jail on furloughs—while at the same time Mr. Meggs has completely ignored complaints filed with his office against Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell (the son of late Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell) and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin. Both Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin orchestrated the release of Leon County Jail inmate Dawuan Williams within days of another State Attorney/Prosecutor with Mr. Meggs’ office filing a motion for Habitual Felony Offender against Dawaun Williams. (Mr. Williams had been delivered to the Leon County Jail by the Southeast Regional Task Force, after being captured in Tifton, Georgia. With the help of the Tifton County Sheriff’s Office, the Southeast Regional Task Force was able to apprehend Mr. Williams, who was fugitive for having committed two Armed Bank Robberies in Tallahassee.) Immediately upon Mr. Williams’ release from the Leon County Jail, Mr. Williams was provided with financial support from both the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office.

While Mr. Meggs’ office may try to excuse the financing of Mr. Williams as an undercover gang operation, no one with the Leon County Jail’s Gang Task Force Unit was every notified or testified about the operation. (The Leon County Sheriff’s Office receives federal funding in order to have correctional officers and deputies specially trained on how to recognize and investigate inmates involved in gang activity.) According to court documents and testimonies—State Attorney Willie Meggs fully supported Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin’s illegal actions.

A few months after Mr. Williams’ release from the Leon County Jail, Mr. Williams went to Gadsden County where Mr. Williams was then arrested for Home Invasion Armed Robbery with Kidnapping and a slew of other felony charges.

Due to the illegal actions of State Attorney Willie Meggs, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin—along with the late Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Ronald O’Brien—Mr. Dawuan Williams was able to victimize the citizens of Gadsden County and jeopardize the lives of all Gadsden County Sheriff’s Deputies, other Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders. Mr. Williams was a twice convicted felon who should have never been allowed to re-enter into the community. When one of State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor tried to ensure the public’s safety by filing the motion to show Mr. Williams as an Habitual Offender—his/her colleague, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell, along with their boss, State Attorney Willie Meggs, chose to be selfish and put the public safety on the back burner in order to further conspire against teen Leon County Jail inmate, DeShon Thomas—who was a freshman at Tallahassee Community College.

Dawaun Williams and DeShon Thomas were introduced approximately two weeks after Mr. Williams was brought to the Leon County Jail. (DeShon had been in the Leon County for over a year a waiting Pre-Trial). Approximately a week after their meeting, Mr. Williams was released from the Leon County Jail. All in all, Mr. Williams had been in the Leon County Jail for less than a month—when suddenly Mr. Williams was released on a $1500 bond. (Where it normally takes anywhere from six to eight hours for an inmate to walk out of jail after bond has been posted, Mr. Williams walked out of jail within an hour of his first meeting with State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin. According to court testimony—State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin stated, “He (Mr. Williams) wasn’t supposed to get out so fast. He wasn’t supposed to get out until the next day.” Yet, State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin denies being aware that Mr. Williams was going to be released from the Leon County Jail.)

The documentation is clear—this message is clear—“As long as State Attorney Willie Meggs is in office—ALL CITIZENS, COLLEGE STUDENTS, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND FIRST RESPONDERS—in Leon County, Gadsden County, Wakulla County, Franklin County, and Jefferson County are in danger—NOBODY IS SAFE!”

Florida First Responders Safety Comes Second to Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Political Agenda

Published January 13, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—Governor Rick Scott announced Florida’s first-ever “First Responders Appreciation Week” to take place during the very week of his swearing in to serve his second term as governor. To mark “First Responders Appreciation Week,” Governor Scott asked Floridians to “Honor” and “Encourage” law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.

Without a doubt, the majority of Floridians have “Honor” for First Responders. At any given time, when a First Responder arrives on the scene—rather it be an accident or a homicide—it’s the First Responders who immediately witness and have to interact with the highly emotional scene. The majority of calls to 911 come without an agenda. The majority of calls to 911are from citizens, who are sincerely seeking some form of assistance—maybe not defined as an emergency—but some form of assistance.

The safety of First Responders are not so much as put into jeopardy by citizens—for the most part it’s the ‘Hidden Agendas’ of elected officials, who continue to “Dishonor” those who sincerely serve communities.

In November 2011, it was reported by St. Cloud Police that an 18-year-old, White male, by the name of David Alyn Penney, who was dressed in military clothing, a tactical vest with several pockets for holding magazines of ammunition, and combat boots. It was reported that Mr. Penney purposely unloaded 30 shot magazines from his AK-47s through several homes—completely terrorizing the neighborhood. In response to the shooting, two officers sustained injuries. Mr. Penney shot Officer Clinton Wise in the foot. And Officer Spencer Endsley suffered glass fragments to his face and arms. In a suicide attempt, Mr. Penney shot himself with his AK-47, but survived.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol helped the St. Cloud Police during the attack. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was expected to conduct a separate investigation. Despite Mr. Penney’s violent episode being described by law enforcement as an “Ambush,” that almost took the lives of others—including two law enforcement officers, Mr. Penney was not sentenced to the maximum  time allotted—in fact, Mr. Penney maybe out of prison before his fortieth birthday.

It is a “Dishonor” by elected officials to First Responders to offer a plea deal to a teenager via a plea deal for charges of Attempted Murder on law enforcement officers.

In October 2013, Dr. Anthony J. Clark, an Associate Medical Examiner with Florida’s District Two Medical Examiner’s Office and an affiliate with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, committed perjury during his testimony in the trial of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas. Had Dr. Clark testified truthfully, DeShon would not have been convicted.

In early 2011, DeShon Thomas, a 17-year-old, Black male, was charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder. The victims were his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her 17-year-old brother. During search of the victims’ townhome (crime scene) the Leon County Sheriff’s Office located the female victim’s cell phone. As reported by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the last outgoing cell phone activity from the female victim’s cell phone was on January 26, 2011 at 10:59 p.m. The victims’ mother and those known to the female victim would not hesitate to inform anyone—including the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—that 10:59 p.m. is extremely early for the female victim to stop using her cell phone.

Mr. Thomas, who was at work from the early evening of January 26, 2011 until the early morning hours of January 27, 2011—worked straight through his shift without ever leaving the property. Mr. Thomas did not have a car—the victims lived 19 miles away from Mr. Thomas’ place of employment.

The victims’ mother discovered her children deceased at 10:15 a.m. on January 27, 2011. Almost immediately the Leon County Sheriff’s Office went after Mr. Thomas. It was Mr. Thomas’ old non-violent charges as to what may have led to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office jumping to conclusions…a hunch.

Within two weeks of the double murder investigation, Mr. Thomas was charged with murders. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office reported that they have solid evidence and a witness to prove that Mr. Thomas committed the murders at 4:15 a.m. on January 27, 2011—after he’d gotten off from work.

As documented, the timeframe between the Leon County Sheriff’s Office stating that Mr. Thomas committed the murders and the victims’ mother calling 911 is six hours. As documented, no one from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office was present at the crime scene. As documented, Dr. Anthony J. Clark, stated in his reports taken at the time of the victims’ autopsies, dated January 28, 2011, both victims were in different stages of rigor mortis. However, in October 2011, Dr. Anthony J. Clark, who took the witness stand with a ton of notes—testified that the victims were in the same stage of rigor mortis—full.

Any medical examiner that does not have stake in Mr. Thomas’ case will surely testify that full onset rigor mortis does not occur in six hours.

Dr. Clark’s testimony had to fall in line with the agenda of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office. It was the relationship between Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell—who were desperately seeking the conviction of Mr. Thomas—due to the fact that they’d both acted hastily in their actions to charge Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Thomas pled not guilty. His case was riddled with corruption.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office and 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office “Dishonored” First Responders—including their own deputies—in order to fulfill their own personal agenda.

First Responders from several agencies respond to scene of accidents and murders. While each First Responder may be affected differently to what they witness and have to interact with on the scene—the work that they put in is necessary. And for the most part, members of all of the responding agencies are treated with respect by citizens. The work that First Responders do is crucial —at the time. The only time when their work is not acknowledged is when their work does not coincide with “Hidden Political Agendas.”

Think about it—in the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas—had someone from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office arrived at the crime scene—that person could’ve been in the pool of First Responders. Dr. Clark’s report at the time of the victims’ autopsies were more than likely accurate because at that time the Leon County Sheriff’s Office had little to no information. But once “Political Agendas” were in place—Dr. Clark had to go off of his report original report and provide a false testimony—commit perjury. In order to assist Dr. Clark, the State Attorney’s Office refused to release the victims’ autopsy reports—a violation of Florida’s Public Records law. Dr. Anthony J. Clark, who testified to having provided expert testimony in over 200 cases in Florida and Georgia—continues on… While an INNOCENT teenager has been sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years, in part, due to Dr. Clark’s perjured testimony.

Recently, Governor Scott, himself, was found to be in violation of Florida’s Public Records law. Attorney General Bondi has admitted to failing to comply with Florida’s Public Records law.

Governor Scott and Attorney Bondi are elected officials whose main responsibility is to protect “ALL” Floridians. Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi have already “Dishonored” Floridians by putting their personal agendas first—and everyone and everything else—including the safety of First Responders—second. Governor Scott called for “First Responders Appreciation Week,” but where is Governor Scott’s honor?


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