Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary, Wansley Walters

If for some reason your child ever gets arrested and has to appear in court–please, please, please get a copy of the Probable Cause Report. This report should show why law enforcement officers believe that your child has committed a crime. It is very important that you read the Probable Cause Report and make sure you understand it. Discuss whatever discrepancies you and your child find and discuss it with your child’s attorney. We are in the 20th Century (the new millennium) and you have some adult law enforcement officers telling lies on kids. It’s real bad to tell lies on anyone–but it’s sickening when an adult lies on a child.

Partnership; Fellowship

Our children will never be as perfect as we would like them to be; just as we will never be as perfect to them as they would want us to be. But they are our children. God Blessed us with them and we must be there for them in an ethical way.

Want to know your child’s worth to the Department of Juvenile Justice’s Day Program? Approximate Base Student Allocation $3577.42.
The Florida Education Finance Program 2011-2012 http://myfloridahouse.gov/filestores/Adhoc/Appropriations/GAA/2011-House/FEFP%20FY%202011-2012.pdf

Juvenile Residential Programs should be 60 to 90 days (low-risk) and up to 18 to 36 months (maximum-risk).
Note: Some juvenile facilities will add extra days on an offender’s time as a form of punishment regardless of the inconsistencies in their own program.

Juvenile Residential Facility locations

Residential Facilities are supposed to provide a multi-level disciplinary treatment team-which includes a social worker, therapist, healthcare and mental healthcare professionals, and educators–plan and oversees your child’s treatment in the residential program.
Note: Again, as a parent–you have to be the force. Some juvenile facilities will not provide the appropriate courses needed for your child to meet high school graduation requirements.

Central Communications Center (CCC) hotline 1-800-355-2280 operates 7 days a week (including holidays). This hotline is used in the relay of information related to care, safety, and humane treatment of all youths. Report incidents such as, Program Disruptions,Escape/ Absconds, Medical Incidents/ Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Complaints Against Staff, Youth Behavior, Protective Action Response (PAR) related incidents.

Office of Prevention and Victim Services 850-921-4172. This service is available if your child is defiant while under DJJ supervision.

Department of Children and Families Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-962-2873.

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  1. I was traveling home from bay pines on 275 when I observed a car with a decal Departmet of Juvenile Justice on the rear and side of the car plate number 39333. The driver was a female, she had a cell phone held up to her ear and was driving in the passing lane going slower than posted during a congested highway. Cars were having to shift lanes to get around her. The time was a little before 4pm. Later at 4:12pm she speeded around us on I 75 still on the phone. The cell phone use was affecting her driving. I’m jus glad she did’nt have a passenger

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