Published September 4, 2015 by MAUL10

Greetings to you:

Recently it was announced that due to an illness, the Judicial Qualifications Commission panel has decided that it would be best for you to “involuntarily retire.” I’m sure that wasn’t in your plans—to retire from the bench at age 50. After all, you were only on the bench as a circuit judge for what—maybe six years.

Now that you’re retiring, I strongly recommend you learn all that you can about God and His grace. And then I strongly recommend YOU REPENT of ALL of YOUR SINS!

If you chose otherwise, then I suggest you learn about THOSE whose LEGACY that YOU have CHOSEN to attempt to MIRROR. Such as, THE MURDERERS OF 14-YEAR-OLD, EMMET TILL (J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant) in Money, Mississippi; THE MURDERS OF ANDY GOODMAN, JAMES CHANEY, AND MICHAEL SCHWERNER (Klu Klux Klan members in Philadelphia, Mississippi); or maybe even more closer to your “expertise”—the EXECUTION OF 14-YEAR-OLD GEORGE STINNEY JR. in Columbia, South Carolina.

YOU see—if it had not been for those who were MURDERED by EVIL PEOPLE, such as YOURSELF, both YOU, and your former boss, STATE ATTORNEY WILLIE MEGGS, and your former co-worker, ASSISTANT STATE ATTORNEY JACK CAMPBELL, along with his dad, SHERIFF LARRY CAMPBELL—had ALL OF YOU EVIL PEOPLE had your way with MY 17-YEAR-OLD SON, DESHON THOMAS,–then MY SON would be sitting on FLORIDA’S DEATH ROW AS A WRONGLY CONVICTED TEEN—AWAITING HIS EXECUTION.



The week of October 13, 2013, in the double murder case against my son, State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas, you coached your former co-worker, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell; you schemed with Regional Counsel Daren Shippy (who was supposed to be representing DeShon), and you allowed several perjured testimonies to go to the jury—including Don Odham being called “Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham”—when you knew that Don Odham was NEVER an employee of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office before or after DeShon was charged with the murders of his two friends and possession of a firearm. LEON COUNTY SHERIFF LARRY CAMPBELL and his son, ASSISTANT STATE ATTORNEY JACK CAMPBELL, along with STATE ATTORNEY WILLIE MEGGS, CHIEF ASSISTANT STATE ATTORNEY GEORGIA CAPPLEMAN, ASSISTANT STATE ATTORNEY ERIC TROMBLEY, CIRCUIT JUDGE JAMES C. HANKINSON, LEAD PUBLIC DEFENDER NANCY DANIELS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY GREG CUMMINGS, REGIONAL COUNSEL DAREN SHIPPY and a SLEW of OTHERS, SUPPORTED FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS THAT HAD BEEN FILED WITH THE LEON COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS, PRESENTED TO A GRAND JURY, AND ULTIMATELY LED TO MY SON’S CONVICTION. YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE CRIMINALS.

Governor Rick Scott along with his fellow Judicial Qualifications Commission panel can dress up your “PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT” all they want—YOU showed a “PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT” before and after you began presiding over MY SON’S case. Your former colleague, former Second Circuit Judge JUDITH HAWKINS’ removal from the bench by the Judicial Qualifications Commission, wasn’t DRESSED UP the least little bit. But then again, JUDITH HAWKINS is a BLACK WOMAN.

In 2014, the Florida Supreme Court moved to remove Circuit Judge JUDITH HAWKINS from the bench after being found GUILTY by the Judicial Qualifications Commission for having promoted CHRISTIAN PRODUCTS and using court resources to operate her business, GAZA ROAD MINISTRIES. Considering ALL of the CORRUPTION COMING OUT OF THE LEON COUNTY COURTHOUSE, where Circuit Judge JUDITH HAWKINS mostly presided, seems to me like Judge HAWKINS was a LIGHT surround by DARKNESS.







Published September 3, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—As Jack Campbell prepares to run in the 2016 race for State Attorney of Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit in an attempt to PROLONG the EVIL that he has been taught under current State Attorney Willie Meggs—so much so that in Jack Campbell’s eyes–INNOCENT kids have “horns and tails”—this article can be as a ‘COMMUNITY ALERT’ for folks within the six counties within Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit—NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! ACT IN ADVANCE TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN. QUICKLY OBTAIN A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST JACK CAMPBELL!

Normal thinking prosecutors have a strong distaste for crimes that they prosecute on a regular basis—for instance—hundreds of times. Does anyone know who many cases Jack Campbell has prosecuted that involved “pedophiles walking around on playgrounds,” or pedophiles “in chat rooms?”  If Jack Campbell has repeatedly prosecuted criminal cases involving pedophiles—then where was WCTV News to report on the cases? Is it possible that Jack Campbell sees himself as a ‘third person’ when he talks about pedophiles?

Jack Campbell has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deserve votes for State Attorney! What Jack Campbell has done—was allowed white males who are COLD-BLOODED MURDERS—to receive “SWEETHEART DEALS”—for their COLD and CALCULATED MURDERS—which delivered ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTICE to the victims’ families. For example: Jack Campbell prosecuted two black teenagers as adults. In 2012, fifteen-year-old, Khalid Muhammad and 15-year-old, Theodus Holloway were accused of raping a classmate in a dugout during school hours. The teenagers were students at Godby High School. Both Khalid and Theodus received 10-year prison sentences and will have to register as sex-offenders. In 2014, Jack Campbell prosecuted a 16-year-old white teenager named, Logan Murphy. Logan Murphy concealed a gun–entered into the home of the Butler Family, and then shot their son, 17-year-old, Robert Butler to death. Robert Butler was a black. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office immediately recovered the murder weapon—and then waited months before arresting him. Although Logan Murphy was charged as an adult, Adjudication was withheld–Logan Murphy was sentenced to 3 years in a juvenile detention facility and 15 years probation—Logan Murphy was not charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent—Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent would have automatically sent Logan Murphy to prison for 10 years. In 2013, seventeen-year-old, DeShon Thomas was convicted on Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. Subsequently, after DeShon’s conviction, DeShon entered a plea of Nolo Contendre for Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent. DeShon, a black student who was in his freshman year at Tallahassee Community College at the time of his arrest in 2011, is INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES. (TWO AND A HALF YEARS OF CORRUPTION PLAGUED DESHON’S PROSECUTION INVOLVING BOTH JACK CAMPBELL AND HIS DAD, LEON COUNTY SHERIFF LARRY CAMPBELL AND OTHERS.) In 2010, thanks to Jack Campbell and his dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, in the murder case against nineteen-year-old, Conor McBride, Conor McBride was allowed to have a “Restorative Justice Expert” play a role in his criminal prosecution. Conor McBride’s case was the FIRST MURDER CASE in the NATION where Restorative Justice played a role. Conor McBride, a white male, walked into the Tallahassee Police Department and confessed to shooting his 19-year-old girlfriend, Ann Grosmaire pointblank in the head with a shotgun while she cried and begged for her life. In spite of Sheriff Larry Campbell, State Attorney Willie Meggs and Jack Campbell having learned from Conor McBride’s parents that Conor McBride had “ A HISTORY OF ANGER ISSUES AND HAD A HISTORY OF ABUSING ANN (something Ann’s parents were completely in the dark about),” Conor McBride was sentenced to 20 years in prison and 10 years probation—thanks to the “CAMPBELL/MEGGS KLAN” and Restorative Justice—Conor McBride just may become someone else’s NIGHTMARE after he is released from prison. After all, prison is NOT the place to rehabilitate people with anger issues.

As far as Jack Campbell’s education on laws–who knows—maybe Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, does not want to be associated with Jack Campbell—and could care less if Jack Campbell acknowledges their school through WCTV. (Which by the way is the Samford University, Cumberland School of Law is also listed on Regional Counsel Daren Shippy’s Florida Bar Profile.) WCTV does not have a name associated with who wrote the article on their website entitled, “State Prosecutor Jack Campbell Plans 2016 State Attorney Run.”  Just maybe WCTV is in so deep with the “Campbell/MEGGS Klan,” that they’ll publish articles about Jack Campbell, but WILL NOT DARE list any of their employees as to having associated with him. (The same as most (if not all—Leon County Sheriff’s staff did with Don “Fake Cop” Odham.) By the way, has anyone from Florida State University’s College of Law confirmed whether or not if Jack Campbell did more than attend a walkthrough of their campus?

Jack Campbell as State Attorney—HIDE YOUR KIDS—QUICKLY!!!!!!






Massachusetts Organization– Represent.Us–Helped Tallahassee Florida with Anti-Corruption Amendment; Then Florida’s Governor Serves ALL Floridians with 1+Million Dollar Legal Bill to Settle His Violations of Public Records Lawsuit

Published September 2, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—Governor Scott has argued against Floridians need for Obama Care, despite the hundreds of thousands of Florida’s uninsured workers who in spite of their aches and pains, still manage to pull themselves out of bed and go to work in order to provide for their family. Rick Scott may be governor, but for the majority of Floridians, “Rick Scott is Not Their Governor.”

Thanks to Massachusetts based organization, Represent.Us, on November 4, 2014, the citizens of Tallahassee spoke loudly when they passed an Anti-Corruption Amendment to improve their city government. The Governor’s Mansion is located just blocks away from the Capitol Building where many citizens celebrated the passing of the amendment.

Now—not even a year after the passing of the amendment, due to Governor Scott and members of his staff violating Florida’s Sunshine law, the citizens of Tallahassee along with ALL of Florida’s citizens have been delivered a 1+million dollar legal bill.

Recently, Governor Scott ordered hospitals in Florida to undergo an audit to ensure that Medicaid is not being overcharged. With Florida’s prisons being under immense scrutiny for prison abuse and unsafe housing/workplace, Governor Scott and all of his “Cronies” seem desperate to rob others—even Florida’s children.

(Has anyone noticed how the violations of Public Records committed by Governor Rick Scott and members of his staff mirror how State Attorney Willie Meggs and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, along with Regional Counsel Daren Shippy, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford were able to get the convictions of 17-year-old DeShon Thomas? For example—withholding documents.)

Governor Rick Scott has attempted to forever “darken the lives of Floridians.” But one thing is for sure—one day—Florida will be “Scott-Free!”

Florida: District Two Medical Examiner’s Office; Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Published September 1, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—The call did not come during the wee hours of the morning. The call did not come during a late Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. The call did not come when the city was under a tornado watch, hurricane warning, or a flood watch. No! The call was placed and received during a crisp winter mid-morning morning—with clear blue skies and the sun shining brightly from the east.

It was the mid-morning of January 27, 2011—a Thursday—the day after “hump day”—and the day before the end of a regular five day work week, when District Two Medical Examiner Associate, Dr. Anthony Clark received the call notifying and advising him of a 20-year-old Black pregnant female and her brother, a 17-year-old Black male, having been found dead from a gunshot wound each to their heads. NO ONE FROM THE DISTRICT TWO MEDICAL EXAMINER’S OFFICE TOOK THE TIME OUT TO COME TO THE CRIME SCENE. Is/was a NO SHOW standard protocol for the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office? What extra level of intelligence could someone from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office provided to members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office at the crime scene–as members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office were puzzled and confused as to the order of the crime scene, the positioning and the condition of the victims bodies?

According to most of the members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office reports that arrived at the scene, there was NO SIGN of the victims having struggled in an attempt to prevent their deaths.  According to Crime Scene Detective Fred Smelt’s report, the male victim lie on the livingroom floor wrapped in two comforters with a bullet wound through the comforter and into his head. (Surely, no physically fit 17-year-old male is going to willingly allow himself to be completely wrapped in two comforters.) According to Detective Smelt’s report, the gunshot wound through the comforter lined up with the gunshot wound to the side of the male victim’s head. Detective Smelt’s report DOES NOT mention the gunshot wound located to the back of the male victim’s head. The gunshot wound to the back of the male victim’s head was not located until the next day during Dr. Anthony Clark’s autopsy performance. YES, a gunshot wound to the back of the head FIRST would clearly explain why there was no sign of a struggle and why and how the victim was able to be completely wrapped in two comforters.  And then the SECOND gunshot wound through one of the comforters would line up with the gunshot wound to the side of the male victim’s head. As for the female victim’s body—she was sitting comfortably in a chair just steps away from her brother’s body. Just maybe it sounds too much like a good possibility that just maybe someone fired the bullet that struck her on the TOP of her head from the TOP of the stairway that led up to the bedrooms. YES, a gunshot wound from the TOP of a stairway will clearly explain why there was no sign of a struggle and why the female victim was sitting with her leg tucked comfortably underneath her other leg. Give it all the experience that Detective Fred Smelt may have with the use of a handheld video camera—through a lens of a video camera is not the only way to get a “BIRD’S EYE VIEW” of the livingroom—crime scene. Is it possible that the male victim’s body could’ve been placed in the livingroom after the female was shot? The theory of the two victims being shot in “Quick succession”—while one was lying on the floor and the other in the chair… How foolish to stand before a jury and even allow the media to take note that a 17-year-old kid could fire off two gunshots as fast—if not faster—than Dirty Harry—and hit two people square on—before either of the victims could react. (So at Sheriff Larry Campbell’s funeral someone described a time when Sheriff Campbell was not able to shoot a squirrel…)

During Dr. Anthony Clark’s trial testimony as a witness for State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, in the double murder case, State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas, Dr. Clark mentioned several times about “if there was someone testifying to trajectory…” None of DeShon’s attorneys were interested in anyone testifying to trajectory. Proving DeShon’s innocence was not a part of the plan. The same as none of DeShon’s attorneys challenged any part of Dr. Clark’s testimony. The same as none of DeShon’s attorneys provided DeShon with information/and or the victims autopsy reports. The same as the victims’ autopsy reports were kept out of Public Record. The same as the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office/and or Dr. Anthony Clark may not feel that going to a double homicide crime scene where two Black young people (a pregnant woman and her brother) are the victims. The same as ignoring what was noted during the autopsy reports and providing trial testimony to fit State Attorney Willie Meggs, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and his dad, Sheriff Larry Campbell, along with their close friend, “Fake Cop” Don Odham’s scheme to have DeShon, a Black 17-year-old kid, get convicted and sent to prison for crimes that he did not commit—especially TWO COLD-BLOODED MURDERS. DeShon is INNOCENT!

The two victims that DeShon Thomas is in prison for murdering are 20-year-old Laqecia Herring (unborn baby) and her brother, 17-year-old, Sterling Conner Jr. Both Laqecia Herring and Sterling Conner Jr.’s headstone state their date of death as “January 27, 2011.” By all physical accounts of the sudden stop female victim’s outgoing cell phone activity, as well as the condition of the victim’s bodies, support BOTH of the victims were murdered on JANUARY 26, 2011. Every time the victims’ mother, other family members and friends go to visit the victims’ grave site, when they stare at ‘JANUARY 27, 2011,’ they are staring at a LIE that they’ve been fed in order to get a kid sent to prison.

If the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office and/or Dr. Anthony Clark BELIEVE that Black homicide victims ARE NOT WORTHY of their TIME to go out to the crime scene and conduct a thorough investigation—then the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office and/or Dr. Anthony Clark should not get paid through taxpayer dollars.

Anyone whose deceased loved one has an autopsy performed by the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office—should be weary of their loved one’s autopsy report.

Leaving a COLD-BLOODED MURDERER in the community DOES NOT ONLY brings forth the question, “Do Black Lives Really Matter?” Yet, it really brings forth the question, “Do Any Lives Matter?”






Florida Governor and Florida Attorney General’s Failure to Protect ALL Children Claims Two More Young Lives

Published August 27, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL— What leader does not know the importance of having the People’s TRUST? Failing to act on issues never brings about a resolution. Problems that have the capability of impacting a vast majority of people need to be addressed promptly and appropriately—especially when laws are being broken by elected officials. Problems don’t just go away. Apparently, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have so much money that they could care less about having the TRUST of Florida’s citizens. After all, the latest reports state that Governor Scott does not want Florida’s uninsured to have Obama Care, however, both Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi wants Floridians to pay the cost for their criminal activity—violating Florida’s Public Records law. Criminals protecting Criminals—while destroying the lives of hardworking parents and using children to fill Florida’s prisons.

Sixteen-year-old, Hunter Goodwin and 16-year-old, Cody Elkins, both students at Chiles High School, are the latest of Tallahassee’s children to fall under CORRUPTION of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office, Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi. And to make matters worse, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the District Two Medical Examiner’s creditability haVE become even more questionable since the 2011 double homicide case against 17-year-old Tallahassee Community College freshman, DeShon Thomas.

In 2011, State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned his Assistant State Attorney, Jack Campbell, to prosecute the double murder case against DeShon Thomas. The double murder investigation was being conducted by Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. DeShon Thomas’ mother, who knows all too well about ‘Conflict of Interest’ when it comes to government relationships in regards to private businesses obtaining government contracts—believed that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell—the son/father team—clearly posed a ‘Conflict of Interest,’—especially considering that the majority of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s witnesses against her son, were his father’s employees—other Leon County Sheriff’s staff members—deputies, criminal analyst, etc. State Attorney Willie Meggs, who has been in office for more than twenty-five years, felt comfortable assigning Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son to prosecute the case against DeShon. DeShon’s mother believed that State Attorney Willie Meggs’ exercised poor judgement and was putting DeShon and other witnesses—both for the defense and the state—in compromising positions. DeShon’s mother reached out to Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi seeking a Special Prosecutor to be assigned to DeShon’s case—to no avail. Instead of addressing the SERIOUS issues as they grew bigger and BIGGER over the near three years to get DeShon a trial date, Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi refused to act on behalf of DeShon and the witnesses for and against him in the case.

A female teen, who did not know DeShon, but may have seen the real murderer of the victims (who was not DeShon), provided testimony for the defense. After providing her testimony, that female teen was exploited online by WCTV’s Julie Montanaro—putting that INNOCENT female teen in the CROSS-HAIRS of the real murderer. Leon County Sheriff Sergeant Brian Pearson committed perjury in order to cover for Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s poor judgment of allowing a volunteer to act as a crime scene detective—investigate, collect, process and submit evidence.

As it has been reported, in February 2015, fourteen-year-old, Chiles High School freshman, Ansley Rayborn, was killed in a car accident. But was it really an accident? The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is the lead investigating agency on the Ansley Rayborn case.

Did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office use creditable full-time detectives to investigate the case or did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office allow volunteer staff to investigate, collect, process and submit evidence of the crash site? Did someone from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office come to the crash site? Who and how was it determine that Ansley Rayborn was ejected from the SUV and not deliberately pushed out of the SUV? Other than little Ms. Ansley Rayborn’s dad, Shawn Rayborn, having contaminating the crime scene, who else did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office allow to freely get up close and personal to the crash site? Were liquor bottles and drug paraphernalia taken away from the crash site by the kids or put onto the crash site by…? Reports state that Ansley Rayborn did not have any drugs or alcohol in her system. Those reports may have come from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office. If so, Dr. Anthony Clark, with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office is not creditable. Dr. Anthony Clark testified that he could not give a time of death in the double homicide case against DeShon—only stating that the victims died within 24 hours of him (Clark) coming in contact with the bodies. In the case against DeShon, the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office never went to the crime scene. Dr. Clark’s testimony was a slap in the face to scientists who’ve dedicated so much work with narrowing down victims’ time of death. Dr. Clark’s testimony was perjury at its finest—because Dr. Clark’s testimony was opposite to Dr. Clark’s notes. Dr. Clark’s testimony broadened the window of time of death in order to hand State Prosecutor Jack Campbell a conviction. DeShon’s local defense attorneys—both private and public relied heavily on future court case assignments—therefore, DeShon’s defense attorneys refused to challenge State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. DeShon’s private paid attorney, Greg Cummings, told DeShon’s mother that he didn’t object to State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s motions because Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson was going to allow whatever the State asked. After DeShon’s mother paid Greg Cummings nearly $30,000, Greg Cummings was fired. (DeShon’s mother was literally paying Greg Cummings to serve her son up to State Prosecutor Jack Campbell on a silver platter—as Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson foamed out of his mouth. Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson is a former Assistant State Attorney for Willie Meggs.)

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement testified in DeShon’s case—they read their lab reports as they found no evidence against DeShon. But in the State of Florida vs. Henry Segura case, a DNA analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement recently called the creditability of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into question. Mr. Segura is facing the Death Penalty for the November 2010 quadruple murder of a young mother and her three children—including Mr. Segura’s toddler son. Mr. Segura has pleaded NOT GUILTY to ALL charges. In June 2015, on the eve of Mr. Segura’s trial, reports state that a DNA analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated that a lab report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation showing possible exculpatory evidence was withheld from the court. Mr. Segura’s trial has since been rescheduled while Mr. Segura’s defense attorney, Chuck Hobbs, investigate the matter.

Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi were told about Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson withholding motions and orders from the Leon County Clerk of Courts and DeShon. Also, Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi were told about Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson conducting court events outside of DeShon’s presence and without DeShon’s knowledge. Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson’s actions directly violated DeShon’s right to due process under the law.

Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, a former Assistant State Attorney for Willie Meggs and United States Chief Assistant Attorney for Florida’s Northern District, along with Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi, added FUEL to Tallahassee’s already existing TOXIC and CORRUPT Judicial System. For many decades the citizens of Tallahassee have been living under the terror of State Attorney Willie Meggs and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell—because they knew that ALL local resources set to PROTECT them—would FAIL them—through the criminal proceedings and all through the appeals process. The names Meggs, Campbell, Wheeler, and Swearingen—just to name a few—are within ever level of Tallahassee (North Florida) judicial process—and they all work on each other’s cases.

In the Ansley Rayborn case, State Attorney Willie Meggs requested Governor Scott to assign a Special Prosecutor—citing the friendship/and or former work relationship between the Meggs family and one of the defendant’s grandfather. Governor Scott acted swiftly and assigned a Special Prosecutor to Ansley Rayborn’s case. Goodwin and Elkins Tallahassee attorneys will face a prosecutor from Florida’s Third District. A Special Prosecutor FINALLY being brought in on a Tallahassee criminal case may well be every Tallahassee attorneys “Dream Come True!” Finally, a Tallahassee attorney may have the opportunity to represent their client FULLY without FEAR and having to do cartwheels and backward flips in order to get police reports and other Public Records. Many Tallahassee attorneys have had to pay ordinary citizens to request Public Records for them.  In DeShon’s case—DeShon never got a Special Prosecutor. There were much more personal relationships involved all around—including the use of Don “Fake Cop” Odham.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell got the conviction against DeShon. DeShon is currently in prison. As for DeShon’s appeals process—same ol’, same ‘ol. But DeShon is NOT A CRIMINAL—DESHON IS NOT A MURDERER. DeShon’s wrongful imprisonment may lack the attention of Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi, but those government agencies who joined forces with State Prosecutor Jack Campbell to conspire against DeShon—including the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—have questionable creditability—have caused many more Tallahassee families turmoil and may cause them to go without true justice.


Criminals like Governor Scott, Attorney General Bondi, Second Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs, and Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson should be removed from office. Currently, their leadership poses a HIGH THREAT to the safety of ALL Floridians—including children. And before you know it—Florida’s prisons will be FULL of children—not because the children are guilty of the crimes in that they are charged—but because they WILL NOT be able to get a fair trial due to perjured testimony and State resources being extended to get the children convicted.




2nd Judicial Circuit Judge, also a Former United States Chief Assistant Attorney for Florida’s Northern District, Preys on Juvenile Defendant—After Sentencing Man to Death Row

Published August 25, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—Florida is one of 31 states who refuse to ban the Death Penalty. It is a fact that the Death Penalty is an extremely controversial topic. Many people have spent years, if not decades debating for and against the Death Penalty. Because of the highly charged debate over the Death Penalty, elected judges who preside over Death Penalty cases SHOULD be held to a much HIGHER standard than the average judge. When citizens elect judges to represent the BEST interest for their communities, citizens put their trust in those judges to make right decisions—life or death decisions—for the good of all the People.

Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, a former U.S. Chief Assistant Attorney for Florida’s Northern District, was elected as a 2nd Judicial Circuit Judge may have believed that the Death Penalty was the RIGHT sentence for serial killer, Gary Michael Hilton. But Judge Hankinson, himself, proved to be NO better than Gary Michael Hilton when he (Hankinson) preyed on juvenile defendant, 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas.  It was not that long ago when the Florida Supreme Court voted against allowing juvenile defendants to be sentenced to Death—another reason why Judge Hankinson is DISGUSTING!

In 2011, DeShon Thomas, a freshman at Tallahassee Community College, barely missed facing Florida’s Death Penalty. DeShon was charged with the murders of his twenty-year-old ex-girlfriend, Laqecia Herring, and her 17-year-old brother, Sterling Conner Jr. Laqecia was approximately five months pregnant at the time of her murder. Currently, Florida does not have a Feticide law, however, if DeShon would have been 18-years-old at the time of being charged, more than likely, DeShon would’ve faced the Death Penalty. DeShon was charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder, which played out in adult court.

Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs, who played a large role in Hankinson’s law career—employing Hankinson as one of his Assistant State Attorneys—heavily relied on Circuit Judge Hankinson to maximize convictions at all cost. In the case of 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas, it was both Circuit Judge Hankinson and one of State Attorney Willie Meggs’ current Assistant State Attorneys, Jack Campbell, and DeShon’s own private paid attorney, Greg Cummings—who preyed—conspired—against DeShon.

Jack Campbell, who was assigned to prosecute the case against DeShon, is also the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Sheriff Campbell was the lead investigating agency over the double homicide case against DeShon.

DeShon is INNOCENT and entered pleas of NOT GUILTY.

The Code of Judicial Conduct for the State of Florida in part states:

 “Other government authorities may deprive you of your rights, rightly or wrongly, but only a judge can deny you of your rights.”

When State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell joined forces and deceived a grand jury, the Leon Clerk of Courts, and DeShon Thomas—it was Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson’s responsibility to protect DeShon’s rights.

Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson failed to protect the rights of DeShon, who was a child—a juvenile defendant in an adult court. Circuit Judge Hankinson shares some of the same capabilities of a serial killer—a COLD BLOODED AND VERY CALCULATED mindset.




Elderly Black Male Inmate Dies in the Leon County Jail; At Least Eight Leon County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Complaints Filed in 2013 Still Unanswered

Published August 19, 2015 by MAUL10

Tallahassee, FL—Last week, officials with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office announced the death of one of its jail inmates, sixty-five year-old, Willie C. White. The very next day, following the announcement was the medical examiner’s autopsy report that stated Mr. White died as a result from choking. In addition the Leon County Sheriff’s Office stated that there was no foul play in Mr. White’s death.

After being informed about Mr. White’s death, the mother of former Leon County Jail inmate, DeShon Thomas, immediately stated, “DO NOT TO TRUST OFFICIALS WITH THE LEON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, THE DISTRICT TWO MEDICAL EXAMINER’S OFFICE AND THE 2ND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT STATE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE. DeShon’s mother understands that she is not the first mother to watch her INNOCENT son get convicted for crimes that he did not commit. But she continues to be sickened by the very thought of how her son was literally stolen—kidnapped from her and his siblings—in this “Free” country. From late January 2011 through October 18, 2013, DeShon’s mother felt and viewed DeShon’s arrest–all through DeShon’s judicial proceedings and through his conviction— as the same feeling and view of that of the late Kevin Carter, a photojournalist who won the Pulitzer Prize for a photograph he took in Sudan in March 1993.

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Carter’s photograph was sold to The New York Times and made its first appearance on March 26, 1993. The photograph depicts a naked starving toddler on the ground with a hooded vulture standing and waiting nearby. It is stated that Kevin Carter was told not to touch the children for fear of transmitting disease. No one reported on whatever happened to the toddler. The photo won the Pulitzer Prize in April 1994. Three months later, in July 1994, Mr. Carter committed suicide. Mr. Carter was thirty-three-years-old.

The first time DeShon’s mother ever read the name “Kevin Carter” and about Mr. Carter’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo, was in January 2000. DeShon’s mother was twenty-years-old (DeShon 6-years-old). Never, ever, ever did DeShon’s mother ever believe that she would feel that same since of helplessness—unable to touch her son—unable to protect her son—due to VULTURES—dressed in black robes and suits—standing and sitting and waiting nearby. Surely, the vulture was waiting for the starving toddler to die so that it could feast on its malnourished corpse. Surely, Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, and Regional Counsel Daren Shippy were acting out their courtroom shenanigans to get the case to the jury on Friday, and receive guilty verdicts by five o’clock.

So, in October 2013, during DeShon’s trial, several testimonies of officials were finally put on the record. Several officials, including the medical examiner, committed perjury in order to force the conviction of DeShon. Soon after DeShon was found guilty of Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder, DeShon’s mother filed complaints with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Division. None of the complaints were ever addressed. At the time, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell went over and beyond to ensure that his son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell secured the conviction of DeShon. So much so, that Sheriff Larry Campbell assigned a wealthy family friend by the name of Don Odham, as the lead detective on the case. Don Odham helped Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman secure an indictment from the grand jury. Don Odham was NEVER an employee with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. And if Don Odham was a volunteer, Don Odham was allowed to assume responsibilities far beyond that allowed for volunteers.

DeShon Thomas was a 17-year-old, Black male freshman at Tallahassee Community College. There was no physical, material or circumstantial evidence against DeShon. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, set out to make a name for themselves and their wealthy friend, Don Odham. In doing so, they undermined a team of veteran detectives and the citizens of Tallahassee. Using all of their resources, including State Attorney Willie Meggs’, who is responsible for choosing which cases to prosecute, the road was cleared for Leon County Sheriff’s deputies/detective to calmly commit perjury to show their support for State Prosecutor Jack Campbell without concern of being charged with perjury. At trial, those with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office who committed perjury had already been promoted to a higher rank than that in which they were at the time of DeShon’s arrest. Those who did not commit perjury, including the first lead detective, were set as active uniform patrol.

When DeShon’s mother filed a complaint against Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Anthony J. Clark for having committed perjury, DeShon’s mother received a letter from the Department of Health threatening to charge her with violating laws in regards to confidentiality. In spite of DeShon having been found guilty, DeShon’s mother was baffled by the response to her complaint. But then again, the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office reported not being allowed to release the victims’ autopsy reports. Staff with the Medical Examiner’s Office responded to DeShon’s mother’s fax request. A District Two Medical Examiner’s staff informed DeShon’s mother that State Attorney Willie Meggs would not allow the release of the victims’ autopsy reports—two years after DeShon’s arrest—the victims’ autopsy reports were still being kept from Public Record. NONE of DeShon’s attorneys—private or court appointed—would help DeShon and the Public gain access to the victims’ autopsy reports. DeShon was convicted without the victims’ autopsy reports ever being introduced into Public Record.

State Attorney Willie Meggs, Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have all violated Florida’s Public Records laws. And the message that they are sending to other leaders of state agencies and criminals on the streets is that they do not have to answer and/or respond when they violate laws. When Rick Scott was a private citizen, pleading the 5th Amendment–the right to remain silent–may have benefitted him tremendously. But as a public servant, as “Governor Rick Scott”, the citizens of Florida demands and deserves answers. And not just from Governor Scott, but from all of those, including the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, who has refused to respond to DeShon’s mother’s legitimate complaints, filed against their staff members who serve as public servants.

Far too many people have been wrongly convicted and far too many people have died while being incarcerated. A public servant pleading the 5th should NOT be acceptable when families want answers to their questions/complaints.






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