Tallahassee’s Drug Problem Pt. 3: Doctors, Single Moms and Lawyers Live in Fear


Tallahassee, FL—First Impressions, a weight loss clinic located in Tallahassee was busted during a sting. Several individuals were arrested including Dr. Mark Hash. According to the blog site http://writeintoaction.com/Secret%20List.html Dr. Hash was arrested and charged with two felony counts of ‘Writing a Prescription for Controlled Substance: With No Medical Necessity.’  The bust at the clinic may have been retaliation in an attempt to intimidate Dr. Hash due to the possibility of numerous high ranking government officials and their family members and friends being patients at the clinic.  Not long after Dr. Hash bonded out of the Leon County Jail, the charges against him were dropped. Dr. Hash and his family constantly live in fear. It’s been reported that there was an attempted kidnapping of Dr. Hash’s teenaged son plotted by government employees. Prior to the kidnapping plot, Dr. Hash reported that the brake line on his car had been cut. Dr. Hash filed a lawsuit against government officials. However, the damage against Dr. Hash, his reputation within the medical community and his family has been done.

Single Mom

Parenting is a tough job all the way around. Being a single parent can be even tougher. When Frankie Fudge, a single mom, along with her young son and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Darrielle were injured after an SUV sped through a red traffic light and T-boned her car, Ms. Fudge struggled to hold her emotions together. Immediately after the impact Ms. Fudge disregarded the blood that poured out of her injuries in order to tend to her injured children. As for her son, he was bleeding from his injuries, but he was very alert. As for Darrielle, Darrielle had been sitting in the front seat on the passenger’s side of the car. Darrielle’s body received most of the impact. Darrielle was not alert—her eyes were closed and she was not responding to her mother and brother’s cries for her to “wake up.” After the City of Tallahassee Police and EMT arrived on scene, Ms. Fudge felt hopeful that Darrielle would receive the emergency treatment that she needed. Once Ms. Fudge arrived at the hospital, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to downplay the horrific accident that Ms. Fudges and her family had just experienced. Ms. Fudge was shocked! Furthermore, she did not understand why Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies were speaking to her about the accident when it was out of their jurisdiction. What Ms. Fudge did not know at the time of the accident was that the woman who was driving the SUV traveling 20 miles over the speed limit when it barreled through the red light—that T-boned her car—was the wife of a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy—the deputy is a co-worker of Wiley Meggs and Neely Meggs (the son and daughter of Tallahassee’s State Attorney Willie Meggs). Later on Ms. Fudge learned that the deputy’s wife had barbiturates in her blood system that warned against driving while taking them. In addition, it is believed that the drugs had not been prescribed to her. Thirteen year-old Darrielle never woke up—she died in the hospital from her injuries. Despite Ms. Fudge’s pleas for justice, State Attorney Willie Meggs did not file charges against the woman. Ms. Fudge believes that the Leon County Sheriff’s Office botched the traffic investigation and she fears that the deputy’s wife got away with killing her daughter while under the influence of drugs. Darrielle’s mother, along with other family members and friends are heartbroken. They continue to FIGHT to get JUSTICE FOR DARRIELLE.

Lawyers Live in Fear:

Formal charges were filed with the Florida Supreme Court by the Judicial Qualifications Commission in regards to several instances of misconduct that had allegedly been committed by Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford. One particular instance left a lawyer in “fear” of a bias ruling against his client if he did not perform services pro bono as ordered by Judge Fulford. While lawyers are supposed to report all acts of misconduct by officials in the courtroom to The Florida Bar, seemingly, many lawyers in Tallahassee do not feel that The Florida Bar is protecting them. Apparently, this lawyer did not report Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford to any governing agency—choosing instead to practice unethically—out of “fear.”

Instead of the Judicial Qualifications Commission moving forward with the charges against Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, the JQC chose to recommend Jackie Fulford to retire—completely undermining the purpose of the Florida Supreme Court—and confirming that only a select few of lawyers and judges are protected within Florida’s courts. If The Florida Bar and Judicial Qualifications Commission cannot commit to an equal and fair process by following their own rules, regulations, policies, etc.—then everyone who pays fees to organizations to be licensed to practice law in the state of Florida should be fearful. The list of names of all of those government officials who received prescriptions from First Impressions should be made public. And whatever drugs they used should be researched to determine what kind of effect the drug may have had on the decisions and rulings that were made in the courtroom.

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