FIGHTING HOMEGROWN TERRORISM: Partially Why Military Personnel/Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, and Educators Should Be Disgusted by Wrongful Convictions

Tallahassee, FL—What is terrorism? Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

After learning that two of DeShon’s friends and an unborn baby had been found murdered in their townhouse, and that law enforcement officers had begun harassing DeShon, DeShon’s mother thought the best way to assist law enforcement and the community—considering that the murderer was still at large—was to go to law enforcement to speak with them. DeShon and his mother arrived at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and asked to speak with the lead detective investigating the murders. Three men responded to the lobby to where DeShon and his mother were waiting. Only one of the three men addressed DeShon and his mother. The man who spoke introduced himself as “Detective Odham.” For approximately fifteen minutes DeShon and his mother, along with the other two men listened as “Detective Odham” spewed racist vulgar out of his filthy mouth. “Detective Odham” was the only one laughing at his ignorance. The other two men stood idle and speechless, as though they themselves could not believe the words were coming out of “Detective Odham” mouth. When DeShon’s mother realized the level of ignorance—the snake pit—that she and DeShon had entered, she requested to have an attorney present. Instead of acknowledging her request, DeShon and his mother were locked in a room and denied access to an attorney. There were many reasons why “Detective Odham” and DeShon’s mother got into a heated argument while she and DeShon were being held at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office against their will. Neither DeShon nor his mother was under arrest.

Subsequently, DeShon was charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. DeShon’s case had been transferred over to Adult Court. Days later, DeShon was charged with Two Counts of First Degree Murder. And a month later, DeShon was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent. Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to prosecute the case against DeShon. Prosecutor Jack Campbell is the only son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Months after DeShon was charged with the murders, DeShon’s mother had been informed that “Detective Odham” was not a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective—but a close wealthy friend with real estate investments whose wife, Sue Odham (BB&T) both were friends of Sheriff Campbell and the rest of the Campbell family—including Jack. DeShon’s mother had hired Defense Attorney Greg Cummings to represent DeShon. When DeShon’s mother inquired with Mr. Cummings about what she had heard, Mr. Cummings seemed to always redirect the conversation. Over sixteen months of representing DeShon (on paper) Mr. Cummings received nearly $30,000 from DeShon’s mother before she stopped paying him and recommended DeShon to fire him. Mr. Cummings was not speaking with DeShon neither was Mr. Cummings answering DeShon’s mother about “Detective Odham,” as well as other crucial information—the victims’ autopsy reports were being withheld from public record by Prosecutor Jack Campbell and DeShon’s AT&T cell phone records had been Sealed.

Thirty thousand dollars may be a drop in the bucket to Donald T. Odham, a Republican, who has enough wealth to afford to “Play Cop,” make maximized campaign donations to Democratic Sheriff Larry Campbell, buy steak dinners for Sheriff Campbell and his Command Staff to be allowed to have a badge, his own patrol car and be assigned lead detective on a double murder case—a position high above certified veteran detectives—including those with military backgrounds. However, thirty-thousand dollars is more than what a lot of military personnel, law enforcement officers, first responders and educators receives in wages for one year. While the majority of these people are putting their all and all into their profession—military personnel: to represent and protect their country—and often overseas fighting to liberate other countries; law enforcement officers/veterans and first responders: to represent, protect and ensure the safety of their local citizens; and educators: to represent, teach and inspire students and their parents within their districts. While they’re putting their all into what they do BEST, wealthy people like Donald Odham can just toss money around and buy Leon County Sheriff’s badge #1206 and be assigned his own patrol car to drive around in and take home–a privilege many certified full time law enforcement officials have to work extremely hard to obtain.

Many law enforcement officers have to work two jobs—patrol the community and off-duty security—just to cover their household bills. Many first responders have moved to “crowdfunding” to help with finances. Teachers in Florida have spent many, many years battling for a pay raise while struggling to decide whether or not to stay with their passion to teach children—leaders of tomorrow—or choose another profession that will pay them more money. As all of these highly respected representatives of our country and our community have mostly decided to maintain their positions, downtrodden law enforcement personnel, some state attorneys, some defense attorneys—both private and public, some medical examiners and some county and circuit judges have chosen money over justice and have ignored the protection of many citizens under Sunshine State laws and the United States Constitution.

State Attorney Willie Meggs, along with Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, Public Defender Lead Nancy Daniels, Leon County Judge Robert Wheeler, Second Circuit Judges, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford and Circuit Judge Charles Dodson all are paid six figure salaries. All of these people—and some—played a role in the kidnapping/wrongful conviction of DeShon Thomas—a black male, seventeen-years old, who was a freshman at Tallahassee Community College during the time of his arrest.

DeShon’s mother may not have the job positions, the money, or the political connections to bring justice to DeShon’s unjust imprisonment–pay the ransom to free DeShon–buy DeShon’s FREEDOM–as if this time, today, is the time of the days of slavery. Both DeShon’s grandfather and grandmother are United States Army Veterans. DeShon’s maternal grandfather served several tours in Vietnam, and DeShon’s paternal grandmother served in Somalia.Today, it is very important for the people who live in this land—AMERICA—and the people who work so hard to protect this land—AMERICA—to know the names and faces of HOMEGROWN TERRORIST—those who are not dressed in ‘KKK attire’ or whose names may not be on a ‘Terrorist Watch List,’ but are paid by our tax dollars–while purposely leaving criminals in our communities.

In this time of the 21st Century, with all of the resource available—scientific breakthroughs and technology—wrongful convicts are nothing less than “Acts of Terrorism” specifically designed to line money in the pockets of those seeking political gain, while instilling fear and intimidation in the lives of INNOCENT people.  Military personnel/veterans, law Enforcement officers, first responders, and educators should be TOTALLY DISGUSTED by kidnapping/wrongful convictions of INNOCENT people, because as your families struggle to make ends meet, there are unethical and immoral judicial representatives within your communities who are receiving HUGE salaries—not because of their quality of service, but because any conviction of a person—regardless if it is a wrongful conviction—is deemed monetarily worth more than your services to this country and your communities.



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