Leon County Sheriff’s Office: Bogus Protocol Surrounding Double Homicide Investigation/ Trial

On January 27, 2011 around 10:15 a.m. a mother’s frantic 911 call is answered by a Leon County Sheriff’s 911 operator. The mother is calling to report that she’d just returned to her townhome—finding her 20-year-old daughter, Laqecia Herring and possibly her 17-year-old son, Sterling Conner Jr. deceased (Laqecia’s body was sitting in a chair—clearly able to be identified—the body on the floor was fully covered—wrapped in two comforters—unable to be identified right away). Also in the townhome was Ms. Herring’s toddler daughter (unharmed). The victims’ mother told detectives that Ms. Herring was pregnant.

Leon County Sheriff’s deputies were no strangers to the address of the crime scene. There had been many calls of burglary, attempted burglary, and domestic disputes at the residence. Four months prior to the murders, 17-year-old DeShon Thomas’ mother called the Leon County Sheriff’s Non-Emergency line requesting a deputy to come to the residence—she was at the residence trying to get her son (DeShon) to return home with her. At the time of DeShon’s mother being at the residence—she had no idea that Laqecia’s mother also lived at the residence—DeShon’s mother believed that the residence was that of (then) 19-year-old Laqecia. DeShon’s mother did not approve of her 17-year-old son having a 19-year-old girlfriend—definitely not moving into her residence. When a male Leon County Sheriff Deputy arrived to meet with DeShon’s mother and DeShon—the deputy laughed with DeShon about his mother’s anger and stated that there was nothing that could be done about the situation. (Little did DeShon’s mother know that Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell has a reputation for having little to no respect for women—a behavior that is also exhibited/accepted by his male deputies.) (Within about a month—Laqecia and DeShon had broken up and DeShon was back at home.)

On January 27, 2011 as Leon County Sheriff’s detectives worked the double murder crime scene at the same address—WCTV News reported that Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell arrived at the crime scene.

Not long after detectives began their on-scene investigation, the victims’ mother and 16-year-old brother were taken to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office being questioned and processed by detectives. Both mother and brother had Gun Shot Residue Kits processed on them and several photos of their being taken by crime scene detectives. Neither mother nor brother gave incriminating statements about DeShon Thomas. The only reason why DeShon Thomas’ name was mentioned is because detectives asked the victims’ mother who was the father of Ms. Herring’s unborn baby. (At the time of the murders, it was not 100% factual that Mr. Thomas was the father.) After detectives ran DeShon Thomas’ name in their database and learned that he’s had two or three juvenile offenses regarding firearms—they immediately ran ramped. Disregarding the fact that the firearms charges were all none violent and were two year old charges—they acted on a hunch—they were hyped up! And—in “their” eyes—DeShon was the murderer.

Within 35 hours after the double homicide investigation began—detectives learned that DeShon had recently been in possession of a 9mm firearm and a Tech 9 firearm. Leon County Sheriff’s detectives didn’t immediately react to that information because they knew that those guns were not the murder weapons. It wasn’t until DeShon and his mother voluntarily came into the sheriff’s office to speak with detectives as to when DeShon’s mother actually saw firsthand a big fat dog foaming at the mouth—the dog turned out to be a Reserve Deputy by the name of Don Odham. Meanwhile, despite knowing that the victims were murdered with a .38 caliber firearm, detectives used false information to obtain Search Warrants inserting a 9mm into the documents. (Please Click on Link to read Search Warrant dated 1 27 11) SW 1 27 11

The Search Warrants were used for DeShon’s belongings and to search DeShon’s co-worker/ roommate 21-year-old Trentin Ross’ one-bedroom apartment. Immediately, Trentin Ross was fully cooperating with detectives. Nothing obtained in the search brought forth the possibility of DeShon or Mr. Ross having committed the murders. (Detectives located 5 pots of soil with marijuana stems sprouting from them in the bedroom closet of Mr. Ross.) For about two weeks, a team of veteran Leon County Sheriff’s detectives set out to get statements and try to collect evidence against DeShon—to no avail.

As Lead Detective Melinda McBride, Lt. Tim Baxter, Det. Mike Reeves and others began to conclude their investigation of DeShon having committed the murders, Reserve Deputy Don Odham claimed to have gotten a voluntarily confession from Trentin Ross on February 4, 2011. (Please Click on Link to read Reserve Deputy Don Odham’s report taken from Trentin Ross) Odham 2 4 11 Trentin

While it is in Reserve Deputy Don Odham’s report that Trentin Ross identified one of the three firearms that he’d seen in DeShon’s possession as being a .38 caliber handgun—which is the caliber that was used to murder the victims—why is it that in the Summary of Offense and Probable Cause Affidavit charging 17-year-old DeShon Thomas with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder prepared by Reserve Deputy Don Odham—why is there no mention of the .38 caliber firearm? (Please Click on Link to read Summary of Offense and Probable Cause Affidavit) Sum of Offense 2 Cts

Furthermore, as Chief Assistant State Attorney—why then would Georgia Cappleman tell Tallahassee Democrat Reporter Amanda Curcio that the victims were murdered with DeShon Thomas’ 9mm pistol? Is the Tallahassee Democrat not a reliable source for information? Had it not been for DeShon’s mother obtaining a copy of the Leon County Discovery Report (seven months after DeShon’s arrest)—and then reading the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Firearms Laboratory Report—neither she nor DeShon probably would’ve never known that the victims were murdered with a .38 caliber firearm. In the sixteen months of supposed to have been representing DeShon Thomas’ “best” interest, DeShon’s private-paid Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings never mentioned anything to DeShon about a .38 caliber firearm. While Leon County Sheriff detectives were quick to have the victims’ family submit to a Gun Shot Residue Kit—Leon County Sheriff’s detectives did not have DeShon Thomas submit to a Gun Shot Residue Kit. In Trentin Ross’ testimony—Mr. Ross basically states that DeShon loaded the firearms into the trunk of the car and that DeShon took the guns from the trunk of the car—never does Mr. Ross state whether or not if DeShon was wearing gloves. The car Mr. Ross is referencing belonged to Mr. Ross’ girlfriend—crime scene detectives processed the car within a couple of days after the murders (before Mr. Ross spoke with Reserve Deputy Don Odham)—detectives found nothing of value. Mr. Ross’ girlfriend was given a Voice Stress Analysis Test about certain events that took place during the early morning hours on January 27, 2011 (she was at Mr. Ross apartment)—her test results showed “No Deception”. Neither DeShon Thomas nor Trentin Ross was subjected to Voice Stress Analysis Testing. As part of his sales pitch, Mr. Cummings told DeShon’s mother that he (Mr. Cummings) would schedule for DeShon to take a Lie Detector Test that would cost her (DeShon’s mother) about $500. When DeShon’s mother questioned Mr. Cummings about the admissibility of the test results—saying that she thought that the test results were not admissible—Mr. Cummings stated that they were not admissible but that it was ok for the judge to review the results. (The testing never happened.)

It eventually became clear to DeShon’s mother that there was no physical, material or circumstantial evidence against her son—and that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell was trying to build a case versus presenting a case. DeShon had no motive to want to murder—Ms. Herring or Mr. Conner. It was clear that anything and everything that could immediately exonerate DeShon was being kept confidential in some form or fashion and Mr. Cummings was doing absolutely nothing in DeShon’s “best” interest.

After firing Mr. Cummings—DeShon’s case sat dormant. DeShon’s mother—who has been his eyes and ears on an adult level—had spoken to several defense attorneys in Florida—when it was all said and done—they were left scratching their heads in regards to the details—a Headache—which of course justified their high legal fee quote—because the case was two years old—nothing had been done on the case and nothing about the case made any sense. No attorney could access any of the relevant records online—DeShon’s cell phone records were Sealed by Court Order and the victims’ autopsy reports were not made public record—which was another violation of law being committed by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell without any dispute by any of the defense attorney.

So, you see, this is how the 2nd District State Attorney’s Office has been successfully prosecuting cases—by preventing outside attorneys to access to any and all information in order to dispute their case.

On August 19, 2013 Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy held an Evidentiary Hearing—previously, Mr. Shippy had filed a Motion in Limine (Someone Else Committed the Offense). (Within two days of the murders, Ms. Herring had received Facebook threats against her life—in regards to money that she’d owed.) During the hearing, the three detectives that showed up—Det. McBride, Det. Dennis, and Sgt. Ganey—all basically testified that they did not see any relevance to investigate the circumstances regarding the threats. (The person that made the threat was subpoenaed to show up to the hearing—but did not show.) (Please Click on Link to read the Motion in Limine—Someone Else Committed the Offense) Motion in Limine Someone Else Committed Offense

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell basically told the court that the difference between the victim and the young lady making the threat was nothing more than bickering. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell went on to basically tell the court that the defense was “harassing” the young lady. In the end—it was left up to Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy to establish the connection between the young lady and the crime scene. A connection that may have been able to be presented had he (Mr. Shippy) taken DeShon and DeShon’s mother up on their offer to pay for a private investigator to assist with the defense. But of course, hiring a private investigator would’ve prevented State Prosecutor Jack Campbell from obtaining guilty verdicts against DeShon.

Tallahassee Students Have No Privacy–Guilty By Association: Could the Leon County Sheriff’s Office or the Tallahassee Police Department be Reviewing Your Kids Text Messages or GPS Tracking Your Kids Cell Phone?

Who are your kid’s friends? What different types of situations are your kid’s friends involved in?

DeShon Thomas’ friends had debts that they chose not to repay—Ms. Herring owed a mother and daughter $350 in which resulted in threats being posted on Facebook. Ms. Herring’s brother, Sterling Conner Jr. had been given $400 in fake money to purchase drugs—this information came directly from the victims’ 16-year-old brother a few days after the victims’ had been found murdered. Both of these victims had their lives threatened within two days before they were found murdered. Instead of Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies investigating these two serious leads, deputies chose to “make” 17-year-old DeShon Thomas the murderer. So desperate to “make” DeShon Thomas the murderer—several authority figures have committed Perjury—leaving the real murderer to roam freely in the community.

On December 13, 2010 Laqecia Herring called the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to report abusive behavior by her 17-year-old brother Sterling Conner Jr. The dispatcher noted that Laqecia stated that Sterling got angry, threw a glass—breaking the glass—because she (Laqecia) told him that he was “doing something wrong.” Because DeShon Thomas’ mother was unable to hire a private investigator to assist all of DeShon’s attorneys—the question of what Sterling Conner Jr. was doing so wrong—that caused Ms. Herring to call the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Herring packed up her toddler daughter and moved out of her mother’s residence. Because the victims’ mother spent most of her time at her girlfriend’s residence—Sterling Conner Jr. was often left at the residence alone. Unfortunately, the residence where Ms. Herring sought refuge was not as inviting as she’d hoped. Soon Ms. Herring was looking for a safe place for her and her toddler daughter to live. Having no other choice but to return to her mother’s residence with Sterling Conner Jr.—Ms. Herring and her toddler daughter had only been back at home for less than three or four days before both Ms. Herring and Sterling Conner Jr. were murdered.

On January 27, 2011 the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responded to a mother’s call reporting the findings of her deceased 20-year-old daughter, Laqecia Herring (who was 5 months pregnant) and her 17-year-old son, Sterling Conner Jr., in her townhome in the Wolf Creek Subdivision. Also in the townhome was Ms. Herring’s toddler daughter—she was unharmed. As deputies began scouring the residence for evidence—Reserve Deputy Don Odham located Ms. Herring’s cell phone—which may have been purposely concealed by the murderer. Reserve Deputy Don Odham turned Ms. Herring’s cell phone over to Sgt. Brian Pearson.

When Sgt. Pearson arrived back at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Pearson and Leon County Sheriff’s Criminal Analyst Leslie Rabon reviewed the contents of Ms. Herring’s cell phone—noting the activity on Janauary 26, 2011. (Please Click on the following Link to read what was noted on January 27, 2011 by Sgt. Pearson.) Sgt. Pearson txt msg

As the report shows—Reserve Deputy Don Odham located the cell phone not Sgt. Pearson. Also, the report shows that 17-year-old DeShon “Shon” Thomas was asking Ms. Herring about a heated issue between Ms. Herring and the girl to whom Ms. Herring had been living with. In which Ms. Herring acknowledges that there was a heated issue and the heated issue involved her (Ms. Herring) owing the girl and the girl’s mother money—to which Ms. Herring had no plans on paying the debt. Adding that by Ms. Herring not paying the debt was going to result in the girl and the girl’s mother being without electricity at their residence. It is obvious that it was something that Ms. Herring or Ms. Herring’s mother had no concern about. What is Not in the text message exchange between DeShon Thomas and Ms. Herring is that there is any known problems/issues/animosity or any of such between DeShon Thomas and Ms. Herring. When the text message is sent from Ms. Herring’s cell phone to DeShon Thomas’ cell phone at 10:59 p.m. on January 26, 2011, DeShon Thomas does not respond—he is at work–the text message sent from Ms. Herring’s cell phone to DeShon Thomas’ cell phone is very vague—anyone could have sent that text message—not specifically Ms. Herring. There is nothing in the contents of the text message exchange that “shows a clear connection between illegal activity and the person’s whose privacy will be invaded,” as noted in the Motion seeking DeShon’s cell phone records. Nothing within the text messages justifies the Leon County Sheriff’s Office having Judge Ronald Flury to have Ordered an Emergency/Urgent Court Order for DeShon Thomas’ cell phone records and having DeShon Thomas placed under GPS Tracking via his cell phone only a few hours after the victims were found murdered. DeShon Thomas was a minor child. As a minor child, DeShon was under an adult’s supervision. There were several ways for Leon County Sheriff’s Office to attempt to contact DeShon Thomas—instead of following lawful procedures—they chose to LIE—exercising unlawful procedures. Note: There was little to no investigation of the girl and the girl’s mother to whom Ms. Herring owed money too. DeShon was their focus. (Please Click on the following Link to read the Motion/Order/Fax to AT&T regarding DeShon Thomas’ cell phone information only hours after the victims were found murdered—Also, Sealed by Court Order—all dated on January 27, 2011.)   1 27 11 ATT  &&   Motion Sealed 1 27 11

Furthermore, when deputies located DeShon, who was riding in the backseat of an SUV(deputies pulled over the SUV)—there was no questioning about DeShon being involved in any drug activity—they basically took photos of his shoes and asked him if he wanted to come to the sheriff’s office and give a statement—in which DeShon declined. Which again begs the question—why the emergency Court Order? Leon County Sheriff’s Office knew where DeShon was living, working and attending school—there was no attempt to contact DeShon any other way.

Early the next evening (January 28, 2011), DeShon and his mother arrived at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Of course neither DeShon nor his mother was aware that his (DeShon’s) cell phone was being GPS Tracked. DeShon and his mother were under the pretenses that they were going to be giving statements under a non-custodial basis. Considering deputies had already been granted Court Orders regarding DeShon’s cell phone activity—this meant that deputies seriously believed that DeShon was the murderer. So why then was DeShon denied access to an attorney when Reserve Deputy Don Odham refused to allow DeShon’s mother to accompany DeShon as he gave a statement. The scene was set for DeShon Thomas to be Interrogated—not to listen to DeShon’s statement. When Reserve Deputy Don Odham refused to allow DeShon’s mother to accompany DeShon—DeShon’s mother Invoked DeShon’s Miranda Rights—she was completely ignored and DeShon was taken away.

As DeShon’s mother protested in the lobby at the sheriff’s office for deputies to send her son to her—behind the scenes—the Leon County Sheriff’s Office contacted AT&T via to lift GPS Tracking. (Please Click the Link to show fax stopping GPS Tracking.) 1 28 11 ATT stop  Also, deputies served several Search Warrants on DeShon’s persons along with executing a Search Warrant at 21-year-old Trentin Ross’ one-bedroom apartment. DeShon had been temporarily living with Mr. Ross (DeShon’s co-worker/friend). Hours later—when DeShon’s mother was allowed to reunite with her son (in an Interview Room), DeShon and his mother were locked in the room. When DeShon’s mother and DeShon attempted to leave—they were not allowed to leave. Neither of them was under arrest.

In order to get Judge Ronald Flury to Order the Search Warrant, deputies fabricated evidence—presented false information on legal documents. Particularly, the content within the text message exchange between DeShon Thomas and Ms. Herring was altered—removed from the text message exchanged specifically were details of a heated issue between Ms. Herring and a girl and the girl’s mother about Ms. Herring owing money. Added was DeShon Thomas telling Ms. Herring that he was coming over to her residence when he got off from work. (Please Click on the following Link to read Fabricated text messages—note the difference—added words—change of spelling, etc.) Fab txt msgs

DeShon never told Ms. Herring that he was coming over to her residence when he got off from work. This version of fabricated text messages would accompany all requests for Search Warrants and the Summary of Offense for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder officially charging DeShon with the double murders on February 7, 2011—three days after Reserve Deputy Don Odham claims Mr. Ross voluntarily came into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and gave incriminating statements about DeShon.

Nothing, nothing—Absolutely Nothing—has the Leon County Sheriff’s Office reported on in regards to DeShon Thomas and what led up to the murders of the two victims has held any weight—Absolutely Nothing! During the trial—Mr. Ross’ testimony mainly consisted of “Yes, sir” and “No, sir,” during direct examination by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell who’s basically telling Mr. Ross what they (Mr. Ross and DeShon) did before, during and after the murders. At one point, while being told about an incident that supposedly occurred while Mr. Ross and DeShon was at the crime scene or leaving the crime scene or something of the nature–Mr. Ross replies, “The night that they said it happened.”

DeShon Thomas, who was charged with the murders when he was 17-years-old was 20-years-old by the time he went on trial. Early in DeShon’s arrest—DeShon had been court appointed two attorneys that he’d never knew anything about. When DeShon’s mother hired a private attorney—local Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings—Mr. Cummings never obtained a Sworn Deposition from Mr. Ross or any of the deputies. After being on DeShon’s case for sixteen months—having been paid nearly $30,000—Mr. Cummings was fired. Mr. Cummings never disclosed the victims autopsy reports or DeShon’s cell phone records. After firing Mr. Cummings, DeShon’s case was back in the hands of the court (DeShon’s mother didn’t have any money to afford another private attorney—and the trust of any attorney had been tarnished). Simultaneous to firing Mr. Cummings, DeShon was charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder and thrown into solitary confinement with his phone and visitation privileges taken away indefinitely. The circumstances surrounding the Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder charge—are just as bogus as the circumstances surrounding the double murder charge.

DeShon Thomas had two more court appointed attorneys and a different circuit judge assigned to his case between August 2012 and June 2013. DeShon Thomas went on trial for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder the week of October 14, 2013. DeShon Thomas went on trial without having all of the evidence that he’d requested disclosed to him. He never was provided with his cell phone records—he never was allowed to review the victims’ autopsy reports. DeShon Thomas’ mother had offered numerous times to pay for a private investigator to assist on DeShon’ s case—but her calls, emails and letters went unanswered. The non-responsiveness from all of DeShon’s attorneys could only leave DeShon’s mother to believe that the failure to disclose evidence were sinister acts by both State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and all of DeShon’s court appointed attorneys who actively worked on DeShon’s case.

As citizens—as parents–when a 17-year-old kid is being accused of committing such a heinous crime—murdering a pregnant young woman and her 17-year-old brother (who was bipolar), we all should want the kid to have a defense attorney practicing in the best interest of his client. As citizens—as parents—we all should want the real murderer to get convicted. A source of information as simple as the victims’ autopsy reports are basic/common evidence to be disclosed. So why Mr. Cummings, Defense Regional Counsel Samuel Olmstead, and then Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy never disclosed the victims’ autopsy reports? Why did State Prosecutor Jack Campbell prevent the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to make both victims’ autopsy reports Public Record?

Ask yourself—if you or your loved one (especially your child) was charged with double murder—would you trust your attorney if he refused to disclose the victims’ autopsy reports? As DeShon Thomas being a minor—and not knowing the gravity of certain evidence—he trusted the Judicial System—and he learned at an early age that adults will LIE on a child.

In the eyes of Reserve Deputy Don Odham and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell–DeShon Thomas was “Guilty by Association.” Everything else that followed was an attempt at the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ own guide for protocol—where they violated laws—to get judges’ signatures on legal documents containing false information and to get a jury of six to return guilty verdicts. In State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s opening statement, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell basically tells the jury that DeShon Thomas called Ms. Herring after he got off from work at 1:30 a.m. on January 27, 2011as he (DeShon) and Mr. Ross were on their way to Ms. Herring’s residence. As noted in the reports, there was no more cell phone activity from Ms. Herring’s cell phone after 10:59 p.m. Had DeShon called Ms. Herring anytime after he got off from work—that phone call would have been documented by Sgt. Pearson—it was not documented—because a call did not occur.

Please keep in mind that this article and every other article are being posted in an effort to help educate the citizens of Tallahassee (and all of the Public) as to what your kids—your family may be subjected to without your knowledge or expectations. Some things may be repetitive and sound basic to Floridians—just please know that this site is being viewed/followed by others in other states and countries whose terminology as Regional Counsel, etc. may be different or not used at all.

Contagious Sick: Dr. Anthony J. Clark, MD Associate with the District Two Office of the Medical Examiner

In the case regarding State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas Trial during the week of October 14, 2013—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell called Dr. Anthony J. Clark to the witness stand on October 16, 2013 (Dr. Clark performed the victims autopsy reports).

Note: DeShon Thomas was charged with murdering 20-year-old Laqecia Herring (who was pregnant at the time of her death) and her brother 17-year-old Sterling Conner Jr. Despite numerous requests of the two victims’ autopsy reports—as Mr. Thomas sat in the Leon County Jail for over two and half years, none of Mr. Thomas’ five attorneys (1 private and 4 court appointed) would provide Mr. Thomas with a copy of the two victims autopsy reports or any information regarding an approximate time of death of both victims.

With the understanding of the significance of a timeline for any defense attorneys—in which must be establish as a part of their strategy to defend their client—there was no reason why Mr. Thomas’ private defense attorney Gregory Cummings should have kept this vital information from Mr. Thomas’ knowledge. After Mr. Cummings had been on Mr. Thomas’ case for over 16 months, having been paid nearly $30,000 and had not obtained any information that could connect Mr. Thomas to the murders (no sworn depositions from any law enforcement officers or the state’s key witness (Trentin Ross) to whom Mr. Thomas was later accused of wanting murdered ), in June 2012, Mr. Cummings knew that his days for representing Mr. Thomas was near an end. Mr. Thomas’ mother was not happy with Mr. Cummings severe lack of practice. It seemed that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s filings of 5 Continuances were only to buy time—one fact was that the Leon County Clerk of Courts had lost track of Mr. Trentin Ross’ whereabouts (as State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s supposed key witness without Mr. Ross there was no case against Mr. Thomas). Mr. Ross, who was out on Supervised Pre-Trial Release in regards to a pending drug case, had been given permission by the court to move back to his hometown of Daytona Beach. As Mr. Cummings knew that his days with Mr. Thomas’ mother were numbered, Mr. Thomas’ mother pressed him for information regarding the victims’ autopsy reports. Please Click on the links to read partial of the email exchange between Mr. Cummings and Ms. Carissa Chambers (Mr. Thomas’ mother) email 7 16 12
email Autopsy 7 16 12 7 18 12

Although Mr. Cummings tried to send only a few pages from Ms. Herring’s Autopsy Report, Mr. Thomas’ mother explained that Mr. Thomas was being charged with two murders—Mr. Thomas’ mother requested Sterling Conner Jr. Autopsy Report. Again, Mr. Cummings only sent a few pages from Mr. Conner’s Autopsy Report. Although Mr. Thomas’ mother was angry due to the fact that Mr. Cummings was still being deceitful, within those few pages of both victims autopsy reports, she found enough information to support her son’s innocence—especially the stage of Rigor Mortis of the male victim.

Long before Dr. Anthony Clark sat on the witness stand and explained to a jury of 6 that going into the 2nd stage of Rigor Mortis is when a deceased victim reaches that “Moderate to Full” stage (after 12 hours), numerous medical studies have outlined what speeds up Rigor Mortis and what slows Rigor Mortis. In the Summary of Offense for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder charging Mr. Thomas with the murders, Reserve Deputy Don Odham basically states that 21-year-old Trentin Ross heard two gun shots coming from the victims residence—then Trentin Ross received a text message from Mr. Thomas that was registered with an AT&T tower at 4:14 a.m. Therefore, Reserve Deputy Don Odham basically states that according to Trentin Ross’ statements and AT&T—Mr. Thomas murdered both victims within a few minutes after 4 o’clock in the morning on January 27, 2011. The victims were found six hours later. By Dr. Clark’s own testimony—six hours is not long enough for Mr. Conner to be at the “Moderate to Full” stage of Rigor Mortis. Mr. Thomas, who lived and worked 19 miles away did not have a car—and did not get off from work until 1:30 a.m.

When the victims were found by their family members around 10:15 a.m. on January 27, 2011, Ms. Herring and Mr. Conner were found within inches if not feet away from each other (Ms. Herring sitting in a chair and Mr. Conner on a floor wrapped in two comforters). The victims’ mother told deputies that when she’d arrived at the residence the previous night around 10 p.m. to return her daughter and granddaughter home after attending a birthday party. The victims’ mother stated that she left around 10:30 p.m. for the night—at which while she was there—her son Sterling Conner Jr. was not home. What reports do not show is if the victims’ mother was asked if she’d searched the entire two-story townhouse to see if maybe her son or a perpetrator was in the residence. (The victims were in different stages of Rigor Mortis—with Mr. Connor being in further along—in “moderate to full” as stated in Dr. Clark’s report. There was an eyewitness who’d seen Sterling Conner Jr. alive at the residence prior to the time the mother stated that she’d arrived. The witness stated that Sterling Conner Jr. had allowed a male who’d seemed to be acting suspicious into the residence. The eyewitness’s timeframe sets Sterling Conner Jr. back to have been murdered before his mother, sister and his sister’s daughter arrived home. Please Click on the link to view a page from Sterling Conner Jr. Autopsy report as an attachment to Mr. Cummings emailed to Ms. Chambers. Conner AR

On September 4, 2013 a month before Mr. Thomas was to stand trial for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder, Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy provided Mr. Thomas with a Memorandum regarding information that he (Regional Counsel Daren Shippy) obtained on September 4, 2013 from Dr. Anthony J. Clark during a deposition. (The Memorandum was in lieu of Mr. Thomas’ request for the victims’ autopsy reports.) Please Click on the link to view the Memorandum. Memo 9 4 13

On October 16, 2013 Dr. Anthony J. Clark sat on the stand and discussed his educational background and all that qualified him to be an expert witness for State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Never does Dr. Clark state that Sterling Conner Jr. was in “Moderate to Full Rigor Mortis,” as he’d reported on the day after the victims were found murdered. Dr. Clark’s testimony was that he used photos taken at the crime scene in helping him conclude findings—the photos of the crime scene showed Sterling Conner Jr. was firm/stiff—“Moderate to Full Rigor Mortis.” Dr. Clark goes further to state that the space in the morgue where the victims’ bodies were placed—actually slowed down the progression of Rigor Mortis. Ms. Herring’s stage of Rigor Mortis was noted to be “Slight to Moderate.” Please Click on the link to view a page of Ms. Herring’s Autopsy Report. Herring AR

Dr. Anthony J. Clark, MD, Associate with the District Two Office of The Medical Examiner is one of many whom the public has entrusted to bring truth and honesty into the courtroom. Instead, Dr. Clark falls in line with many others who have decided to send an innocent 17-year-old Black Tallahassee Community College student who was working at a local Taco Bell—to a Florida State Prison.

Mr. Thomas’ was never provided with a copy of his cell phone records. In the Memorandum Leon County Sheriff’s Criminal Analyst Leslie Rabon, she never mentions AT&T or Sprint as she did in previous reports. As for Mr. Thomas’ cell phone being in the area of the victims’ residence—Mr. Thomas and Mr. Ross had/ have friends and relatives in the same area. In the same Memorandum as Dr. Clark’s, there is nothing to support Mr. Thomas’ cell phone activity as to what was in the Summary of Offense for the Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder. Mr. Thomas’ cell phone records were Sealed days before Mr. Thomas was charged with the murders. Despite several requests by Mr. Thomas to have his cell phone records UnSealed–none of his defense representation filed any legal documentation to have his cell phone records UnSealed.

Mr. Thomas’ case has shown evidence of more practices of unethical and misconduct and perjury from those in authority than evidence of him (Mr. Thomas) being a murderer or even needing to solicit anyone to commit murder. Mr. Thomas was convicted only on Perjured testimony. If there was any solid inclination that Mr. Thomas was guilty of the crimes charged—then why so many LIES from those in authority? It is clear that Mr. Thomas is a victim of Tallahassee’s “Good Ol’ Boy Network.” Where those failed miserably to remember their LIES—it will be the Truth that will set Mr. Thomas free!

Side Note: Dr. Anthony J. Clark is licensed in the State of Florida and Georgia. The medical examiner in Valdosta is already under criticism of his handling of Kendrick Johnson (the 17-year-old who was found murdered at Valdosta High School. A complaint against Dr. Clark was filed with the Florida Department of Health.

Florida 2nd District State Attorney Willie Meggs: The Fate Puppeteer

For nearly three decades or more Willie Meggs has held office as State Attorney for Florida’s 2nd District. Certain politicians, members of the Florida Bar, colleagues, and Tallahassee citizens may see his longevity in office as “pure dedication.” However, most should be weary of why a person would want to hold any office for such length—especially an office that always has the utmost controversy about its handlings and mishandlings of criminal cases.

Although no average citizen really knows all of the facts regarding Rachel Hoffman, DeShon Thomas, Christina West and the Jameis Winston’s case—one thing is for sure—law enforcement officers who handled these cases knew what they could and could not get away with. In each of these cases, a law enforcement officer set out to handle and conduct its own “special” investigation—concealing information. These law enforcement officers are only doing what they feel comfortable doing—being deceptive. It’s the tone that both State Attorney Willie Meggs and Sheriff Larry Campbell has set in Tallahassee in the nearly fifty years that they’ve been involved in Tallahassee’s Judicial System. It’s that tone (that comfortable act) as to why there’s always little to know discipline for the officers actions for going against policy.

The same as with Rachel Hoffman and Christina West’s case—where there was little to no discipline for the Tallahassee Police Officers, the law enforcement officer for mishandling the young woman’s allegations of rape may go unpunished as well. Everyone seems to agree that it doesn’t matter if she could or could not identify her alleged rapist—it should’ve been reported. How many women are raped or people who are robbed that can’t identify their perpetrator? There’s no excuse for any criminal act to not go through its procedural process.

On January 28, 2011 seventeen year-old DeShon Thomas and his mother voluntarily walked into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to offer information that DeShon had read on Facebook—where his ex-girlfriend was being threatened by another woman—all in an effort to help detectives with their investigation. Instead of receiving the information, DeShon Thomas and his mother were met with racist vulgar by a white man whom they thought was a detective. Almost immediately, DeShon Thomas was separated from his mother—his Right to an attorney was denied. And when his mother was reunited with him—it was in an interview room—where they were then deadbolt locked into the room. All of this irrational and irresponsible behavior was done by a non-certified law enforcement officer—a Reserve Deputy (a volunteer deputy) by the name of Don Odham. Of course DeShon and his mother didn’t know that Don Odham was a volunteer deputy at the time—because all of the other Leon County Sheriff Deputies (even those in uniform) and other staff members—stood by idle (only offering a look of concern and disapproval of Don Odham’s behavior on their faces). Sure enough—Don Odham is a close friend of Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell.

Note: Any parent or child who enters into an arena where an inexperienced volunteer deputy commands over full-time certified deputies is automatically going to be subjected to numerous accounts of unethical acts—reason being issues with personnel. Leon County Sheriff’s deputies that have already been significantly reduced morally and ethically. And it doesn’t help the deputy when the criminal case that they’re involved in is being prosecuted by Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell (who works at the right-hand side of State Attorney Willie Meggs). In any case, the majority of law enforcement officers are bound to follow their leaders. They will do what they’ve either been given permission to do and/or what they know that they can get away with doing.

The taking of depositions falls under the Rules of Criminal Procedure. DeShon sat in jail for over two years—his case had five attorneys before any official depositions were taken. A month before trial, there were two depositions taken—the medical examiner and a Leon County Sheriff’s Criminal Analyst. At trial, DeShon was not convicted on evidence—DeShon was convicted on clear and concise perjured testimony of others in authority and of two criminals looking for a deal on their own criminal cases (in which both of them stated that they were in fact looking for a deal for their testimony).

During the investigation, after 1st Lead Det. Melinda McBride and other certified deputies began following up on other leads without sufficient Probable Cause to charge DeShon Thomas with the murders—Reserve Deputy Don Odham claimed that on February 4, 2011 21-year-old Trentin Ross voluntarily walked into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and gave incriminating statements about DeShon Thomas.

Trentin Ross and DeShon Thomas were co-workers. Trentin Ross had allowed DeShon to sleep on the couch in his one-bedroom apartment. On January 28, 2011 while serving a search warrant on Trentin Ross’ apartment seeking a connection to the murders, Leon County Sheriff’s detectives located 5 pots of soil with marijuana stems sprouting from them in Trentin Ross’ bedroom closet. Despite Trentin Ross telling detectives that he cared for the plants—according to police reports, he refused to tell them how the plants got into his bedroom closet. Both Trentin Ross and DeShon Thomas were charged with cultivation of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. While DeShon Thomas had 3 prior non violent juvenile arrests, Trentin Ross had no prior arrests. Trentin Ross was aware and upset about DeShon Thomas having had sex with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Riley Ewell. So not only did Trentin Ross have a motive to lie on DeShon Thomas—Trentin Ross had favor with both the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and court officials.

Trentin Ross’ Leon County Clerk of Court Docket shows financial favorable activity on Trentin Ross’ pending cases being conducted in the courtroom on Trentin Ross’ behalf on February 4, 2011 the same day as Trentin Ross’ “voluntary arrival” and interaction with Reserve Deputy Don Odham at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin recruited Leon County Jail inmate Dawaun Williams to set out to have DeShon Thomas charged with solicitation to commit 1st Degree murder with the target being Trentin Ross (State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s slip of the tongue confession to this prosecutorial misconduct action can be heard during an Evidentiary Hearing held on 8/19/13 while questioning Inv. Newlin. During another questioning of Inv. Newlin held on 10/7/13 State Prosecutor Jack Campbell attempts to undo his confession—but the damage had been done—ineffective defense counsel). Why did State Prosecutor Jack Campbell set out to commit such an act—because nobody was aware of Trentin Ross’ whereabouts—the Leon County Clerk of Courts had lost track of him. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell had nothing. Trentin Ross had not been deposed. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell had already been granted nearly 5 continuances—and he needed to buy time to either locate Trentin Ross or give a reason as to why Trentin Ross was in hiding.

Mr. Williams, a twice convicted felon, had just been arrested for Armed Bank Robbery about a month before being introduced to DeShon. Mr. Williams was looking at some serious straight time as being a re-offender. Mr. Williams needed a break. Mr. Williams was released from jail within hour of meeting with Inv. Newlin on a $15000 bond. Once out of jail, Mr. Williams was given money by Leon County Sheriff Deputy Ron O’Brien. It didn’t take long for Mr. Williams to be re-arrested for numerous criminal acts across two counties.

During a hearing held on 10/7/13 (a week before DeShon Thomas’ trial)—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, Public Defender’s Office lead attorney Nancy Daniels and Defense Regional Counsel Supervisor Daren Shippy all condoned State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s handpicked selection of a Conflict-Free Defense representation for Mr. Williams. For whatever reason—after representing Mr. Williams for over 5 months—Nancy Daniels filed a Motion to Withdraw a week before Mr. Williams was set to testify in a trial that has been plagued with severe unethical actions by both sides of the courtroom from the start. As State Prosecutor Jack Campbell told of the attorney whom he’d been in contact with (over the weekend) that was going to be representing Mr. Williams—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell basically stated that State Prosecutors handpick Conflict-Free Attorneys all of the time.

Clearly, State Prosecutors handpicking state paid Defense Conflict-Free attorneys is a blueprint of State Attorney Willie Meggs’ normal operation of procedure—a strategy that has a high potential to make any State Prosecutor and/or State Attorney have a stellar record of successful convictions and appear to be tough on criminals. But on the other hand, a strategy that those who really care about adequate Public Defense Representation and how their tax dollars are being spent, will completely disagree with being condoned. If the Legislature sees that type of strategy as being ok—then why is there a rotation procedure in place as to the assignment of Conflict-Free Attorneys?

Seventy-year-old Willie Meggs: the Fate Puppeteer.

Repeated failure by law enforcement officers and the repeated lack of responsibility by State Attorney Willie Meggs should concern all parents. When our kids are in college, we as parents should feel comfortable with our kids going to law enforcement as a victim—not to become a victim—or to get victimized twice. And then watch how State Attorney Willie Meggs finds humor in our kids pain in front of media cameras—to be broadcast all over the world. That’s not Ol’ Southern Willie Meggs being humorous—that’s Ol’ Willie Meggs being cocky—showing his lack of care for young women as victims as well as his personal obsession of feeling like he’s above the law! As Willie Meggs once told a reporter when he, himself got caught committing a crime or some other form of misconduct—something in essence to—I’m not going to prosecute myself.

While some people may think highly of State Attorney Willie Meggs’ commitment to serve Florida’s 2nd District—there seems to be a strong suspicion by others as to why he’s served the area for nearly three decades. Could it be possible that he is fearful as to what would be uncovered once he is out of office? Regardless, as to why—those who laugh with State Attorney Willie Meggs and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell today—and watch out for them—cover for them—knowing that they are breaking laws and conspiring against innocent people—don’t be fooled. These two men are up in age—they may be dead and gone before their criminal actions come to the light. But for those that know—they may not have to come out and say that they knew—it will be found out. And those left here on earth will be shamed and suffer the consequences.

Jerry Sandusky spent years of molesting little boys and getting away with it. People who knew about the abuse—remained quiet about the abuse. Now, Jerry Sandusky is in prison for the rest of his life—those who kept quiet are being ostracized—and Joe Paterno—well you know. State Attorney Willie Meggs may not be molesting boys—but knowing that wrongful convictions are occurring and being approved by his own signature—it’s just as criminal as being a child molester—especially when the wrongful arrested/convicted is a child or a trusting young adult.

There is no doubt that State Attorney Willie Meggs and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s legacy will mirror that of Jerry Sandusky. TAKE HEED!

Sick Contagious: Florida 2nd District State Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and (Crony) Reserve Deputy Don Odham

Tallahassee, FL–According to Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Sheriff’s Reserve Unit is made up of dedicated volunteers who assist and augment the personnel of the Sheriff’s Office. The Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s are active members of the community who are trained to act in a limited manner as a Deputy Sheriff. They receive ongoing training in all aspects of law enforcement functions and work alongside of Deputies.

Reserve Deputy Don Odham replaced Det. Melinda McBride as Lead Detective on 17-year-old Black male college student, DeShon Thomas’ high-profile double murder case. Reserve Deputy Don Odham is a white male, with close ties to Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell—so it is not surprising that a non-Certified Deputy, acting in a volunteer capacity replaced Det. McBride, who is not of the white race—but is a full-time Certified Deputy with over a decade of experience. As Tallahassee’s ‘Southern Good Ol’ Boy Network’ reigns proudly as the whole World recently got a taste of Willie Meggs’ cockiness during the press conference of Jamies Winston case. Veteran State Attorney Willie Meggs (as some in the press referred to him) and others in authority have always undermined the integrity of women.

According to several full-time deputies’ reports, long before Reserve Deputy Don Odham replaced Det. McBride–Reserve Deputy Don Odham was ordering State Prosecutor Jack Campbell to issue frivolous Search Warrants for DeShon Thomas’ personal belongings—in which State Prosecutor Jack Campbell forced other deputies to act on Reserve Deputy Don Odham’s commands without consulting with Det. McBride or others to validate the cause for the Search Warrants. In Det. McBride’s report—she basically calls Reserve Deputy Don Odham a Liar (before she’s replaced by him).

In the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas, Det. McBride was called to the stand as a witness by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Det. McBride was not questioned about the rigorous and thorough work that she and other deputies conducted during her time as Lead Detective—which led them to basically conclude their investigation of Trentin Ross and DeShon Thomas without sufficient Probable Cause to charge DeShon Thomas with the murders. (Undermining a woman in charge.)

On the same day 21-year-old Trentin Ross was supposedly volunteered a confession of an acting participant in the double murders—Trentin Ross was given financial relief on his pending Leon County Court case against him. While Reserve Deputy Don Odham claimed responsibility for this revelation, no other deputy witnessed a Miranda Waiver form with what is supposed to be Trentin Ross’ signature–in which the signature looks forged in comparsion to another form with Trentin Ross’ signature on it that has both Det. McBride and another deputy’s signature as witnesses. (Again, undermining a woman in charge.)

Reserve Deputy Don Odham prepared the Probable Cause to have DeShon Thomas charged with the murders. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell approved the Probable Cause to have DeShon Thomas charged with the murders. And Judge Nina Ashenafi-Richardson signed the Probable Cause and issued an Arrest Warrant for DeShon Thomas (who was already in the Leon County Jail because of 5 pots of soil with marijuana stems sprouting from them that were found in Trentin Ross’ bedroom closet—DeShon Thomas had been charged as an adult).

While State Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, his son—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Crony Reserve Deputy Don Odham thought that they were on a “Golden Road” to condemning a 17-year-old Black kid—it would be all but a “Golden Road”—more like a road made up of “Fool’s Gold!”

Without a doubt—more and more kids these days are committing some of the most heinous crimes imaginable—but that does not give authorities permission to just blame kids for crimes without first conducting a thoroughly investigation. In the double murder case, it’s obvious that Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell wanted their “Crony” Reserve Deputy Don Odham to walk down the Golden Road wearing a crown for “#1 Crime Fighter.”

DeShon Thomas had 1 private attorney, Gregory Cummings and 4 court appointed attorneys who all fell victim to State Attorney Willie Meggs, Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s acts of Good Ol’ Southern Boy Bullism.

Two months prior to DeShon Thomas’ double murder trial, there was an Evidentiary Hearing held facilitated by Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy. Several Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies who’d been subpoenaed to appear—did not appear. And those who did appear—did not support Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham’s accounts of any confession. Sgt. Kenneth Ganey basically tried to repeat what Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham stated but Sgt. Ganey seemed to know better than to assume full responsibility for Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham.

On October 15, 2013 State Prosecutor Jack Campbell told a jury of six that Sgt. Brian Pearson found Laqecia Herring’s cell phone at the crime scene (their residence). Laqecia Herring (the female victim) was located downstairs in their townhouse sitting in a single chair with two armrests. According to crime scene reports, Laqecia Herring’s cell phone charger was plugged into the wall behind her with the tip of the charger resting on the armrest. Several deputies, including Sgt. Brian Pearson, reported that Reserve Deputy Don Odham (whom they referred to as Det. Odham) located Laqecia Herring’s cell phone. According to their reports, including Det. Odham’s—Laqecia Herring’s cell phone was located upstairs in her bedroom wedged between a wall and mattresses that sat on the floor.

So why did State Prosecutor Jack Campbell tell the jury of six that Sgt. Brian Pearson found Laqecia Herring’s cell phone? Furthermore, why did Sgt. Brian Pearson take the stand and tell the jury that he located Laqecia Herring’s cell phone? It’s just a cell phone—why LIE about something of seemingly such small discovery?

Side Note: Having been fortunate enough to have spent years under highly moral, highly ethical—law enforcement officers, attorneys and judges—Lying is Never an option.

So, where State Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Crony Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham thought that they were going to be “celebrated” for solving the double murder—and have a “slam dunk” trial—the trial was riddled with LIES—Sickly Contagious—with a cover up to to show little to no credit of former Reserve Deputy Don Odham having any real participation in the investigation or obtaining a confession from Trentin Ross. As a matter of fact, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell controlled every aspect of Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham’s testimony—interrupting him every time Reserve Deputy Don Odham wanted to elaborate on anything other than the picture being displayed. Like a monkey, Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham’s testimony was limited to only discussing the pictures of the places Trentin Ross had taken him/them. Monkey see, monkey say—nothing else–especially in regards to the confession. Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy stood for nothing (his actions in the courtroom were disgraceful—a true shut up lap dog).

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell could not get guilty verdicts had all of his witnesses took the stand and spoke the truth. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell could not get guilty verdicts without the support of State Attorney Willie Meggs and his dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell could not get guilty verdicts had his “team of defense lawyers (Gregory Cummings and 4 court appointed lawyers) and Circuit Judges practiced morally and ethically.

Several State and Federal agencies have been informed of the misconduct that plagued DeShon Thomas’ case. The violation of U.S. Constitutional Rights of DeShon Thomas could only happen in a cocky controlled environment.

Please click/see the following documents extracted from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Discovery Report that supports one of many Leon County Sheriff‘s Office Internal Affairs Complaint against Sgt. Brian Pearson who committed Perjury during DeShon Thomas’ Trial.
**Sgt. Brian Pearson did not locate Laqecia Herring’s cell phone. Former Reserve Deputy Don Odham located Laqecia Herring’s cell phone.

1st Odham cell phone

2nd McBride rpt Odham cp

3rd Pearson rprt Odham cp

4th Smelt rpt Odham cp

5th Property Receipt Odham cp

As State Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell set out to combat crime–they only seem to have been successful with making young people victims of their internal corruption.

DeShon Thomas is a victim! Rachel Hoffman is a victim! Darrielle Copeland is a victim! Ann Grosmaire is a victim! David Mays is a victim! Christina West is a victim! Jamies Winston’s accuser is a victim! Jamies Winston is a victim! And the list of State Attorney Willie Meggs continues to grow! And that’s no laughing matter!

Open Letter to Governor Rick Scott: Florida 2nd Judicial Circuit (Leon County) Serves Up Injustice on Your WATCH!

Governor Rick Scott
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Dear Governor Scott:

The United States Department of Justice has recently recognized a pattern of injustice among Black male teenagers in the Southern Region of the United States (Georgia and Florida). As you know, the United States Department of Justice first allows each matter to be handled on the local/state level before they step in. Prior to my son’s trial, I’d established a file with the U.S. Department of Justice because of the misconduct of my son’s private paid Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings and Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson was clear and precise. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s bias actions were inevitable—considering his dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, has jurisdiction over the investigation. By all accounts—my son was wrongfully charged. And I knew that it was going to take a stockpile of LIES from those in authority to get State Prosecutor Jack Campbell the guilty verdicts that he so desperately needed. And that is exactly what some of those in authority on the local level delivered. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents were truthful to their laboratory reports and their testimonies. On the other hand, the medical examiner and some of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s deputies committed Perjury—they delivered that stockpile of LIES.

Governor Scott, this is my fourth letter to you—previously I’d asked you to assign a Special Prosecutor to my son, DeShon Thomas’ case because I knew that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell was going to play every card in his hand—recruit every Leon County Sheriff Deputy at his disposal and use every loyal resource possible in order to get guilty verdicts in my son’s cases. With the Campbell’s family history of involvement with local enforcement agencies—specifically the Leon County Sheriff’s Office for nearly/ over fifty years—those are sure resources. I knew that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell would not ethically represent the State of Florida in the double murder case where his dad—Sheriff Larry Campbell has jurisdiction. I wasn’t able to persuade you to assign a Special Prosecutor to my son’s case. Neither was I able to come across a local Tallahassee attorney willing to get involved in a case that smelled so foul.

Note: My family and I are originally from Orlando, so we were unfamiliar with Tallahassee’s family run business within the Leon County Judicial System.

As you may or may not remember—in January 2011, my 17-year-old son, DeShon Thomas was a student at Tallahassee Community College and worked at Taco Bell. After DeShon’s 20-year-old ex-girlfriend and her 17-year-old brother were found murdered in their townhouse in Tallahassee. The female victim was pregnant—there was a question as to who fathered her unborn baby. She’d entered back into a relationship with a man who thought he was the father of the unborn baby. Also, the female victim was the mother of a toddler daughter. The daughter was left unharmed in the townhome. The male victim in the case was diagnosed as being bipolar and was no stranger to violent criminal behavior.

At the height of the murder investigation Leon County Sheriff’s deputies focused all of their resources on DeShon. DeShon was charged as an adult for Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. This charge came after sheriff deputies located 5 pots of soil with marijuana stems sprouting from them in the bedroom closet of DeShon’s co-worker/ roommate 21-year-old Trentin Ross. After Leon County Sheriff Deputies violated a number of my son’s Civil Rights—including denying him an attorney—on February 7, 2011 DeShon was charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder. A month later—DeShon was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent—in which the firearm was not in his possession—was not at his residence and was not the murder weapon.

Over a year later, as DeShon sat in the Leon County Jail awaiting trial—simultaneous to firing his private attorney—he (my son) was charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder with the target being Trentin Ross. Supposedly, Mr. Ross statements were the only reason for my son being in jail. However—for over a year—Mr. Ross had not given a sworn deposition. So in actuality—my son had no proof that Mr. Ross had given incriminating statements against him. The Reserve Deputy (Don Odham) who claimed Mr. Ross had given him incriminating statements about my son—was no longer with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—possibly for criminal activity that he was a party to in the State of Alabama. DeShon had about 5 attorneys on his case—four of them were court appointed.

My son’s last court appointed attorney was the second to be appointed from the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel. When Regional Counsel Daren Shippy came onboard (March 2013) he immediately filed a Motion to Withdraw— that motion was denied by Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson.

I looked closer into my son’s file at the Leon County Clerk of Courts, I learned that Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson severely violated my son’s U.S. Constitutional Rights (in which I informed you about in my 3rd letter dated May 5, 2013). In June 2013, Judge Hankinson was replaced by Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford. My son truly hoped to get a fair and just trial. He is innocent and he was eager to prove it. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Just this past October—my two sons and I sat through days of watching men dressed in Leon County Sheriff uniforms, men in suits and men with PhD’s and other degrees commit Perjury with a straight look on their faces. What an experience! Note: At the time of DeShon’s arrest—he was on the path of Paralegal studies at TCC. My older son (Bobby) was in his senior semester at Florida State University majoring in Criminal Justice and a minor in Communications. There is no amount of public education and/or training that could’ve prepared my boys—my young sons—for this Evil—so up close. Fortunately, my sons already had an established relationship with God.

From a mother’s perspective (grant it a more mature adult) it was clear that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell could not have accomplished his goal of getting guilty verdicts with his witnesses telling the truth. And where there were very little Objections by Regional Counsel Daren Shippy—well I’ve since learned that that will be helpful in an Appeal—it will help show ineffective counsel.

In November 2013, I sent an email to Attorney General Pam Bondi regarding Circuit Judge Fulford allowing several Perjured testimonies to go to the jury. In part, Attorney General Pam Bondi advised that I get a lawyer. Of course that’s easy for her to say—but the thing is—I hired a private lawyer for my son. I paid Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings $29860 out of the $50,000 that he was charging me to represent my son. Gregory Cummings never disclosed any of the information that he’d promised to disclose—the two victims’ autopsy reports, my son’s cell phone records and a single sworn deposition from the one and only witness that placed my son at the crime scene (Trentin Ross). Over the sixteen months that Gregory Cummings was collecting my money—he refused to allow me to hire a private investigator. Gregory Cummings never prepared for anything as far as my son’s defense was concerned. When I filed a complaint with The Florida Bar outlining their rules that Gregory Cummings violated—their response was that he didn’t violate any of their rules. When DeShon filed a complaint with The Florida Bar—let’s just say that he hasn’t heard back from them and it’s been over six months. Note: Gregory Cummings did not deliver at all! And when my son told him that I wanted him fired—Gregory Cummings (who by the way is also registered with the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel (Region One) as a Conflict-free Attorney)—he told my son that he’d continue on his case for free of charge—my son politely told him, no. So where Gregory Cummings knew that he’d done wrong by my son and me—The Florida Bar didn’t acknowledge Mr. Cummings wrong doings.

My son’s case defaulted back to the Public Defender’s Office and eventually settled back in the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel’s Office.  

Nothing about my son’s judicial process makes sense. There were no depositions of Leon County Sheriff Deputies (which was probably to keep them from Perjuring themselves—which didn’t work because compared to what was in their official reports within the Discovery Report they still Perjured themselves). A civilian witness and four or five deputies did not appear in court to answer to their subpoenas for the Evidentiary Hearing held by Regional Counsel Daren Shippy—yet, Judge Fulford delivered rulings mostly denying Regional Counsel Daren Shippy’s motions. The autopsies of the victims were never disclosed—never made public record. Dr. Anthony J. Clark with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office who performed the autopsies on both victims was called to the stand as State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s witness.

Dr. Anthony J. Clark sat on the witness stand very proudly as he informed the court of his education (M.I.T graduate, etc.) and what qualifies him to be an expert witness. Dr. Clark went further to give the members of the jury and everyone in the courtroom an in depth insight on the study of Rigor Mortis and Livor Mortis. While Dr. Clark acknowledged that he did not go to the crime scene, he stated that he first came in contact with the bodies the following day. Also, acknowledging that he used the photos of the crime scene to help with the determination of his findings at autopsy. Dr. Clark basically told everyone—there are three stages of Rigor Mortis: the first 12 hours which Rigor Mortis forms; going into the second 12hours which Rigor Mortis stays firm and going into the third 12 hours which Rigor Mortis starts to breakdown. Next, Dr. Clark tells everyone about the process of Livor Mortis. According to Dr. Clark, Livor Mortis goes through a process of about 8 to 12 hours.

Though the jury and everyone in the courtroom saw the photos of both victims’ at the crime scene and at the morgue—Dr. Clark never stated that the male victim was at that second stage of Rigor Mortis (the crime scene photos and the photos at the morgue clearly show the male victim to be firm/stiff). As far as Dr. Clark’s testimony—the stage of both victims for Livor Mortis was “fixed.”

If you know anything about Jell-O then you know that you cannot rush Jell-O to get firm. Once Jell-O is mixed in hot and cold water (liquid form), if Jell-O was to be put in the freezer—it will freeze. If you put it in the refrigerator and then take it out of the refrigerator too soon—it will be mushy. Jell-O must go through its normal process in order to gel/mold/get firm. Just like the stages of Rigor Mortis and Livor Mortis—they must go through their processes in order to be determined/to note their stages/levels.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office concluded long ago that my son murdered the victims in their townhouse on January 27, 2011 at 4:14 a.m. The victims were found murdered by their mother on January 27, 2011 at about 10:15 a.m. that’s a six (6) hour timeframe. That is Not enough time for Rigor Mortis to be firm—That is Not enough time for Livor Mortis to be “fixed.” Note: The scientific definition for fixed is firmly in position; stationary. (2) Determined; established; set. (3) Not subject to change or variation; constant.

Leon County Sheriff Deputies reported that the last cell phone activity from the female victim’s cell phone was on January 26, 2011 at 10:59 p.m. The victims’ mother reported that she took her daughter and toddler granddaughter to the townhouse on January 26, 2011 around 10 p.m. and left about 10:30 p.m. at which time she says that she never saw her son. Former Deputy Clifton Couch took the statement of a neighbor who said that she saw the male victim allow a male—who seemed to be acting suspicious—into the townhouse between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. the night of January 26, 2011. If one were to count backwards—whether it be from the last cell phone activity from the female victim’s cell phone or the neighbors account of when she saw the male victim allow a suspicious acting male into the townhouse—both victims stage of Livor Mortis fits perfectly into that 8 to 12 hour timeframe. The female victim’s stage of Rigor Mortis was noted as slight to moderate—possibly because she was obese and pregnant (which may slow down Rigor Mortis). However, the male victim, who was basically noted as being physically fit—his stage of Rigor Mortis—firm/stiffness fits perfectly into going into that second stage of Rigor Mortis as described by Dr. Clark.

On the evening of January 26, 2011 DeShon was 19 miles away at Taco Bell working. DeShon ended his 7 ½ hour shift on the morning of January 27, 2011 at 1:30 a.m. DeShon did not take a dinner break—he worked straight through his shift—he did not have access to a car.

Note: The level of ignorance that these people of authority have displayed in order to have my son convicted of Two Murders and Solicitation to Commit Murder is very sad. So far about fourteen complaints have been filed against them with respective agencies stemming from my son’s trial.

As part of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s attacks on defense witnesses—he loves to use the relationship between the witness and the defendant as to why the witness is giving favorable testimony for the defense. So now, think about it—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell being the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell—who has jurisdiction over the murder investigation—is fully aware of the power and influence relationships have in the courtroom. That is why I begged for a Special Prosecutor to be assigned to my son’s case—it didn’t happen.

I can almost guarantee you that if the jury was aware that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell was the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell before litigating a case where the Leon County Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction over the investigation—where the majority of “expert” witnesses are Leon County Sheriff’s Criminal Analyst—the jury would be at a lost as to what to believe. Without a competent legal defense representation—the jury wouldn’t have much of a choice but to return guilty verdicts (such as in my son’s case). Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs are allowing State Prosecutor Jack Campbell to play Tallahassee citizens for fools!

My son was 17-years-old when he was arrested. Was he a rebellious son? Yes. Did he have a non-violent Juvenile Record? Yes. Did he have a violent Juvenile Record? No. Was he a documented Gang member? No! Did my son show interest in gangs? Yes. But that’s no different than men who work in Corporate America—who go out to get their fake tattoos and tie on their colorful bandanas—hop on their motorcycles— and ride over to Daytona Beach for Bike Week. Or those men who work in Corporate America that pull their Harley Davidson motorcycles on motorcycles trailers for a week at a Sturgis Rally—when all the real bikers ride their motorcycles the entire distance to get to the rally. Prior to arresting my son, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies interviewed several people who knew my son—nobody said that my son was a gang member—because he was not—he did not fit the profile of a gang member.

My son, who is now 20-years-old, took the stand and testified to answer whatever questions State Prosecutor Jack Campbell had to ask. Although my son cried at times during his testimony (as he’d done days earlier—he held his head down when the video of the crime scene was being viewed—my son—with tears in his eyes—my son was more man than State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Regional Counsel Daren Shippy combined. My son did not LIE about his Innocence!

My son is scheduled to be sentenced to possibly two Life Sentences on December 16, 2013. The evidence shows his innocence—the Perjured testimony of witnesses is what got him convicted. I wrote my son and told him that I will not be at his sentencing. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell has worked together to keep my son in solitary confinement and has not allowed him to have visitors or make phone calls for over a year. They have lied and said that I was to have played a role in the Solicitation to Commit Murder plot—which turned out to actually be a scheme that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell headed up—another LIE that went unaddressed by Regional Counsel Daren Shippy.

I must say, Governor Scott—the one thing that you, my son and I definitely have in common—is that we put our trust in people to do their jobs and they severely failed us. While they made a fool out of you—they clowned my son and I. Now when I say that they made a fool out of you—I say that respectfully. Governor Scott, everybody is fully aware that you’ve actually looked a man in the face who was a victim of Florida’s Judicial System. You, sir, looked a man in the face who’d been locked up in prison for 27 years for a crime that he did not commit. Grant it—27 years ago, you probably wasn’t thinking about being the Governor of Florida—but you had to apologize for the injustice that Florida’s Judicial System handed down to Mr. William Dillon 27 years ago. You had to apologize to Mr. Dillon for his wrongful conviction—for in part, what authorities blamed on “witness misidentification” as being the reason for his wrongful conviction. It’s extremely unfortunate that those who hold positions to represent the integrity of the State of Florida—would force a wrongful conviction to happen to a 17-year-old Black kid under your watch. It doesn’t matter that my son is 20-years-old now—he was 17-years-old when he was arrested.

In my son’s case—the misconduct and Perjury is that of Leon County Sheriff’s deputies, lawyers, judges, and the medical examiner—the two civilian key witnesses are just following their leaders. There is a different key witness in each of my son’s cases—one for the two murders and another one for the solicitation to commit murder. Each of the witnesses has pending charges against them. Each of the witnesses basically testified that they’re looking to get relief on their charges for their testimony against my son (In the solicitation to commit murder—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell recruited this 28-year-old man who’d been previously convicted of felonies to befriend my son. Note: Leon County Sheriff deputies had long put in their report that my son was a documented gang member. Even when my son told them that he wasn’t a gang member. This man claimed to be a Gang member and was in jail for Armed Bank Robbery (the state prosecutor on his case had filed a Notice of Prisoner Releasee Re-offender Act) therefore, this man was desperate for relief. Within an hour of confirming that he’d help State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin do whatever needed to be done to set up my son for solicitation to commit the murder of the key witness on the double murder case (Trentin Ross), this 28-year-old man was free from jail. Prior to getting out of jail—this 28-year-old man taught my son how to read and write in Gang Code. Once he got out of jail—he taught Inv. Newlin and Deputy Ronald O’Brien how to read and write in Gang Code.  Together they wrote Gang Coded letters and Deputy O’Brien smuggled the letters into the jail—placing them in with the other inmates’ mail. The 28-year-old man was given money by Deputy Ronald O’Brien—in part to buy a cell phone and set it up for my son to be able to call him—and in part to put money on my son’s canteen—this was an attempt to get my son to trust him—in which my son refused to accept money from him. The recorded phone conversations reveal the desperation of the 28-year-old man—who seems to have his mind set on murdering the witness in my son’s case—even when my son changes the subject—this man always reverts back to his own plan. Note: Another inmate testified on my son’s behalf and basically stated that this particular inmate seemed obsessed with wanting to murder the witness against my son. That obsession can be heard in the jailhouse recordings. My son never asked him to murder anyone. My son never hinted to him to murder anyone. The 28-year-old man—while out of jail working for State Prosecutor Jack Campbell may have proved to be the worst of the worst. The 28-year-old man committed Armed Home Invasion Robbery, Kidnapping, Assault and other charges in both Gadsden and Leon County—he is now facing 55 years or more in prison. With those additional charges—there’s no doubt that he will provide State Prosecutor Jack Campbell with any testimony that he wants—as long as he can get time off of his sentence for his testimony. Where State Prosecutor Jack Campbell set out to continue to make my son look like a monster—if all of the evidence were to be brought to the table, everyone would see who the real monster is.

The key witness in the murder case and his attorney Paul Srygley—both testified that they were holding out for the best deal on Mr. Ross’ pending cases. Mr. Ross is charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. For nearly two years—Mr. Ross and his attorney have refused to answer to a Subpoena for Deposition. Neither of the key witnesses in this case gave depositions.  Regional Counsel Daren Shippy had the Red Carpet rolled out for impeachment of both key witnesses as well as other witnesses—but impeaching witnesses wouldn’t have gotten State Prosecutor Jack Campbell the guilty verdicts that he so desperately needed.

History tells us that a lot of people lost their lives in order to ensure us that no local or State court will have all the judicial power—mainly because of gross biasness that has plagued my son’s case. When justice on the local and State level fail us—we can turn to our Federal Government to depend upon for justice.

Gideon’s Promise (formerly known as The Southern Public Defender Training Center) is on a trailblazing mission to inspire, mobilize and train legal professionals to provide the highest quality defense representation to people unable to afford an attorney. Gideon’s Promise was recently awarded $6.7 million by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to improve legal defense services for the poor. Although Gideon’s Promise does not have a partnership with Florida’s Law Schools or the Public Defender’s Office—no amount of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s $6.7 million can prepare any Public Defenders, Regional Counsels or Conflict-Free Attorneys to train/strategize against gross bias actions in the courtroom between State Prosecutors and Judges—where the Judge rules in favor of the State Prosecutor 9 out of 10 times.

Governor Scott, at this point, I ask of you to do whatever you can to help my son. I also ask of you to do whatever you can do to prevent any other family from ever having to experience this battle against father and son. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and his dad, Sheriff Larry Campbell may have the physical advantage over DeShon and I— but DeShon and I have the Spiritual advantage in this battle and we will Win. But everybody might not have Favor with God—so this battle is not just unfair for the defendant—but also, for Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies as well. None of the Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies should be subjected to having to be evaluated by their boss’ son while under oath. In my son’s case, after certain deputies finished giving his testimony—there was an obvious look of concern on their faces. Deputies should be able to step off of the witness stand feeling good about their testimony —not carrying the burden of wondering if their testimony was satisfactory to State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s standards—and if not—what is he going to tell his dad about them. How intimidating is that?

Also, I would ask that a study be conducted to see just how many private paid attorneys are paid thousands and thousands of dollars by their clients and then get fired for failing to provide effective representation—only to have the client default (back) to the Public Defender’s Office—then, of course, have their case possibly get farmed out to the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel or a Conflict-Free Attorney (seeing as though the Public Defender’s Office is so overwhelmed with cases). If private attorneys are not held accountable by The Florida Bar (such as Gregory Cummings), then what’s to prevent them from allowing their cases to regularly default to the Public Defender’s Office after they’ve collected a lump sum of money from their clients?

For example: In my son’s case—his private attorney, Gregory Cummings has over 32 years of experience as a Criminal Defense Attorney—he was paid nearly $30,000 over about sixteen months (that’s a lot of money coming from a single mother of four and a grandmother of one). Mr. Cummings did not so much as file a Defense Witness List on my son’s behalf—my son’s trial had been set and reset under Mr. Cummings representation four or five times—each time State Prosecutor Jack Campbell was granted the Continuances. After firing Mr. Cummings, my son’s case defaulted back to the Public Defender’s Office and then to Regional Counsel. For six months, Regional Counsel Samuel Olmstead—filed motions for Discovery and appeared at two of the five Case Management Hearings. In January 2013, my son, who was 19-years-old at the time, filed Pro Se because he had not heard from Regional Counsel Samuel Olmstead in months. At the hearing for Pro Se, my son then learned that Regional Counsel Samuel Olmstead had turned in his resignation with the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel. My son withdrew his Pro Se filing because he was told that he’d get another Regional Counsel. That’s when Regional Counsel Daren Shippy was to take over the case. Regional Counsel Daren Shippy immediately filed a Motion to Withdraw before ever meeting with my son. In April 2013, Regional Counsel Daren Shippy settled into the case. No depositions of the key witnesses or depositions of Leon County Sheriff Deputies were taken. Regional Counsel Daren Shippy told my son that his case was a lot of work considering nothing had been done. I again offered to pay for a private investigator to assist on my son’s case—my calls went unanswered. Regional Counsel Daren Shippy filed a Waiver of Speedy Trial—and in the end my son’s case went to trial in less than the allotted time of a Speedy Trial (trial timeline is not a complaint here.)

I guess you can say that my point is The Florida Bar failed my son. The Florida Bar failed Public Defense Attorneys. The Florida Bar just may be the source as to why Public Defense Attorneys are overwhelmed with cases. The Florida Bar failing to hold Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings accountable for collecting thousands of dollars more than what Public Defense Attorneys are paid (on just one private case) and not doing the work to off-set his profit—is not just my family’s issue. When my son’s case defaulted back to the Public Defender’s Office—it became Florida taxpayers’ issue. Every time my son’s case was sent to a new attorney—the clock on his case started all over again. My son’s case started all over again five times—in two and a half years.

Lastly, I have decided to share this letter with others whom I feel may be able to make a difference with making the judicial process in Leon County better. Because with all of this happening on my son’s case—imagine how many cases are out there that have not been brought to your attention. Also, one of the main issues that attorneys that I contacted in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami brought to my attention was that they could not access information about my son’s case online—on the Leon County Clerk of Courts website—the attorneys could only access Traffic and Misdemeanor cases. And what they could access online very little information. This was a huge issue with me hiring an out of town attorney—I just could not afford to pay for every attorney to travel to Tallahassee in order to obtain the basic information about my son’s case (Public Records Requests are 30 days). My son was truly “Boxed in” to only being represented by attorneys in Tallahassee (whether private or public). So as elected officials, as appointed officials, as board members, as committee members, as directors, or as chairpersons—whatever capacity that they may have in government—their knowledge of these issues that I’ve raised in this letter affords them to exercise due diligence to strengthening Florida’s Judicial Process and protect taxpayers dollars.


Carissa Chambers

cc: DeShon Thomas
Via Email:  Senate Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriation Committee: Senator Rob Bradley, Senator Arthenia Joyner, Senator Alan Hays, Senator Thad Altman, Senator Oscar Braynon II, Senator Jeff Clemens, Senator Charles “Charlie” Dean Sr., Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Senator Anitere Flores, Senator Rene Garcia, Senator Denise Grimsley, Senator Christopher L. Smith, Senator Darren Soto/ Criminal Justice Committee:  Senator Greg Evers, Senator Audre Gibson, Senator David Simmons and some of those named above who are joint committee members.