Gov. Scott’s Response 7/23/12

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Sent: Mon 7/23/12 1:10 PM

Dear Ms. Chambers:

Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott’s Office and sharing your concerns about your son’s criminal case. Although we appreciate your concerns, the Florida Constitution limits the Governor’s intervention in criminal investigation and prosecution.

Each state attorney is an elected official charged with certain discretionary duties, including the duty to determine whether or not to prosecute any particular crime committed within his or her jurisdiction. This decision is based on the quality and quantity of the evidence of guilt shown, and in the best interest of justice. The state attorneys operate independently, and as elected officials, they answer only to the voters of their individual jurisdictions.

The person who can best assist those facing criminal charges is an attorney. I understand your son is dissatisfied with the services of the public defender’s office and is seeking or has obtained private legal counsel. That is the appropriate thing to do. Please be sure your son’s attorney is provided with all of the evidence you believe shows innocence.

Thank you again for writing.


Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services
Executive Office of the Governor

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