Disadvantage Game of Tag—You’re It! Willie Meggs, leader of the 2nd District State Attorney’s Office along with Assistant State Attorney/ Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s Office—Tags “Key Witness” in Double Murder Case

It’s been a little over five months since WCTV reported on, “Murder Suspect Accused of Trying to Arrange Hit Man,” in regards to the January 2011 Wolf Creek double homicide, where 17-year-old DeShon Thomas was charged with the murders. In the online article it states, “DeShon Thomas is behind bars, but deputies say that didn’t stop him from trying to silence his former roommate who plans to testify against him at his upcoming trial.”

The article quotes State Attorney Willie Meggs as saying, “It could have happened at anytime because the person that was supposed to be doing it was in fact…had made bond and was out” and, “It will clearly have an impact on the murder case.”

It further quotes DeShon Thomas’ fired former Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings as saying, “He is disappointed and fears this will delay Thomas’ trial. Saying he asked the court to remove him as defense attorney before Thomas was arrested on Friday—citing an ongoing dispute between him and Thomas’ mother. He says he was not aware of the new solicitation to commit murder charge until this morning.”

I was not surprised to read Gregory Cummings say that “he was not aware” because for a year and a half he showed me and my son, DeShon Thomas, that “he was not aware”—that’s why he was FIRED! Adding him to the low class of citizens with Former Detective Don Odham who was also FIRED from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Former Detective Don Odham, was given the lead detective position, replacing Detective Melinda McBride over the murder investigation. Former Detective Don Odham is also responsible for interviewing Trentin Ross, my son’s ex-co-worker/roommate, who then made the incriminating statements against my son. I say, “Then”—because Trentin Ross had already been interview by 1st Lead Detective Melinda McBride and Lieutenant Tim Baxter. Lieutenant Baxter went as far as interviewing Trentin Ross over several days—which netted nothing. Hours after detectives arrived on the crime scene, Detective Dawn Dennis obtained a Court Order for my son’s cell phone records and had him being tracked by his cell phone company. After they reviewed his cell phone records and they saw that it didn’t help their case—they had his cell phone records Sealed. After they served the search warrant on Trentin Ross’ apartment, they didn’t find anything to connect my son with a double murder. Detectives were striking out because they were on the wrong trail.

So they sent in the 17 year Reserve Deputy—“the donut guy” / “play cop” to get Trentin Ross to confess to him the roles that he and my son played during the morning of the murders. Something that Trentin Ross didn’t do after he was placed under arrest for the small marijuana grow that was discovered in his bedroom closet. To which now we know that the plants were not sanctioned under the search warrant. Detectives can’t say that they had no idea that there was a possibility of marijuana being in the residence because according to some of the detectives reports they state that as soon as the door to the residence was opened there was a smell of freshly smoked marijuana lingering in the apartment. Well, it wasn’t my son who’d just smoked it—because by the time they served the search warrant on the apartment, we were still being held hostage at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office for going on three hours.

The Taco Bell where both DeShon Thomas and Trentin Ross worked was less than a three minute drive from Trentin Ross’ apartment–which is where Leon County Sheriff’s Detectives swarmed the building and arrested him. He was charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. DeShon Thomas was also charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

At first DeShon Thomas’ case was in Juvenile Court, where the judge did not find Probable Cause. After allowing the State 72 hours to “Perferct” the State came back with an unknown witness to say that my son told her that he planted the seeds that had turned into stems. The Probable Cause report for the Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia is different in Trentin Ross’ file and DeShon Thomas’ file. In some instances they even have DeShon Thomas as the “Defendant” versus the co-Defendant.

For nearly two years, Trentin Ross’ trial date for Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia had been reset every time the Murder trial against my son was changed. I used to think that it was because the State Attorney’s office was trying to score a deal with Trentin Ross in order to get him to stick to the story that landed the murder charges against my son. Keep in mind that Gregory Cummings never deposed Trentin Ross—so there’s no sworn testimony as to what Trentin Ross did or did not say; and what kind of conditions he was under when he did or did not give his statement to Former Detective Don Odham.

However, I have learned that while back in August, the State Attorney’s Office seemed to be so concerned about Trentin Ross’ safety, since he was their “Key Witness” and “who plans to testify against him at the upcoming trial”– now, when he didn’t show up for his case management hearing last week for the Cultivation of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia, they’ve issued a warrant for his arrest. So in other words—if you don’t play with us—then we’ll arrest you. Or—now that DeShon Thomas has FIRED our buddy Gregory Cummings, our plan is FOILED and we don’t need you anymore. Either way—you can read the email exchanges I sent to Gregory Cummings below and you can decide for yourself what strategy they decided on. (Note the date when I sent him the email and when he replied—huge communication gap.) I trusted this guy for way too long.

On Apr 26, 2012, at 3:53 PM, CARISSA CHAMBERS wrote:

> Yesterday Trentin Ross was due in court for cultivating marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. However, his case was rescheduled for the last week of August.
> I’m not surprised by this because each time DeShon’s case has been rescheduled Trentin Ross’ case gets rescheduled–always dated afterwards . I believe Trentin Ross’ 1st court date was set for sometime in Jan or Feb before it was rescheduled for April 25th which would’ve been after DeShon’s trial had he gone to trial on April 9th as originally scheduled. Seems to me like a deal may be in the making for Trentin Ross’ testimony in DeShon’s case.
> Any idea of when you’ll be taking Trentin Ross’ deposition?

From: Gregory J. Cummings (gregcummings@fairpoint.net)
Sent: Wed 7/18/12 6:01 PM
To: CARISSA CHAMBERS (ccari27@hotmail.com)

TR depo was to be taken today. I called his attorney last week to inquire if all was set. He got back to me Monday night and left only a message to call him and I talked to him before court. However, on Tuesday I was told by his attorney he could not make it because of his work schedule and we would have to go there to depos him. His attorney does not want to make the trip because it would take an entire day and because I believe he will not get paid for it.

So, the depo was reset for 8-10 here in Tallahassee with Jack Campbell going to talk to his parents and trying to convince them to him come up here that was what I knew before court yesterday. Now that the case is set for October I’m not sure what will happen on the 10th.

Yes TR will get a better deal than he would have normally if he “testifies consistently” with his past statements. That is the term routinely used in this line of work. At trial the state will make a big deal of “No deals have been made” no threats or promises but the jury will get the idea of what is hanging over his head and the continuances of his case…

• Update‏
Greg Cummings (gregcummings@fairpoint.net)
To: Cl L Thomas Deshon
I have to cancel the depo tomorrow. Paul Sryigly, Ross’ attorney, got a call Wednesday night that his client did not have $ to get here. Paul and I had agreed I would provide him mileage by check $212.70 at the depo. Then Ross calls Paul, I suggest sending him a bus ticket or paying for one up here to be picked up in Port Orange where he lives, no go. Last night I get an email at midnight that Ross may be able to get a ride and Paul will call him at 10 this morning to get an update. So the final word is Ross cannot make it and we will have to reschedule.

Also it looks like the trial may be reset for August due to the unavailability of other key state witnesses. I’ll let you know what else I hear on that.


**The Solicitation of Murder Charges against my son—was because the State Attorney’s Office couldn’t get Trentin Ross to come back to Tallahassee and LIE for them. Don’t be surprised if they try to charge Trentin Ross as an accomplice to murder or an accessory after the fact. Stay tuned—there’s more to come.