Judicial Qualifications Commission responses to Complaints Against 2nd Judicial Circuit Judges hankinson-jqc  fulford-jqc  wheeler-jqc  dodson-jqc

Timeline of Events Timeline of Statements

Search Warrant on 1/28/11 Search Warrant 1/28/11

Cultivation of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia Probable Cause Cultivate Marijuana Probable Cause

Two Counts of First Degree Murder Charges Probable Cause 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder Probable Cause Report

Text Messages in it’s Entirety (can you see the texts that was left out of the Probable Cause Report on the 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder charges?)  Text Messages  Do you think that had the Entire text message exchange been presented to the judge–she would’ve still signed off on the Arrest Warrant?

1 27 11 ATT

1 28 11 ATT stop

Cell Phone Records Sealed Cell Phone Track Sealed

Solicitation to Commit Murder Charge Probable Cause– this charge was handed down almost immediately after firing his attorney Greg Cummings

Solicitation PC (1)State of Florida vs DeShon Thomas News Line

Text Messages

Cell Phone Track Sealed

State of Florida vs DeShon Thomas News Line

Greg Cummings Motion to Withdraw


Email from Cummings 8-14-13GC email 6 22 12

GC email 4 26 12

Georgia Cappleman is a LIAR

Georgia Cappleman is a LIAR

LCSO Couch

D Witness List

K9 Report

CCCRO LTR 7 23 13

Motion Barring Visitation 8 2 13

OM 3 10 11

egc 7 18 12

egc 3 24 12

1st Odham cell phone

2nd McBride rptOdham cp

3rd Pearson rprtOdham cp

4th Smelt rptOdham cp

5th Property Receipt Odham cp

email 7 16 12

email Autopsy 7 16 12 7 18 12

Conner AR

Herring AR

Memo 9 4 13

Sgt. Pearson txt msg

Motion Sealed 1 27 11

1 28 11 ATT stop

1 27 11 ATT

Fab txt msgs

SW 1 27 11

Motion in Limine Someone Else Committed Offense

Odham 2 4 11 Trentin

Campbell Meggs

Newlin Meggs


Motion for Continuance

Order Continuance

Habeas doc 3 3 13

Don Odham Vacation

Notice of Hearing 8 19 13

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