Tallahassee Students Have No Privacy–Guilty By Association: Could the Leon County Sheriff’s Office or the Tallahassee Police Department be Reviewing Your Kids Text Messages or GPS Tracking Your Kids Cell Phone?

Who are your kid’s friends? What different types of situations are your kid’s friends involved in?

DeShon Thomas’ friends had debts that they chose not to repay—Ms. Herring owed a mother and daughter $350 in which resulted in threats being posted on Facebook. Ms. Herring’s brother, Sterling Conner Jr. had been given $400 in fake money to purchase drugs—this information came directly from the victims’ 16-year-old brother a few days after the victims’ had been found murdered. Both of these victims had their lives threatened within two days before they were found murdered. Instead of Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies investigating these two serious leads, deputies chose to “make” 17-year-old DeShon Thomas the murderer. So desperate to “make” DeShon Thomas the murderer—several authority figures have committed Perjury—leaving the real murderer to roam freely in the community.

On December 13, 2010 Laqecia Herring called the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to report abusive behavior by her 17-year-old brother Sterling Conner Jr. The dispatcher noted that Laqecia stated that Sterling got angry, threw a glass—breaking the glass—because she (Laqecia) told him that he was “doing something wrong.” Because DeShon Thomas’ mother was unable to hire a private investigator to assist all of DeShon’s attorneys—the question of what Sterling Conner Jr. was doing so wrong—that caused Ms. Herring to call the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Herring packed up her toddler daughter and moved out of her mother’s residence. Because the victims’ mother spent most of her time at her girlfriend’s residence—Sterling Conner Jr. was often left at the residence alone. Unfortunately, the residence where Ms. Herring sought refuge was not as inviting as she’d hoped. Soon Ms. Herring was looking for a safe place for her and her toddler daughter to live. Having no other choice but to return to her mother’s residence with Sterling Conner Jr.—Ms. Herring and her toddler daughter had only been back at home for less than three or four days before both Ms. Herring and Sterling Conner Jr. were murdered.

On January 27, 2011 the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responded to a mother’s call reporting the findings of her deceased 20-year-old daughter, Laqecia Herring (who was 5 months pregnant) and her 17-year-old son, Sterling Conner Jr., in her townhome in the Wolf Creek Subdivision. Also in the townhome was Ms. Herring’s toddler daughter—she was unharmed. As deputies began scouring the residence for evidence—Reserve Deputy Don Odham located Ms. Herring’s cell phone—which may have been purposely concealed by the murderer. Reserve Deputy Don Odham turned Ms. Herring’s cell phone over to Sgt. Brian Pearson.

When Sgt. Pearson arrived back at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Pearson and Leon County Sheriff’s Criminal Analyst Leslie Rabon reviewed the contents of Ms. Herring’s cell phone—noting the activity on Janauary 26, 2011. (Please Click on the following Link to read what was noted on January 27, 2011 by Sgt. Pearson.) Sgt. Pearson txt msg

As the report shows—Reserve Deputy Don Odham located the cell phone not Sgt. Pearson. Also, the report shows that 17-year-old DeShon “Shon” Thomas was asking Ms. Herring about a heated issue between Ms. Herring and the girl to whom Ms. Herring had been living with. In which Ms. Herring acknowledges that there was a heated issue and the heated issue involved her (Ms. Herring) owing the girl and the girl’s mother money—to which Ms. Herring had no plans on paying the debt. Adding that by Ms. Herring not paying the debt was going to result in the girl and the girl’s mother being without electricity at their residence. It is obvious that it was something that Ms. Herring or Ms. Herring’s mother had no concern about. What is Not in the text message exchange between DeShon Thomas and Ms. Herring is that there is any known problems/issues/animosity or any of such between DeShon Thomas and Ms. Herring. When the text message is sent from Ms. Herring’s cell phone to DeShon Thomas’ cell phone at 10:59 p.m. on January 26, 2011, DeShon Thomas does not respond—he is at work–the text message sent from Ms. Herring’s cell phone to DeShon Thomas’ cell phone is very vague—anyone could have sent that text message—not specifically Ms. Herring. There is nothing in the contents of the text message exchange that “shows a clear connection between illegal activity and the person’s whose privacy will be invaded,” as noted in the Motion seeking DeShon’s cell phone records. Nothing within the text messages justifies the Leon County Sheriff’s Office having Judge Ronald Flury to have Ordered an Emergency/Urgent Court Order for DeShon Thomas’ cell phone records and having DeShon Thomas placed under GPS Tracking via his cell phone only a few hours after the victims were found murdered. DeShon Thomas was a minor child. As a minor child, DeShon was under an adult’s supervision. There were several ways for Leon County Sheriff’s Office to attempt to contact DeShon Thomas—instead of following lawful procedures—they chose to LIE—exercising unlawful procedures. Note: There was little to no investigation of the girl and the girl’s mother to whom Ms. Herring owed money too. DeShon was their focus. (Please Click on the following Link to read the Motion/Order/Fax to AT&T regarding DeShon Thomas’ cell phone information only hours after the victims were found murdered—Also, Sealed by Court Order—all dated on January 27, 2011.)   1 27 11 ATT  &&   Motion Sealed 1 27 11

Furthermore, when deputies located DeShon, who was riding in the backseat of an SUV(deputies pulled over the SUV)—there was no questioning about DeShon being involved in any drug activity—they basically took photos of his shoes and asked him if he wanted to come to the sheriff’s office and give a statement—in which DeShon declined. Which again begs the question—why the emergency Court Order? Leon County Sheriff’s Office knew where DeShon was living, working and attending school—there was no attempt to contact DeShon any other way.

Early the next evening (January 28, 2011), DeShon and his mother arrived at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Of course neither DeShon nor his mother was aware that his (DeShon’s) cell phone was being GPS Tracked. DeShon and his mother were under the pretenses that they were going to be giving statements under a non-custodial basis. Considering deputies had already been granted Court Orders regarding DeShon’s cell phone activity—this meant that deputies seriously believed that DeShon was the murderer. So why then was DeShon denied access to an attorney when Reserve Deputy Don Odham refused to allow DeShon’s mother to accompany DeShon as he gave a statement. The scene was set for DeShon Thomas to be Interrogated—not to listen to DeShon’s statement. When Reserve Deputy Don Odham refused to allow DeShon’s mother to accompany DeShon—DeShon’s mother Invoked DeShon’s Miranda Rights—she was completely ignored and DeShon was taken away.

As DeShon’s mother protested in the lobby at the sheriff’s office for deputies to send her son to her—behind the scenes—the Leon County Sheriff’s Office contacted AT&T via to lift GPS Tracking. (Please Click the Link to show fax stopping GPS Tracking.) 1 28 11 ATT stop  Also, deputies served several Search Warrants on DeShon’s persons along with executing a Search Warrant at 21-year-old Trentin Ross’ one-bedroom apartment. DeShon had been temporarily living with Mr. Ross (DeShon’s co-worker/friend). Hours later—when DeShon’s mother was allowed to reunite with her son (in an Interview Room), DeShon and his mother were locked in the room. When DeShon’s mother and DeShon attempted to leave—they were not allowed to leave. Neither of them was under arrest.

In order to get Judge Ronald Flury to Order the Search Warrant, deputies fabricated evidence—presented false information on legal documents. Particularly, the content within the text message exchange between DeShon Thomas and Ms. Herring was altered—removed from the text message exchanged specifically were details of a heated issue between Ms. Herring and a girl and the girl’s mother about Ms. Herring owing money. Added was DeShon Thomas telling Ms. Herring that he was coming over to her residence when he got off from work. (Please Click on the following Link to read Fabricated text messages—note the difference—added words—change of spelling, etc.) Fab txt msgs

DeShon never told Ms. Herring that he was coming over to her residence when he got off from work. This version of fabricated text messages would accompany all requests for Search Warrants and the Summary of Offense for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder officially charging DeShon with the double murders on February 7, 2011—three days after Reserve Deputy Don Odham claims Mr. Ross voluntarily came into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and gave incriminating statements about DeShon.

Nothing, nothing—Absolutely Nothing—has the Leon County Sheriff’s Office reported on in regards to DeShon Thomas and what led up to the murders of the two victims has held any weight—Absolutely Nothing! During the trial—Mr. Ross’ testimony mainly consisted of “Yes, sir” and “No, sir,” during direct examination by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell who’s basically telling Mr. Ross what they (Mr. Ross and DeShon) did before, during and after the murders. At one point, while being told about an incident that supposedly occurred while Mr. Ross and DeShon was at the crime scene or leaving the crime scene or something of the nature–Mr. Ross replies, “The night that they said it happened.”

DeShon Thomas, who was charged with the murders when he was 17-years-old was 20-years-old by the time he went on trial. Early in DeShon’s arrest—DeShon had been court appointed two attorneys that he’d never knew anything about. When DeShon’s mother hired a private attorney—local Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings—Mr. Cummings never obtained a Sworn Deposition from Mr. Ross or any of the deputies. After being on DeShon’s case for sixteen months—having been paid nearly $30,000—Mr. Cummings was fired. Mr. Cummings never disclosed the victims autopsy reports or DeShon’s cell phone records. After firing Mr. Cummings, DeShon’s case was back in the hands of the court (DeShon’s mother didn’t have any money to afford another private attorney—and the trust of any attorney had been tarnished). Simultaneous to firing Mr. Cummings, DeShon was charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder and thrown into solitary confinement with his phone and visitation privileges taken away indefinitely. The circumstances surrounding the Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder charge—are just as bogus as the circumstances surrounding the double murder charge.

DeShon Thomas had two more court appointed attorneys and a different circuit judge assigned to his case between August 2012 and June 2013. DeShon Thomas went on trial for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder the week of October 14, 2013. DeShon Thomas went on trial without having all of the evidence that he’d requested disclosed to him. He never was provided with his cell phone records—he never was allowed to review the victims’ autopsy reports. DeShon Thomas’ mother had offered numerous times to pay for a private investigator to assist on DeShon’ s case—but her calls, emails and letters went unanswered. The non-responsiveness from all of DeShon’s attorneys could only leave DeShon’s mother to believe that the failure to disclose evidence were sinister acts by both State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and all of DeShon’s court appointed attorneys who actively worked on DeShon’s case.

As citizens—as parents–when a 17-year-old kid is being accused of committing such a heinous crime—murdering a pregnant young woman and her 17-year-old brother (who was bipolar), we all should want the kid to have a defense attorney practicing in the best interest of his client. As citizens—as parents—we all should want the real murderer to get convicted. A source of information as simple as the victims’ autopsy reports are basic/common evidence to be disclosed. So why Mr. Cummings, Defense Regional Counsel Samuel Olmstead, and then Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy never disclosed the victims’ autopsy reports? Why did State Prosecutor Jack Campbell prevent the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to make both victims’ autopsy reports Public Record?

Ask yourself—if you or your loved one (especially your child) was charged with double murder—would you trust your attorney if he refused to disclose the victims’ autopsy reports? As DeShon Thomas being a minor—and not knowing the gravity of certain evidence—he trusted the Judicial System—and he learned at an early age that adults will LIE on a child.

In the eyes of Reserve Deputy Don Odham and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell–DeShon Thomas was “Guilty by Association.” Everything else that followed was an attempt at the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ own guide for protocol—where they violated laws—to get judges’ signatures on legal documents containing false information and to get a jury of six to return guilty verdicts. In State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s opening statement, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell basically tells the jury that DeShon Thomas called Ms. Herring after he got off from work at 1:30 a.m. on January 27, 2011as he (DeShon) and Mr. Ross were on their way to Ms. Herring’s residence. As noted in the reports, there was no more cell phone activity from Ms. Herring’s cell phone after 10:59 p.m. Had DeShon called Ms. Herring anytime after he got off from work—that phone call would have been documented by Sgt. Pearson—it was not documented—because a call did not occur.

Please keep in mind that this article and every other article are being posted in an effort to help educate the citizens of Tallahassee (and all of the Public) as to what your kids—your family may be subjected to without your knowledge or expectations. Some things may be repetitive and sound basic to Floridians—just please know that this site is being viewed/followed by others in other states and countries whose terminology as Regional Counsel, etc. may be different or not used at all.