Going to the EXTREME: KKK Members Penetrate Florida’s Department of Corrections; Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell Files Fraudulent Court Documents–Recruits Others to Violate Laws

Tallahassee, FL—As the United States of America does everything necessary to keep all Americans safe from terrorist—on the homeland and abroad—there are people who insist on keeping Florida families from prospering, from moving into the 21st century. Recently, two Florida corrections officers who are members of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) were arrested for plotting to murder a Black inmate.

In 2011, in order to charge 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas, a Black college student, with two counts of 1st Degree Murder, Second Judicial Circuit Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell approved a Summary of Offense for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Probable Cause Affidavit drafted by one of his wealthy, close friends—Don Odham—identifying Mr. Odham as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell then got a county judge to approve the probable cause and issue an arrest warrant for Thomas. In addition, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell filed the probable cause affidavit and other notarized legal documents with the Leon County Clerk of Courts identifying Mr. Odham as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. The murders, which had taken place in the jurisdiction of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—were being investigated by Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s dad—Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, also a friend of Mr. Odham’s. Since Thomas, who is INNOCENT—pled NOT GUILTY—the Campbell’s along with their friend, Don Odham, recruited many of those within the local judicial system to ensure Thomas’ conviction. This is what most people would view as EXTREMISM!

To act in such an EXTREME manner, as those two employees with the Florida Department of Corrections and the Campbell’s along with all their recruits—is a prime example of how CONNIVING and SELFISH people in positions of authority abuse others—including those whom they work with every day. The Department of Corrections employees and the Campbell’s breathed HATE. When a person breath HATE—their acts and their thoughts become EXTREME! To want and plot to KILL a man is EXTREME. To ask certified law enforcement officers to VIOLATE LAWS is EXTREME! No White man already in a position of authority should EVER allow a Black man or a Black child to consume such an EXTREME amount of their lives.

Today, not much has changed in the life of the inmate in which the two corrections officers plotted to kill. However, the lives of the two corrections officers and their families’ lives have changed forever. As for Thomas, who was sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years, there’s nothing spectacular about being away from his family or his surroundings in prison. Without a doubt Thomas’ INNOCENCE has already been revealed—that’s why it took a group of people with law degrees and professional certifications to violate laws in order to get him convicted.  While the Campbell’s and their recruits breathe HATE—Thomas and his family breathe the notion that INJUSTICE IS NOT JUSTICE AT ALL!!!! Thomas and his family are NOT bitter—for Thomas and his family to be bitter—would say that LIARS are WINNERS. For Thomas and his family to be bitter—would say that ALL of God’s promises to Thomas’ mother—who spent many years literally going into her sons bedrooms and praying over them—were wasted (God’s promises are NEVER wasted). For Thomas and his family to be bitter—would definitely be EXTREME!



Tallahassee, FL—Did anyone inform Governor Rick Scott about school districts opting out of testing students? Seems Florida Standards Assessements test is being viewed as a COMPLETE FAILURE by parents and teachers. Clearly, sending Florida’s children through the SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE was more planned out than providing school districts with tests that their teachers can actually administer to their students. Maybe that’s why Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi refused to take a stand against the CORRUPTION that played out in the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas.

In January 2011, 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas was a student at Tallahassee Community College and was working nearly forty hours a week at a fast-food restaurant in Tallahassee. On January 27, 2011, Thomas’ ex-girlfriend and her younger brother were found murdered in their mother’s townhome by their mother. In an attempt to score an easy conviction and give a close, wealthy friend of then Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell a type of “Golden Boy” recognition, the work of veteran detectives with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office were made to look incompetent. State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell to prosecute Thomas. For nearly two years, Thomas’ private paid attorney, Greg Cummings had not deposed any witnesses or brought forth any evidence to include or exclude Thomas from the murders. The various promises that Mr. Cummings had made prior to Thomas and his Thomas’ mother signing a contract with Mr. Cummings such as providing Thomas with his AT&T cell phone records, making public the both victims’ autopsy reports, administering a Lie Detector Test on Thomas, and deposing Thomas’ co-worker Trentin Ross and Leon County Sheriff Detective Don Odham. Legal documents prepared by Leon County Sheriff Detective Don Odham named twenty-one year-old Trentin Ross as the sole witness as to what led to Thomas being charged with the murders. Thomas pled NOT GUILTY. About seven months after Thomas was charged with the murders, Thomas’ mother informed Cummings of several text messages that she had began receiving from an unknown number—threatening to “Kill Trent” (Campbell’s key witness against Thomas), Cummings didn’t seem interested—Thomas’ mother didn’t receive any more threatening text messages. Cummings had not made good on his promises, it was clear that Cummings was not seeking to build a defense for Thomas—Cummings was more concealing information from Thomas—information that could’ve/ and should’ve immediately exonerated Thomas of ALL charges. Although Cummings had received nearly $30,000 from Thomas’ mother, Thomas’ mother had no other choice but to fire Cummings and insist Thomas to do the same. After Cummings was fired, Thomas’ defense expenses were put back on Florida tax payers via a public defender.

Five public defenders/conflict counsel’s office attorneys and two circuit judges, along with the withholding of the victims’ autopsy reports, and no physical evidence, Thomas was convicted. Thomas’ conviction was based on the testimony Trentin Ross, who was a scorned co-worker/friend. And when Don Odham, the man who legal court documents identified as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective took to the witness stand, it was learned that Don Odham was NEVER an employee of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and DID NOT have the credentials to be a detective. In previous letters, there had been several cases that Odham had been assigned on had played key roles in that were controversial—where other veteran detectives stated that Odham was NOT HONEST and a DISGRACE. But of course, none of this information was exposed during Thomas’ trial. Odham had a badge number, testified to having hundreds of volunteer hours with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and had been assigned a patrol car—Odham NEVER stated that he was a reserve deputy—because Odham was a wealthy friend of Sheriff Larry Campbell. Today, because of the case in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Robert Bates shot and killed a black man, everyone now knows the privileges that come along with being a wealthy friend of a sheriff. Odham was just another citizen. His wealth seemingly brought the entire Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the Second Circuit State Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the District One Regional Conflict Counsel’s Office, and local and circuit judges down to their knees.

Don Odham was by all means IMPERSONATING A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. Some of those law enforcement officers, the true veterans of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, had notarized legal documents stating that Don Odham was a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective, and then committed perjury to protect Odham and the Sheriff’s Office while being direct examined by the sheriff’s son. In 2012, it was said that a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy had anonymously wrote letters to a Tallahassee blogger speaking out against Sheriff Larry Campbell, Sheriff Campbell’s command staff, and Don Odham’s privileges and previous cover-ups in criminal cases due to Odham’s wealth. Not long thereafter, the anonymous deputy was identified as David Graham, the 2011 Deputy of the Year. Mr. Graham, a 20 year veteran with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and his family were immediately targeted—Mr. Graham was charged with 13 or more criminal offenses, including grand theft of an elderly man. Mr. Graham’s wife was also charged with criminal offenses. Mr. Graham was fired from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—WCTV reported on his case. Mr. Graham and his wife’s reputation were ruined. A year later, shortly before Thomas’ case went to trial, Mr. Graham was cleared of ALL CHARGES. The retaliation of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office had FAILED! By now, Don Odham’s sick character among MANY other MENTALLY-ILL INSTABILITIES had been exposed. Nothing outside of Don Odham’s wealth had afforded him the authority to IMPERSONATE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER with the support of several of Florida’s elected officials.

A few months after Thomas was sentenced to two life sentences plus 30 years, Governor Scott attended a fundraiser at the home of George Zoley, a CEO of private prisons. Prior to Thomas’ conviction, Thomas’ mother had repeatedly informed Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi of the corruption that plagued Thomas’ case.

Recently, the Miami Herald reported on prison abuse and contracts with Private Prisons that GUARANTEE private prisons a 90 PERCENT OCCUPANCY RATE— PAY THEM PER INMATE, PER DAY, AND ALLOW THEM TO CHARGE MORE FOR EXTRA SERVICES AND PROGRAMS.

These prison GUARANTEES is without a doubt a financial gain for POLITICAL EVIL DOERS AND THEIR CRONIES. The infrastructure of the School to Prison Pipeline may consist of “MENTALLY-ILL FAKE COPS” and “FAILING STANDARD ASSESSMENTS”. Take a moment and think about how many of Florida’s children were retained in their grade and were prevented from graduating high school because they could not pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). If Florida’s teachers were GUARANTEED 90 PERCENT of support by their districts and state leaders—including Governor Scott—one could only wonder how bright Florida’s children would SHINE academically in the ranks of other states. But instead, it seems that Florida’s GUARANTEES can ONLY come in the form of PRIVATE PRISON CONTRACTS via JUDICIAL CORRUPTION against Florida’s children.



Tallahassee, Florida—Who ARE certified law enforcement officers? Who are NOT? We would all like to believe that our local law enforcement officers are qualified to protect our rights and are properly skilled and certified to do their job

FLORIDA CITIZENS BE AWARE—17-year-old DeShon Thomas was accompanied by his mother when they walked into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on January 28, 2011. Neither Thomas nor his mother thought that a close friendship with then, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and Sheriff Campbell’s son, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell (Meggs’ Assistant Attorney), along with money, money, money– had privileged Don Odham, a non-employee of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, to COMPLETELY RULE over veteran certified law enforcement officers. SERIOUSLY! Mr. Don Odham violated several of Thomas and his mother’s rights, including ignoring Thomas’ mother’s invocation of her minor son’s Miranda Rights and preventing Thomas access to an attorney. Other deputies stood by idle while this all occurred. The friendship and money provided to Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell elevated Mr. Don Odham above all including the Sheriff’s Command Staff, which included current Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood and current Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Richard Swearingen’s brother, Robert Swearingen. Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood was appointed by Governor Rick Scott in January 2015–Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell passed away in December 2014.

In order to charge and convict Thomas in October 2013, based on “Pay to Play Cop—Don Odham”– ALL of the NUMEROUS hours of training of several teams of detectives, Crime Scene Unit, K-9 Unit, laboratory testing—all of these state certified law enforcement officers and agencies had to fall flat—making them look incompetent in their professions. In addition, there were legal documents notarized and filed with the Leon County Clerk of Courts identifying Mr. Don Odham as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective—these documents contained FALSE information. While Mr. Don Odham did not wear a uniform, he had a badge and his own patrol car to take home. Mr. Don Odham was NEVER deposed in Thomas’ case, yet, Mr. Don Odham (alone) claimed to have obtained incriminating statements from a witness that led him (Mr. Don Odham) to prepare the Summary of Offense and Probable Cause, then he (Mr. Don Odham) provided the Probable Cause to Sheriff Campbell’s son, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell—charging Thomas with possession of drug paraphernalia, cultivation of marijuana, two counts of 1st degree murder, possession of a firearm by a juvenile delinquent, and then a year or so later—simultaneous to Thomas and his mother firing his private attorney—Thomas was charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. Thomas, who was 17-years-old in 2011, was a full-time freshman at Tallahassee Community College and had been on his job at a local fast food restaurant for nearly a year. Because Mr. Don Odham was NEVER deposed, it would take nearly 3 years (during trial) for Thomas and his mother to learn that Mr. Don Odham has nothing more than IMPOSTER. While Mr. Don Odham had been spoken to the jury as “Detective Odham”, the truth of the matter was “Detective Odham” was IMPERSONATING A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER under the protection of Sheriff Larry Campbell and others. And Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford was allowing State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Thomas’ court appointed defense attorney, Conflict Counsel Daren Shippy, to LIE and MISLEAD the jurors. Convicting Thomas had taken nearly 3 years. Three years of CORRUPT JUDICIAL OFFICIALS—who WENT OVER & BEYOND to violate several of Thomas’ rights–including bullying him into pleading no contest to possession of a firearm by a juvenile delinquent. Because all involved knew that Thomas was CLEARLY INNOCENT! None of Thomas’ four court appointed attorneys set out to depose Mr. Don Odham. Thomas’ mother (single mother of four) paid defense attorney Greg Cummings nearly $30,000—Cummings refused to depose Mr. Don Odham and the witness who Mr. Don Odham claimed to had given him incriminating statements. Cummings failed to inform Thomas of Mr. Don Odham impersonating a law enforcement officer. Cummings refused to provide Thomas with both victims’ autopsy reports. After Thomas fired Mr. Cummings, Thomas was charged with solicitation to commit 1st degree murder and put in solitary confinement for over a year—where Thomas was unable to make phone calls (including to his home) and unable to have any visitors. When Thomas filed a Florida Bar complaint against Mr. Cummings for failure to disclose and other obvious violations of The Florida Bar rules, Thomas’ complaint fell flat.

Before and during Thomas’ trial, veteran detectives did not support Mr. Don Odham accounts that led to Mr. Thomas’ charges. Apparently, those veteran detectives were aware that their credibility along with the TEAMS of other veteran law enforcement officers, agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Jacksonville) was nothing in comparison to Mr. Don Odham’s money and friendship with the father/son team. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his command staff charged the suspects and Sheriff Campbell’s son prosecuted them—ensuring their conviction by ordering the judge around—including having judges to sign-off on frivolous search warrants and probable cause affidavits containing false information. “Pay to Play Cop—Mr. Don Odham” versus PROTECTING THE COMMUNITY.

Money in both political parties—How much MONEY does it cost to go “Play Cop?”

Mr. Don Odham and his wife gave money to Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell (Democrat), and Mr. Don Odham gave money to the Republican National Committee. Could this be why Thomas’ appeal is turning out to be as much of a joke and the circus leading up to and through his trial? If any political party truly wish to save tax payers money—then they should STOP selling out to IDIOTS!



Tallahassee, FL—Dr. Anthony J. Clark with Florida’s District Two Medical Examiner’s office committed perjury during the double murder trial of DeShon Thomas. Thomas, who was 17-years-old, was charged as an adult in January 2011 double murder case in Tallahassee. Dr. Clark’s perjured testimony helped State Prosecutor Jack Campbell secure the convictions against Thomas.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, was investigating the double murder case. There was no physical evidence linking Thomas to the double murders, therefore, the Campbell’s (father son duo) had recruited a family friend, Donald Odham, a non-employee of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, to impersonate a certified Leon County Sheriff’s Detective to make their case against Thomas. Mr. Odham was assigned lead detective on the double murder case, replacing the acting lead detective and her team of detectives. In addition, there is notarized court documents filed with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office identifying Mr. Odham as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. And Mr. Odham was allowed to testify before a jury under false pretenses.

Dr. Anthony Clark’s testimony in comparison to his original autopsy report of the victims is clearly contradicting in order to support the Campbell’s theory. In October 2013, Thomas was sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years.

Recently, the family of Mr. Marlon Brown received information that a medical examiner, Dr. Shipping Bao, was ordered to change information on Mr. Brown’s autopsy report. Mr. Marlon Brown was rundown by a Deland Police officer’s patrol car and pin to a fence. Dr. Bao, states that he reported Mr. Brown’s cause of death as a homicide, but was ordered to change the cause of death to mechanical asphyxia, and that there was no evidence he (Mr. Brown) was struck by the police car.

Mr. Marlon Brown’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump was quoted as to saying, “Look at Dr. Shipping Bao’s affidavit. It speaks for itself.”

In the double murder case of DeShon Thomas, it is believed that Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford and Thomas’ court appointed attorneys were aware that Don Odham was not a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective, hence was the foundation of the nearly three years of judicial officials conspiring to secure Thomas’ convictions. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell refused to allow the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to make the victims autopsy reports public record. Thomas’ defense attorneys refused to provide Thomas a copy of the autopsy reports. Thomas’ defense attorneys refused to provide Thomas’ mother with a copy of the victims autopsy reports—this prevented Thomas’ mother from seeking an opinion of an independent medical examiner. Early in the case, Thomas’ mother paid private defense attorney, Greg Cummings, nearly $30,000 to represent 17-year-old Thomas. Mr. Cummings promise Thomas and his mother to provide them with the victims’ autopsy reports. After being on Thomas’ case for nearly two years, Cummings never provided Thomas with anything—not even the victims’ autopsy reports.

A medical examiner being ordered to commit perjury or change autopsy reports to support or protect the State of Florida is a crime. It and a harsh deception to victims, defendants and the citizens in the community by all government officials directly and indirectly involved.



Tallahassee, FL—ONE HUNDRED FIFTY PEOPLE MURDERED! 150 babies murdered! 150 sons and daughters murdered! 150 dreams dead! Babies who did not walk or talk—murdered! Young teenagers who possibly had not gone out on their first date—murdered! Husbands lost their wives. Wives lost their husbands. Sons and daughters lost their mothers and fathers. ALL MURDERED!

It’s been reported that one of the black boxes from Flight 9525 recorded the screams and crying of the passengers aboard Germanwings, as co-pilot Andreas Lubitz–DELIBERATELY PLOUGHED—the passenger plane into the French Alps on March 25, 2015—MURDERING ALL ONE HUNDRED FIFTY PASSENGERS.

Was Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz suicidal? Some media outlets have reported—YES, ANDREAS LUBITZ WAS SUICIDAL.

Who knew that Andreas Lubitz was suicidal? Some media outlets have reported of all important sources—GERMANWINGS–WAS AWARE OF ANDREAS LUBITZ HAVING BATTLED DEPRESSION FOR SIX YEARS PRIOR TO COMMITTING SUICIDE AND 150 MURDERS.



HOW MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE IN FLORIDA’S PRISON SYSTEM FACING LIFE SENTENCES? How many defendants screamed at the reading of the guilty verdict? How many parents yelled and reached out to their INNOCENT CHILD/ADULT-CHILD? How many kids cried for their INNOCENT parents as they were being led out of the courtroom? Unfortunately, there is no blackbox to record such a TRAGIC MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE!

Who knew that the DEFENDANTS were INNOCENT? The detectives, the state prosecutors, the defense attorney, the judges, the medical examiners, the witnesses… Who DECEIVED the community that they ARE supposed to PROTECT? Who DISHONORED A SWORN OATH? Who bare FALSE WITNESS?


On March 25, 2015, Andreas Lubitz was the only person whose life was fulfilled—his plan as a child to be a pilot—his dream to pilot a commercial jet—his plan to commit suicide in the manner in which he chose.

Over the years, so many lives and dreams have been cut short by Florida’s corrupt judicial system—not because of what a person may have done—but what those within the EVIL BLOODLINE—***Gregory Cummings? Jack Campbell? Larry Campbell? Willie Meggs? James Hankinson? Jackie Fulford? Donald Odham? Daren Shippy? Dr. Anthony Clark? Eric Trombley? Georgia Cappleman? ????????????