Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Crocodile Tears; ‘If You See Something, Say Something’

Tallahassee, FL—As the camera was rolling in front of Orlando Regional Medical Center located a few blocks away from the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, CNN news reporter, Anderson Cooper, asked Attorney General Pam Bondi about how she spent tens of thousands of Florida’s taxpayers dollars—including those in the LGBTQ community—fighting to deny the right for Marriage Equality, despite the ruling for Marriage Equality handed down from the United Supreme Court.

Since the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub, a dance club that caters to the LGBTQ community, Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have been in Orlando—speaking at just about every press conference. However, the citizens in Orlando—including Orlando Mayors Buddy Dyer and Teresa Jacobs, as well as Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill are ‘strong’ and their interests are not geared to Governor Scott or Attorney General Bondi, yet to the citizens of Orlando and those who have been impacted by the worse mass shooting in the United States. Citizens of the LGBTQ community and many of those who support the LGBTQ are sickened every time Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi speak to reporters as though they ‘really care’ about those massacred or wounded in the mass shooting. In fact, many of those in the LGBTQ community are calling their pretend sorrow “crocodile tears.”

If You See Something, Say Something

Corruption in Tallahassee is running “AMUCK.” The citizens of Florida have repeatedly petitioned for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate Governor Rick Scott. Many people have questioned the ‘spontaneous’ firing of Florida’s top cop, Gerald Bailey, who headed up the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It’s been reported that after his firing, Gerald Bailey, whose law enforcement career spanned over 25 years, said that Governor Scott wanted him to criminally target acting Orange County Clerk of Court Colleen Reilly after two inmates were said to have forged documents that lead to them being released from prison. Although Mr. Bailey refused to carry out Governor Scott’s ‘political hit’ on Colleen Reilly, citizens of Florida called for Governor Scott to be investigated.

After the mother of DeShon Thomas paid DeShon’s attorney, Greg Cummings, nearly $30,000 she stopped paying Mr. Cummings and he was fired as DeShon’s attorney. DeShon’s mother learned that Mr. Cummings, along with Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell and Second Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson were conspiring against DeShon—they were deliberately withholding evidence and denying DeShon’s the ability to exercise his constitutional rights. DeShon, who was a freshman at Tallahassee Community College, had been charged with many offenses—the most serious were Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Possession of a Firearm by Juvenile Delinquent. DeShon and his mother along with the rest of his family believed that a fair and just trial would without a doubt prove DeShon’s INNOCENCE. After DeShon’s mother learned that Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs, whose main office is located in downtown Tallahassee, had assigned Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to prosecute DeShon’s case, she predicted an unfair and unjust trial. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office were the lead investigating agency of all of the charges against DeShon—despite some of the charges being outside of their jurisdiction. After many lawyers in Tallahassee confirmed that there was nothing set by the Florida Legislature that stated that it was a bias act or that prevented an elected official (Sheriff Larry Campbell) teaming up with his son/ government employee (Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell) from prosecuting a case together. DeShon’s mother first contacted Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi requesting for a special prosecutor to be assigned to the case. Both responded by stating that they could not get involved with ongoing prosecutions. Two years later, after DeShon had not had a single pre-trial hearing—and after court appointed attorneys repeatedly were withdrawing from DeShon’s case,  DeShon’s mother contacted Governor Rick Scott about Second Judicial Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson’s failures to protect DeShon’s constitutional rights. Instead of DeShon’s mother receiving any form of answer from Governor Scott’s office, Circuit Judge James Hankinson was IMMEDIATELY replaced. DeShon’s mother, a native of Orlando, used to work for the State of Florida for many years through a subcontractor when she and her family lived in Tallahassee—she is very well aware of the flow of ‘off the record’ communications between employees at other state agencies. DeShon’s mother has no doubt that someone from Governor Rick Scott’s office—if not Scott himself—informed Circuit Judge Hankinson about her complaints. Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford replaced Hankinson. DeShon was being represented by the District One Regional Counsel under Jeffery E. Lewis. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell recruited a ‘hit man’ against his key witness, Trentin Ross, but stated that it was DeShon’s plot. Subsequently, DeShon was convicted and sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years.

After the death of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, Governor Scott overlooked many of those within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—including those with military backgrounds—and appointed Mike Wood as Leon County Sheriff. The majority of employees with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office do not have a criminal background of any sorts. Mike Wood, whose past involved criminal drug activity, had his record expunged.

It has been reported that the shooter/mass murderer at the Pulse nightclub was denied admission into the police academy in part due to having a criminal record that he’d had sealed or expunged. It has also been reported that many people acted: If You See Something, Say Something.

When will Floridians actions be heard. Omar Mateen terrorized over 300 people in a nightclub; Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have participated and supported Floridians—black people and white people—including those in the LGBTQ community to be terrorized for years. Today, there is a black man sitting in Tallahassee—the Leon County Jail—who has been sitting there for nearly a ten years (a decade). Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to prosecute the case. An employee with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement came forward and admitted that she was instructed to withhold DNA results sent to her by the FBI. The DNA results are favorable to the defense.

Both Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have severely stained Florida’s political history—they are the worse of the worst.

            “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




Pt.II: FIGHTING HOMEGROWN TERRORISM: Partially Why Military Personnel/Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, and Educators Should Be Disgusted by Wrongful Convictions

Tallahassee, FL—In June 2013 the Miami Herald published an article entitled, ‘Gov. Scott signs bill to speed up executions in Florida.’ The State of Florida Department of Corrections has over 50 prisons including private prisons that house over 100,000 inmates. Also, there are more than 50 county jails that are under the authority of each individual county sheriff.

In February 2015, the Miami Herald published an article entitled, ‘The ‘Cannibalizing’ of Florida’s prison system.’ In part the article uncovers Florida’s contract with private prison companies to “guarantee them a 90 percent occupancy rate, pay them per inmate, and allow them to charge more for extra services and programs.”

Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court ruled Florida’s Death Penalty Law unconstitutional—in part stating that the law gives too much power to judges and not enough to juries which is a violation of the Sixth Amendment. Following the ruling, a partial headline in an article published in the New York Times states, “Florida scrambling to fix death penalty law.” However, neither Governor Scott nor any state representatives nor any of Florida’s 67 state attorneys were ‘scrambling’ to fix Florida’s death penalty law because many years ago, Florida had already been told to “fix” their death penalty process. In the recent months and years, many of Florida’s judges have been either removed from the bench or reprimanded for many different reasons—including unethical and immoral acts. In some counties the question has come up to whether or not judges were in fact judges. Fake cops being used and providing court testimony has also come up.

In November 2014, after Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith was gunned down by a deranged gunman who was known to some of those (possibly not Chris Smith) within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The gunman had previously made threats about harming local law enforcement officers and first responders. Deputy Chris Smith was murdered and Deputy Wulfekuhl was shot by the gunman but survived, and due to the deranged gunman having set his house on fire to lure in first responders—first responders arrived near the scene but were kept at a safe distance until the gunman was shot and killed. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell waited over 24 hours to hold a news conference to brief the news media and address the citizens in the community. Reportedly, Governor Scott issued a statement expressing his sadness…

As the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty spiked Governor Scott never pushed for a bill to increase the compensation for the widowers and the fatherless or motherless children left behind due to their father or mothers’ heroic devotion to ‘serve and protect’ the communities that they sacrificed their lives to protect. Certainly, after Leon County Deputy Chris Smith was murdered, his wife and children needed more than expressions of sadness. And surely, there were plenty of other families who had lost their loved ones in the line of duty who needed more than expressions of sadness. But, unfortunately, it is obvious that compensating military personnel/veterans (working full-time as civilians), law enforcement officers, first responders and educators is not at the top of the list of Governor Scott. Writing bills to “speed up executions” and contracts to private prison—guaranteeing them “a 90 percent occupancy rate” is worth monetarily worth more.

It was not until Bridget Pine, the wife of Orange County Deputy Scott Pine, put herself and her very young children in front of the news cameras in Orlando several times expressing her financial hardships after her husband had been gunned down while in the line of duty. Deputy Pine joined Orange County Sheriff’s Office in 2011. He served with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for about two years. Instead of having time to mourn the untimely loss of her husband, Mrs. Bridget Pine, widower and mother of three, had to get out and partner with former Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit Judge Belvin Perry and lobby for expanded spouse benefits to provide for her family as a single mother—a role that she did not plan. The bill (SB 7012) passed through both houses. Governor Scott signed the bill into law in April 2016 at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in front of several news cameras and reporters. Many reporters questioned Gov. Scott’s motive—using the signing of the bill to boost his political aspirations.

Imagine if the top of Governor Scott’s agenda—and all of his ‘business’ sense were to find ways to improve the lives of military personnel/veterans, law enforcement officers, first responders and educators.

All military personnel/veterans, law enforcement officers, first responders and educators should be DISGUSTED by wrongful convictions. Crime can be combated without corrupt law enforcement officers, corrupt state attorneys, corrupt public defenders, corrupt defense attorneys, corrupt judges, and corrupt medical examiners and so forth and so on—a corrupt judicial system DOES NOT make communities safe.



FIGHTING HOMEGROWN TERRORISM: Partially Why Military Personnel/Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, and Educators Should Be Disgusted by Wrongful Convictions

Tallahassee, FL—What is terrorism? Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

After learning that two of DeShon’s friends and an unborn baby had been found murdered in their townhouse, and that law enforcement officers had begun harassing DeShon, DeShon’s mother thought the best way to assist law enforcement and the community—considering that the murderer was still at large—was to go to law enforcement to speak with them. DeShon and his mother arrived at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and asked to speak with the lead detective investigating the murders. Three men responded to the lobby to where DeShon and his mother were waiting. Only one of the three men addressed DeShon and his mother. The man who spoke introduced himself as “Detective Odham.” For approximately fifteen minutes DeShon and his mother, along with the other two men listened as “Detective Odham” spewed racist vulgar out of his filthy mouth. “Detective Odham” was the only one laughing at his ignorance. The other two men stood idle and speechless, as though they themselves could not believe the words were coming out of “Detective Odham” mouth. When DeShon’s mother realized the level of ignorance—the snake pit—that she and DeShon had entered, she requested to have an attorney present. Instead of acknowledging her request, DeShon and his mother were locked in a room and denied access to an attorney. There were many reasons why “Detective Odham” and DeShon’s mother got into a heated argument while she and DeShon were being held at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office against their will. Neither DeShon nor his mother was under arrest.

Subsequently, DeShon was charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. DeShon’s case had been transferred over to Adult Court. Days later, DeShon was charged with Two Counts of First Degree Murder. And a month later, DeShon was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent. Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to prosecute the case against DeShon. Prosecutor Jack Campbell is the only son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Months after DeShon was charged with the murders, DeShon’s mother had been informed that “Detective Odham” was not a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective—but a close wealthy friend with real estate investments whose wife, Sue Odham (BB&T) both were friends of Sheriff Campbell and the rest of the Campbell family—including Jack. DeShon’s mother had hired Defense Attorney Greg Cummings to represent DeShon. When DeShon’s mother inquired with Mr. Cummings about what she had heard, Mr. Cummings seemed to always redirect the conversation. Over sixteen months of representing DeShon (on paper) Mr. Cummings received nearly $30,000 from DeShon’s mother before she stopped paying him and recommended DeShon to fire him. Mr. Cummings was not speaking with DeShon neither was Mr. Cummings answering DeShon’s mother about “Detective Odham,” as well as other crucial information—the victims’ autopsy reports were being withheld from public record by Prosecutor Jack Campbell and DeShon’s AT&T cell phone records had been Sealed.

Thirty thousand dollars may be a drop in the bucket to Donald T. Odham, a Republican, who has enough wealth to afford to “Play Cop,” make maximized campaign donations to Democratic Sheriff Larry Campbell, buy steak dinners for Sheriff Campbell and his Command Staff to be allowed to have a badge, his own patrol car and be assigned lead detective on a double murder case—a position high above certified veteran detectives—including those with military backgrounds. However, thirty-thousand dollars is more than what a lot of military personnel, law enforcement officers, first responders and educators receives in wages for one year. While the majority of these people are putting their all and all into their profession—military personnel: to represent and protect their country—and often overseas fighting to liberate other countries; law enforcement officers/veterans and first responders: to represent, protect and ensure the safety of their local citizens; and educators: to represent, teach and inspire students and their parents within their districts. While they’re putting their all into what they do BEST, wealthy people like Donald Odham can just toss money around and buy Leon County Sheriff’s badge #1206 and be assigned his own patrol car to drive around in and take home–a privilege many certified full time law enforcement officials have to work extremely hard to obtain.

Many law enforcement officers have to work two jobs—patrol the community and off-duty security—just to cover their household bills. Many first responders have moved to “crowdfunding” to help with finances. Teachers in Florida have spent many, many years battling for a pay raise while struggling to decide whether or not to stay with their passion to teach children—leaders of tomorrow—or choose another profession that will pay them more money. As all of these highly respected representatives of our country and our community have mostly decided to maintain their positions, downtrodden law enforcement personnel, some state attorneys, some defense attorneys—both private and public, some medical examiners and some county and circuit judges have chosen money over justice and have ignored the protection of many citizens under Sunshine State laws and the United States Constitution.

State Attorney Willie Meggs, along with Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, Public Defender Lead Nancy Daniels, Leon County Judge Robert Wheeler, Second Circuit Judges, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford and Circuit Judge Charles Dodson all are paid six figure salaries. All of these people—and some—played a role in the kidnapping/wrongful conviction of DeShon Thomas—a black male, seventeen-years old, who was a freshman at Tallahassee Community College during the time of his arrest.

DeShon’s mother may not have the job positions, the money, or the political connections to bring justice to DeShon’s unjust imprisonment–pay the ransom to free DeShon–buy DeShon’s FREEDOM–as if this time, today, is the time of the days of slavery. Both DeShon’s grandfather and grandmother are United States Army Veterans. DeShon’s maternal grandfather served several tours in Vietnam, and DeShon’s paternal grandmother served in Somalia.Today, it is very important for the people who live in this land—AMERICA—and the people who work so hard to protect this land—AMERICA—to know the names and faces of HOMEGROWN TERRORIST—those who are not dressed in ‘KKK attire’ or whose names may not be on a ‘Terrorist Watch List,’ but are paid by our tax dollars–while purposely leaving criminals in our communities.

In this time of the 21st Century, with all of the resource available—scientific breakthroughs and technology—wrongful convicts are nothing less than “Acts of Terrorism” specifically designed to line money in the pockets of those seeking political gain, while instilling fear and intimidation in the lives of INNOCENT people.  Military personnel/veterans, law Enforcement officers, first responders, and educators should be TOTALLY DISGUSTED by kidnapping/wrongful convictions of INNOCENT people, because as your families struggle to make ends meet, there are unethical and immoral judicial representatives within your communities who are receiving HUGE salaries—not because of their quality of service, but because any conviction of a person—regardless if it is a wrongful conviction—is deemed monetarily worth more than your services to this country and your communities.



Tallahassee’s Drug Problem Pt. 3: Doctors, Single Moms and Lawyers Live in Fear


Tallahassee, FL—First Impressions, a weight loss clinic located in Tallahassee was busted during a sting. Several individuals were arrested including Dr. Mark Hash. According to the blog site Dr. Hash was arrested and charged with two felony counts of ‘Writing a Prescription for Controlled Substance: With No Medical Necessity.’  The bust at the clinic may have been retaliation in an attempt to intimidate Dr. Hash due to the possibility of numerous high ranking government officials and their family members and friends being patients at the clinic.  Not long after Dr. Hash bonded out of the Leon County Jail, the charges against him were dropped. Dr. Hash and his family constantly live in fear. It’s been reported that there was an attempted kidnapping of Dr. Hash’s teenaged son plotted by government employees. Prior to the kidnapping plot, Dr. Hash reported that the brake line on his car had been cut. Dr. Hash filed a lawsuit against government officials. However, the damage against Dr. Hash, his reputation within the medical community and his family has been done.

Single Mom

Parenting is a tough job all the way around. Being a single parent can be even tougher. When Frankie Fudge, a single mom, along with her young son and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Darrielle were injured after an SUV sped through a red traffic light and T-boned her car, Ms. Fudge struggled to hold her emotions together. Immediately after the impact Ms. Fudge disregarded the blood that poured out of her injuries in order to tend to her injured children. As for her son, he was bleeding from his injuries, but he was very alert. As for Darrielle, Darrielle had been sitting in the front seat on the passenger’s side of the car. Darrielle’s body received most of the impact. Darrielle was not alert—her eyes were closed and she was not responding to her mother and brother’s cries for her to “wake up.” After the City of Tallahassee Police and EMT arrived on scene, Ms. Fudge felt hopeful that Darrielle would receive the emergency treatment that she needed. Once Ms. Fudge arrived at the hospital, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to downplay the horrific accident that Ms. Fudges and her family had just experienced. Ms. Fudge was shocked! Furthermore, she did not understand why Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies were speaking to her about the accident when it was out of their jurisdiction. What Ms. Fudge did not know at the time of the accident was that the woman who was driving the SUV traveling 20 miles over the speed limit when it barreled through the red light—that T-boned her car—was the wife of a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy—the deputy is a co-worker of Wiley Meggs and Neely Meggs (the son and daughter of Tallahassee’s State Attorney Willie Meggs). Later on Ms. Fudge learned that the deputy’s wife had barbiturates in her blood system that warned against driving while taking them. In addition, it is believed that the drugs had not been prescribed to her. Thirteen year-old Darrielle never woke up—she died in the hospital from her injuries. Despite Ms. Fudge’s pleas for justice, State Attorney Willie Meggs did not file charges against the woman. Ms. Fudge believes that the Leon County Sheriff’s Office botched the traffic investigation and she fears that the deputy’s wife got away with killing her daughter while under the influence of drugs. Darrielle’s mother, along with other family members and friends are heartbroken. They continue to FIGHT to get JUSTICE FOR DARRIELLE.

Lawyers Live in Fear:

Formal charges were filed with the Florida Supreme Court by the Judicial Qualifications Commission in regards to several instances of misconduct that had allegedly been committed by Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford. One particular instance left a lawyer in “fear” of a bias ruling against his client if he did not perform services pro bono as ordered by Judge Fulford. While lawyers are supposed to report all acts of misconduct by officials in the courtroom to The Florida Bar, seemingly, many lawyers in Tallahassee do not feel that The Florida Bar is protecting them. Apparently, this lawyer did not report Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford to any governing agency—choosing instead to practice unethically—out of “fear.”

Instead of the Judicial Qualifications Commission moving forward with the charges against Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, the JQC chose to recommend Jackie Fulford to retire—completely undermining the purpose of the Florida Supreme Court—and confirming that only a select few of lawyers and judges are protected within Florida’s courts. If The Florida Bar and Judicial Qualifications Commission cannot commit to an equal and fair process by following their own rules, regulations, policies, etc.—then everyone who pays fees to organizations to be licensed to practice law in the state of Florida should be fearful. The list of names of all of those government officials who received prescriptions from First Impressions should be made public. And whatever drugs they used should be researched to determine what kind of effect the drug may have had on the decisions and rulings that were made in the courtroom.

Tallahassee’s Drug Problem Part 2: Governor Rick Scott Appoints Mike Wood to serve as Leon County Sheriff Despite Connection to Drug Related Past; Lawyer With Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office Arrested on Cocaine Possession; Prominent Tallahassee Attorney and Lobbyist Arrest During Drug Sting

Tallahassee, FL—While President Obama is making headlines across the United States and around the World for granting early release to prisoners who received excessive sentences, Governor Rick Scott appointed Mike Wood serve in Tallahassee as Leon County Sheriff. Governor Scott’s appointment of Mike Wood may not have been because Governor Scott believed Mike Wood was the best that the Leon County Sheriff’s Office had to offer—because before appointing Mike Wood, who was actually retired from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Governor Scott appointed Mike Wood because it was Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s dying wish that Mike Wood be appointed to replace him. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell was so arrogant and controlling—that as his own health severely deteriorated—he refused to resign from office—causing the community to be unsafe, much confusion within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office all the up until his death—and well after his death. Governor Scott’s sub-sequential appointment of Mike Wood as Leon County Sheriff did not lift the moral of those within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office who NEVER committed a crime in their lives.

An Assistant Attorney General with Pam Bondi’s Office was arrested by Florida State University Police and charged with Possession of Cocaine and DUI. For the many INNOCENT people who are sitting in Florida prisons for crimes that they DID NOT COMMIT, instead of Attorney General Pam Bondi making it her business to “right wrongs,” it is apparent that her so called “leadership” has failed not only the citizens of Florida—but also those young lawyers working within her office.

During a Drug Sting, Florida State University Police arrested Lance Block, a prominent Tallahassee attorney and lobbyist. Mr. Block was charged with a felony count of buying cocaine, and was booked into the Leon County Jail.

Both the assistant attorney general and Mr. Block were booked in the Leon County Jail that is overseen by Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood. All three of these men have one thing in common—they all have a connection with drugs.

After thirty years of serving as Second Judicial State Attorney, Willie Meggs, whose main office is located in the Leon County Courthouse, has chosen not to run for re-election. Meggs’ protégé and the son of the late Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is currently running to be the next Second Judicial State Attorney.

When WCTV News reported on the announcement of Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell’s bid to run for Second Judicial State Attorney, WCTV falsely reported that Jack Campbell attended Florida State University College of Law.  Jack Campbell told WCTV reporters about changing the community as he sees it –technology, communication, pedophiles, playgrounds, chatrooms…

Obviously, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell has too many close connections to those in the drug business to see Tallahassee’s problem with drugs. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell has used many drug offenders to assist him with getting a conviction in other cases against a defendant who would otherwise have been found INNOCENT. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell providing financial support to drug offender who helped him was not uncommon.


It’s no surprise that many students that attend Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University, and Florida A&M University “fear” going to officials that are supposed to ‘serve and protect’ them. Many students feel that they have no protection. Instead of officials going after the true perpetrator, such as in the DeShon Thomas and Erica Kinsman case. When students go to officials—the students are made out to be the criminals. Seemingly, officials in Tallahassee have routinely “gone over and beyond” to accommodate criminals—those of their own kind.

Is The Florida Bar Robbing Its Own Members (Lawyers) and Consumers?

Tallahassee, FL—Florida State University estimated tuition and fees for students attending their College of Law for the year 2015-16 a whopping $688.11 per credit hour, that’s 30 hours = $20,643.30 for Florida residents. For non-residents the cost is a whopping $1355.18 per credit hour, with 30 hours = $40,655.40. Noted on Florida State University College of Law’s website is “As a state university, our tuition and fees are established by the Florida Legislature and subject to change at any given time.”

On The Florida Bar’s website on the ‘About The Bar’ page, Organization is defined as “A guardian for the integrity of the legal profession. The Florida Bar is the statewide professional organization of lawyers.”

The Webster New World Dictionary defines integrity 1) completeness 2) unimpaired condition: soundness 3) honesty, sincerity, etc.

The same source as above defines honest(y) 1) truthful; trustworthy 2) sincere or fair.

The Florida Bar has a division called the Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program where attorneys/ consumers can receive assistance with inquiries and complaints—including inquiry/complaint forms. The Florida Bar is financially supported by the fees its members pay.

Students out of law school may have a ‘mountain’ of student loan debt to pay, however, in order to practice law in the state of Florida, they must pay numerous fees before obtaining their law license—including paying fees to The Florida Bar, who claims to be “A guardian for the integrity of the legal profession.”

Florida has thousands of lawyers. For many young lawyers, who have the zeal to practice law morally and ethically, it is a struggle to get just one client to represent. Lawyers with families to support coupled with a ‘mountain’ of bills pouring in, their struggles are sad. So why has The Florida Bar accepted their fees, but have not lived up to “the integrity of the legal profession” as the guardian?

Many consumers have filed vital complaints against lawyers for violating Rules set by The Florida Bar that have sat dormant. The mother of DeShon Thomas, a juvenile defendant who had been charged as an adult with Cultivation of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Possession of a Firearm, filed a complaint against Tallahassee (East Point) Defense Attorney Greg Cummings after DeShon’s mother learned that Mr. Cummings was purposely withholding evidence from being entered into DeShon’s court records. After paying Mr. Cummings nearly $30,000 over sixteen months, DeShon’s mother learned of many other disturbing malicious acts of misconduct that had occurred in DeShon’s judicial process. When DeShon’s mother filed a complaint with The Florida Bar, her complaint was somewhat dismissed because she was “not the client.” DeShon’s mother strongly recommended that DeShon fire Mr. Cummings and file a complaint with The Florida Bar. As soon as DeShon fired Mr. Cummings, in an act of retaliation, Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs charged DeShon with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder with the target being the state’s key witness. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell later admitted to heading up the plot to have DeShon charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder.  Although Mr. Cummings acknowledged his acts of malicious misconduct, The Florida Bar has chosen to leave DeShon’s complaint dormant. Mr. Cummings continues to practice law, despite having ‘robbed’ DeShon and his mother of thousands of dollars. DeShon and his family continue to proclaim DeShon’s INNOCENCE! Unfortunately, The Florida Bar’s failures to hold Mr. Cummings accountable for his misconduct have blocked opportunities for ethical lawyers to retain clients.

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission filed documents—including a Notice of Formal Charges—with the Florida Supreme Court showing where Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford showed “a pattern of misconduct.”  In part, one of many violations of Canon, while Judge Fulford was on the bench she solicited an attorney to perform service “pro bono, at no cost to the client. The attorney feared that if he did not accept the pro bono representation, it might result in an adverse ruling on the pending motion. Your solicitation to perform these services was an inappropriate use of your position…”

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission recommended Judge Fulford for ‘Involuntary Retirement.’ This recommendation allowed Jackie Fulford to retain her license to practice law. The Florida Bar did not follow up on the violations found by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission. The Florida Bar’s failure to address Jackie Fulford’s violations—including instilling “fear” in an attorney, severely lacks “integrity of the legal profession.” No attorney should experience “fear” of any judge in any courtroom. Again, The Florida Bar’s failure to protect a fearful attorney is blocking opportunities for ethical lawyers to retain clients.

Reportedly, Lance Block, a prominent attorney in Tallahassee, was recently arrested by Florida State University Police for purchasing cocaine from an undercover officer. Mr. Block is especially known for representing Florida State University graduate Rachel Hoffman’s family in a civil suit against the City of Tallahassee Police Department. Rachel Hoffman, who was recruited (intimidated) by the Tallahassee Police to act as an uncover drug informant, was murdered–shot twice in the head during her 1st sting–under the nose of police. Mr. Block got Ms. Hoffman’s family over $2 million. It’s been reported that after Mr. Block’s recent drug arrest, Mr. Block bonded out of the Leon County Jail and has retained Jackie Fulford as his attorney.

The Florida Bar has repeatedly shown to fail ethical attorneys while ‘robbing’ them of their money and claiming to be of a profession of ‘integrity.’ The Florida Bar has also failed to protect the best interest of consumers by protecting unethical attorneys who ‘rob’ clients of their money—justice is not served under those terms.

Organizations such as The Marshall Project and Gideon’s Promise and many, many more organizations that strive to level the judicial system for those defense lawyers who work for the greater good for others on a daily basis. Good attorneys in Florida paying fees to The Florida Bar—is a MISMATCH. Most College of Law graduates have too much debit to begin paying fees to an organization that severely lacks integrity.