WCTV—Tallahassee’s SLIMMEST News Station—Puts Female College Student in the Crosshairs of a Deranged Murderer

People have long said that Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs are running their agencies like they’re in the 1970s—clearly, WCTV is operating under the same false pretenses.

Do you remember back when—the slimmest news station with the slimmest reporter was top rated? Well—that was back then. Over the years, the majority of people have grown to really care about their communities and how the news is delivered to them. Citizens of Tallahassee should especially care about how their news is delivered because it’s made up of very small communities. Through social media, people are able to connect with anyone by simply typing in their name. And what person (young and old) aren’t connected to a social media website? For most college students—to have a social media account is a requirement.

As if Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and 2nd District State Attorney Willie Meggs’ intimidation and fear tactics aren’t enough for out-of-town/out-of-state/ local college students to endure, on October 17, 2013 WCTV News Reporter Julie Montanaro published the name of a young female college student who testified for the defense in a double murder trial.

This young female college student may have been one of the last people to see her 17-year-old neighbor alive—along with his soon to be murderer. This female college student’s testimony was very creditable. Three years earlier, when she was 19-years-old, the statement that she’d given to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on January 27, 2011 didn’t fall in alignment with who Leon County Sheriff’s detectives had theorized was the murderer of the victims —so her eyewitness accounts fell flat. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, who was at the crime scene the day the victims had been found murdered—alongside of his detectives—did not put out a public safety notice or ask the victims’ family or the community for tips in accordance with the young woman’s description of the possible murderer.

The State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas double murder trial opened on October 15, 2013. DeShon Thomas was 17-years-old, a freshman at Tallahassee Community College and an employee at Taco Bell when he was charged with the murders of his pregnant 20-year-old ex-girlfriend, Laqecia Herring and her 17-year-old brother, Sterling Conner Jr. who was diagnosed as bipolar.

Herring and Conner Jr. were found murdered in their mother’s townhouse located in the Wolf Creek townhouse community by their mother, 16-year-old brother and their mother’s girlfriend (significant other) during the mid-morning hours on January 27, 2011. Also in the townhouse was Herring’s toddler daughter—she was found unharmed. After Leon County Sheriff deputies arrived at the crime scene, they launched a neighborhood canvas. According to police reports, none of the neighbors had any significant information.

Hours after detectives ended the neighborhood canvas, a 19-year-old female college student called into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to report what/who she’d seen at her neighbor’s townhouse the night of January 26, 2011 and then again during the early evening hours on January 27, 2011. (This young female was not at home during the time of the neighborhood canvas.) Former Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Clifton Couch responded to the residence of this young female and took her statement.

In her statement she basically states that it wasn’t until the early evening hours of January 27, 2011 when she returned home, as to when she learned that the townhouse where Sterling lived was now a crime scene—and that Sterling and his older sister had been murdered. She gave a very detailed account of what/who she’d seen at the victims’ townhouse while out walking her poodle on the night of January 26, 2011. She also gave a very vivid description of the male being allowed to enter into the victims’ townhouse by Sterling the night of January 26, 2011. This young woman stated that she’d again saw the male who may have been the murderer at the victims’ townhouse on January 27, 2011. This time he was lingering around the townhouse. She said when the male made eye contact with her, she ran into her townhouse. Overwhelmed by fear, she called the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to report what she’d witnessed.

Why did her statement fall flat? Again, because her statement did not support who Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office’s theorized as to who had committed the murders—as SGT. Ganey stated under oath, “the double murder investigation centered on DeShon Thomas.”

By the time this eyewitness called the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office had already obtained a Court Order for DeShon’s Thomas’ cell phone records along with having his cell phone carrier (AT&T) GPS track his cell phone. Despite having all of DeShon’s contact information (including his mother’s contact information) in addition to knowing his place of employment—detectives were building their case against DeShon Thomas without making contact with him. So regardless as to who or what other statements were being made—even those made by the victims’ mother and other relatives—if their statements didn’t incriminate DeShon Thomas—then they were worthless to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—at least for the time being.

On February 3, 2011 most of the Leon County Sheriff’s deputies who’d been assigned to perform different tasks in relation to investigating DeShon Thomas as the murderer of Laqecia Herring and Sterling Conner Jr. began to conclude their investigation. They basically reported not having sufficient evidence connecting DeShon Thomas to the double murders. There was no physical, material or circumstantial evidence to show that DeShon was the murderer. There was no motive for DeShon to commit the murders. A deputy who’d been pursuing DeShon’s co-worker/roommate, 21-year-old Trentin Ross, for over a week in an effort to get any incriminating evidence or an incriminating statement about DeShon—also concluded his investigation without sufficient cause to charge DeShon. (Not even half of these detectives were called to testify at trial).

The lead detective on the case, who was a female, began to follow-up on much more significant leads that had been given to her by the victims’ mother and brother (there were plenty of other people to investigate). So when the majority of the deputies pulled away from DeShon, what did Sheriff Larry Campbell do? —He replaced the female lead detective with a reserve deputy—Don Odham—a close personal friend of the Campbell family—who has a reputation of lying under oath.

On February 7, 2011 in a Probable Cause Report prepared by Don Odham, he states that on February 4, 2011 (the day after all of the other certified deputies concluded their investigation of DeShon Thomas) Trentin Ross, voluntarily came into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and gave him (Odham) incriminating statements about his (Ross) and DeShon’s whereabouts/ activity during the early morning hours on January 27, 2011. Trentin Ross’ statements led to DeShon Thomas being charged with two counts of 1st Degree murder.

On October 17, 2011 the young female college student/ eyewitness to what/ who she’d seen at the victims’ residence bravely took the stand in Leon County Courtroom 3G and testified to the statement that she’d given former Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Clifton Couch nearly 3 years earlier. (It was reported that Clifton Couch abruptly resigned from the sheriff’s office—he was not subpoenaed to testify).

While covering the trial, WCTV protected the identity (face) of Trentin Ross, who was State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s “key witness.” On the other hand, they exploited the brave young female college student. This young woman answered to Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy’s call to come to the Leon County Courthouse and swear under oath as to what she’d seen with her own two eyes during the night of January 26, 2011 and thereafter. Shippy’s call to duty is what all officials who sincerely care about their communities ask of their citizens—in conjunction with—if you witness a crime or suspect that you may have witnessed a crime—immediately report it to your local law enforcement agency. A lot of witnesses choose to be anonymous. Whether or not this witness chose to be anonymous—well let’s say this—she didn’t know that her name was published on wctv.tv.

And even worst–at the time WCTV News Reporter Julie Montanaro published this young female college student’s name, along with a lot of her detailed testimony—which vividly described the Black male and what he was wearing on the night of January 26, 2011—the jury had not even began deliberating the case. Regional Counsel Daren Shippy was still calling witnesses to the stand. So if anything—had DeShon Thomas been found not guilty—Julie Montanaro had already put the message out there to the deranged murderer—that hey—someone saw you at the victims’ residence the night of the murders—so you better burn those clothes that you were wearing and lay low for awhile (in which she actually did put the message out there to the deranged murderer because DeShon Thomas is not guilty! DeShon Thomas is not the murderer!)

Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office recruitment of Julie Montanaro really was to assist them with delivering a message to the community (as a reinforcement tactic)—their message, “If you’re not for us, then you’re against us and we’ll do whatever it takes to expose and destroy you—no matter who you are or what your age.”

Julie Montanaro, being the mother of a daughter, should’ve known better. She should’ve never published that young female college student’s name. When it comes to young college students, Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office have no regard for their well being—i.e. Rachel Hoffman. In turn, who pays for their disregard? The citizens of Tallahassee.

Side Note: The male described by the female college student fit the exact description of Sterling’s friend whom his mother told detectives had been living at the residence with Sterling. Shortly before the murders, Sterling had made this male get out of the townhouse. The male got out but continued to burglarize the residence. Shortly before the murders, Sterling told his mother about the burglaries—particularly about being home alone fast asleep and then waking up to find this male standing over him. Leon County Sheriff’s detectives were aware that Sterling and this male had gotten into a physical fight shortly before the murders—but seemed to have made up. Sterling trusted whomever he was seen letting into their townhouse the night of January 26, 2011.

Another friend of Sterling’s told detectives that before Sterling’s murder, Sterling was in possession of a .38 caliber gun. (This is the same type of gun used in the murders). The murder weapon was never recovered—not in this case anyway. But what did occur months later—after the murders—the male that had stood over Sterling as he slept and had gotten into a physical fight with Sterling shortly before he was murdered —was charged with assaulting someone with a gun. This male, who was 17-years-old has the juvenile profile of being homicidal. This male also had an extensive juvenile record. After assaulting someone with a gun—charges that could’ve been sent over to Adult court, the charges were left in the Juvenile court. Why? More than likely to keep the details of the case confidential. Why? Because this juvenile male’s name had been immediately given to detectives by the victims’ relatives but because he was not who detectives theorized was responsible for committing the murders—the victims’ relatives lead fell flat—allowing this male to claim another victim—this time it was an assault and not a murder.

This male was recently let out of whatever juvenile facility he was sent too. So it’s just a matter of time before he claims another victim in some sorts. Leon County Sheriff’s record show that they breed criminals—so it’s just a matter of time for this male teen who thinks that he’s gotten away with double murder to be standing before a judge.

Florida 2nd District State Attorney’s Office Gives FDLE Lab Reports the Middle Finger and Spit on LCSO K-9 Unit Dog “Tag”

State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas

Three FDLE Crime Lab Analysts were called by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell to give testimony regarding their lab reports. None of their testimony was incriminating against former Tallahassee Community College Student and Taco Bell employee DeShon Thomas. The State Attorney’s Office completely ignored FDLE Firearms lab report when its results didn’t fit into their theory or support earlier search warrants that had been executed by Leon County Sheriff’s detectives. DeShon Thomas was 17-years-old when he was charged with murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old Laqecia Herring and her 17-year-old brother, Sterling Conner Jr. who’d been diagnosed as bipolar. Thomas and Herring had a relationship that lasted only 6 weeks. During the six weeks, Thomas lived at the residence where the victims were found murdered. After Thomas and Herring ended their relationship—they remained friends—Thomas visited the residence. They ended their relationship 3 months prior to the murders. Both had entered into relationship with others.

During the trial proceedings, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell told Trentin Ross how he (Ross) sat directly across the street in a parked car from the victims’ residence, while Thomas was inside the victims’ residence committing the murders. Then Campbell described to Ross how Thomas directed him (Ross) to drive to the Family Dollar store on Hwy 20, which is less than a mile from the victims’ residence. Campbell tells Ross that there at the Family Dollar store is where Thomas got out of the car and put the gun in a dumpster.

During the investigation this lead fell completely flat with Leon County Sheriff detectives Dawn Dennis and Det. David Farcas. It also fell flat with the K9 Unit’s Deputy Robert Wright and his partner Tag. Deputy Robert Wright and Tag Did Not go directly across the street where Ross claimed to have been parked. Not only did Tag not go directly across the street—Tag didn’t go in that direction. Instead Tag went in the direction of the Family Dollar store—but Tag didn’t hit in the area of the store or the dumpsters. (click link) K9 Report

There is no question that Thomas worked at least 7 hours at Taco Bell—getting off at 1:30 a.m. the morning of January 27, 2011. During those 7 hours of work he prepared food, he worked on the cash register, he cleaned the lobby and the bathrooms, he mopped the floors in the entire store and performed other responsibilities that employees working the closing shift have to do before they end their shift.

Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office have Thomas committing the murders on January 27, 2011 around 4:14 a.m. less than 3 hours after getting off from work. Any parent of a teenage boy who works at a fast-food restaurant knows that the smell (scent) coming from their son is overwhelming. Sometimes even after they shower the smell (scent) is still on them.

At the crime scene both victims were found downstairs in the livingroom. Sterling Jr. was on the floor wrapped in two comforters from head to toe. Under the comforters he was fully dressed, including socks and shoes. Someone wrapped him in those comforters. Herring was found sitting in a chair. She was dressed for bed, including having on a hair cap. Her body was fully exposed. The charger for her cell phone was next to her body on the arm of the chair—it was plugged into the wall. Her cell phone itself was upstairs in her bedroom. According to detective reports, it was found wedged between the wall and the mattress—as if someone was trying to conceal it.

With Ross and detectives putting Thomas in the townhouse doing all of that activity—going up and down the stairs, handling comforters to wrap Sterling Jr.’s body, removing Herring’s cell phone from the charger and taking the cell phone upstairs and concealing it—then surely the State Attorney’s Office is saying that LCSO K9 Unit Deputy Robert Wright and his partner Tag are not reliable—not worth calling to help out at a crime scene. If they’re not saying that then they’re saying that Deputy Robert Wright and his partner Tag need to go back for training—or be replaced altogether.

Think about—taxpayers rely on their local law enforcement agencies to provide reliable services—especially during emergencies. If Deputy Robert Wright and his partner Tag can’t pick up the scent of a Taco Bell employee whom his co-workers (detectives) put at the crime scene—then how reliable is the LCSO K9 Unit to pick up the scent of an abducted child whose kidnapper works at a fish market?

When the State Attorney’s Office does not acknowledge LCSO K9 Unit’s capabilities because they don’t fit into their theory of a 17-year-old committing a double murder—then they publicly “spit” on Tag and the whole LCSO K9 Unit.

Leon County Sheriff and Florida 2nd District State Attorney’s Office—Not Above the Law: COLD AS ICE!!!!

In the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas his mother has documented nearly every aspect of his case–letters, requests for records, phone calls, messages, emails etc. leaving very little room for erroneous information to be passed along to higher authorities. Keeping up with this information has not been easy—but it is a necessary task considering what is at stake—the life of an innocent boy (then 17-years old). DeShon may have not been the best upstanding citizen, but he worked more than 35 hours a week and was a full-time college student—he wasn’t out and about doing just what he wanted to do—he was doing what a lot of mothers beg of their son’s to do—he was working and getting a higher education. He testified honestly. He testified that he did not murder his friends and his unborn daughter.

The jury has spoken—but they heard some LIES from those who really shouldn’t have been lying.

Several people with the Leon County Sheriff and the 2nd District State Attorney’s Office testified in this case. It was obvious that they were prepped for their testimony—in most cases—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell just stated their testimony and the person on the stand either agreed or disagreed. No objection from defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy—not much to be expected of him from DeShon’s family.


When Leon County Sheriff Deputies and State Attorney Office employees and others testified in this case, one could see that they had a sense of security while blatantly telling LIES on the witness stand. A HUGE NO, NO—as most of us know it to be. It’s called PERJURY! And State Prosecutor Jack Campbell didn’t flinch as his witnesses showed more loyalty to him than their Swearing to tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth—that’s COLD on his part! And IDIOTIC for them!

In today’s time, there are too many layers to one situation for a person to think that they can get away with lying. There is no one person in control of everything. It doesn’t matter what your job position— manager, supervisor, bookkeeper—whatever your position—you’re not in control. There are laws, regulations and policies to govern everything that you do. If you’ve been a witness to see where Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs have gotten away with doing something whereas others may have gone to jail for doing—that doesn’t make them above the law—everything is about timing. While State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is trying to win a cases for himself—he’s making others look like they’re not doing their job correctly. While he’s on a role to build up his reputation—he’s making lawyers, deputies, department heads and others look bad. People—have you really worked hard all of your life to obtain degrees, official certifications, and upstanding job titles to be a LOSER? And not just a LOSER—but to willingly lay down and be a complete LOSER?

DeShon Thomas is a twenty year-old black young man who has spent nearly 3 years in the Leon County Jail. He doesn’t have a college degree or any official certifications. He didn’t have an upstanding job title at Taco Bell. But what he did have was courage to take the stand and tell the jury his side of the story. In doing that—he shut State Prosecutor Jack Campbell up—and made him look foolish! DeShon Thomas didn’t lose—Daren Shippy willingly laid down and lost. If being a LOSER is the legacy that he wants to leave behind for his family—and let Jack Campbell leave a better legacy—then so be it.

Everyone should know that DeShon’s family is sparing NO ONE!!!

The FBI and the FDLE told DeShon’s family a while back that they had to be patient with this judicial process. When wrong is being done to a love one—it’s hard to have patience.

So now that the trial is over… As DeShon’s mother sat with his assistant and added more information to what was already on file—it was disgusting to have to add more people to the list of those who’ve already shown misconduct. DeShon’s mother sincerely hopes that she doesn’t have to add anymore names to the list. Despite what her son and her family has had to endure for nearly 3 years—she thinks about all of those adults who’ve made horrible decisions. She thinks about their families and what’s to come of them. Reporting someone for misconduct/ unethical practice is far from a joyous occasion—but it is a necessary action.


Leon County Sheriff’s and the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel, Region One– Join Forces: Tallahassee Legal Group Unethical Practice

After being charged with two counts of 1st Degree Murder, 17-year-old DeShon Thomas and his mother looked to Florida’s Second Judicial System to provide a fair and equal balance of justice. Thrust into the adult judicial system, DeShon’s knowledge of the judicial process was that of any typical teenager—severely limited. As time progressed, DeShon and his mother’s view of the judicial process became completely distorted.

First there was the hiring of Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings. Hiring Cummings was like putting a poisonous snake in a child’s playpen. His intentions were deceitful. The communication between Cummings and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell was unethical. When DeShon Thomas’ court record showed that Circuit Court Judge James C. Hankinson withheld vital information from DeShon Thomas’ Court Docket—the corruption alarm sounded!

Unbeknownest to DeShon Thomas and his mother, they were in a “Triangle of Deception”—dealing with a powerful “Axis of Evil!”

DeShon’s mother, a single mother of four (2 biological & 2 relatives), paid Gregory Cummings $29850 over sixteen months. Cummings did absolutely nothing to build a defense on DeShon Thomas’ behalf. In mid 2012, when DeShon’s mother was reviewing his court docket, she saw where Cummings clearly cut the throat of his colleague, Attorney Baya Harrison, in order to be hired to represent him (DeShon). DeShon’s mother knew then that if he could cut the throat of his own colleague, then he was definitely capable of corruption on any level. DeShon’s mother immediately told her son to fire Cummings. For DeShon and his mother to walk away from $29850 was not a tough decision–especially with DeShon’s life at stake.

AXIS OF EVIL–Simultaneous to firing Cummings, the Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office charged DeShon Thomas with solicitation to commit 1st Degree Murder. DeShon Thomas was put in solitary confinement—his phone and visitation privileges permanently taken away—his only means of communication is through mail. As of today, DeShon Thomas has been in solitary confinement for nearly sixteen months. He is still not allowed to call home or have visitation.

With little to no money to hire another attorney, DeShon’s mother advised him to go with a court-appointed attorney. Since Gregory Cummings had not done anything on DeShon’s behalf—there was no evidence on the table. DeShon was sitting in jail solely based on Trentin Ross’ unconfirmed statements—no deposition.

With the new charge of solicitation to commit 1st Degree Murder, a couple of other Tallahassee attorneys were recruited to represent other inmates that were named as having played a role in the plot. Tallahassee attorney Alex Morris represents the hitman, Dawaun Williams and Anabelle Dias’ office represents Walter Rayborn, a trustee at the time. Attorney Paul Srygley has long represented Trentin Ross—the state’s key witness and target for hitman Dawaun Williams. Before the solicitation to commit 1st Degree Murder charges were handed down, it was Gregory Cummings who told DeShon Thomas’ mother that Paul Srygley didn’t want to travel to Daytona Beach to accompany his client (Trentin Ross) for a deposition because he (Srygley) would not get paid to make the trip. Also, Trentin Ross didn’t want to give a deposition in this case at all. It took the State Attorney’s Office to show Trentin Ross that his life was in danger in order for them to get him to come to court—a tactic that was obviously their own plan–considering all that’s been said and done in this case.

The Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel’s office was re-assigned to the case. From August 2012 until June 2013 absolutely nothing was done on DeShon Thomas’ case. First his case was assigned to Regional Counsel Samuel Olmstead and then Regional Counsel Daren Shippy—both attorneys filed motions to conflict off of the case. It was brought to DeShon Thomas’ mother’s attention that Circuit Court Judge James C. Hankinson had granted an order for Samuel Olmstead to conflict off of the case back in March 2011 (an order that DeShon Thomas and his mother were completely unaware about—DeShon, the Leon Clerk of Courts or the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Cousel’s receptionist knew that DeShon had an attorney prior to Cummings for the murder charges—he had since learned that he had 2 previous attorneys—including Baya Harrison). For whatever reason, in September 2012, Samuel Olmstead was re-assigned to DeShon’s case. Six months later, because of the lack of action on his case, DeShon Thomas filed Pro Se. At the Faretta Hearing, Regional Counsel Joshua Bryant stood in for Samuel Olmstead. In March 2013, Regional Counsel Daren Shippy was assigned to DeShon’s case.

Despite DeShon Thomas’ mother’s offer to hire a private investigator to assist with her son’s defense, Daren Shippy refused to acknowledge DeShon’s mother. The Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel’s Office never informed DeShon’s mother of any court dates. When DeShon’s mother called the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel’s Office from her out-of-town (area code) cell phone number, she rarely got an answer from the person answering the office’s phone. But when she called from her Tallahassee cell phone (Tallahassee area code) she’d get an answer every time. DeShon Thomas and his mother are not looking for favors from those within the judicial system. They’re goal was merely to have an attorney, whether a private paid attorney or a court appointed attorney, who was ethical and who would represent DeShon’s best interest—that’s it.

Not only could my money not pay for an ethical attorney—taxpayer’s money couldn’t pay for an ethical attorney either.

In June 2013, DeShon Thomas’ case was removed from Circuit Court Judge James C. Hankinson’s docket and placed on Judge Jackie Fulford.

After the case was removed, the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel joined forces with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on their path to deny DeShon Thomas’ right to a fair and equal trial. In a Subpoena for Hearing, Regional Counsel Daren Shippy drafted a subpoena for Det. Velveeta Couch, Leon County Sheriff’s Office. It was reported that Detective Couch abruptly left the Leon County Sheriff’s Office back in 2011. Det. Couch played an intricate role in the double murder investigation for which DeShon was charged—in part within hours of the victims being found murdered, Det. Couch took a statement of the eyewitness who may have seen the actual murderer (a lead that detectives let fall flat because they were already hooked on DeShon Thomas). Det. Couch’s testimony may have showed the jury that in fact the direction of the eyewitness’ tip would’ve led the investigation in another direction. The eyewitness gave a clear and precise description of a black male who was seen being let into the victims’ residence shortly before all outgoing cell phone activity from the female victim’s cell phone stopped. DeShon was 19 miles away at work. (Something as simple as using a sketch artist could’ve helped investigate that lead).  Why did Det. Couch not appear? Because—Regional Counsel Daren Shippy and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office path of deception. Deputy Velveeta Couch is a fictitious name. The former deputy’s real name is Clifton Couch. Sources told DeShon’s mother that Clifton Couch is now working as the Sheriff in a small town in the Midwest. When Clifton Couch left the Leon County Sheriff’s Office it was not good for Sheriff Larry Campbell. So where did Regional Counsel Daren Shippy get the name Det. Velveeta Couch? And why did someone with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office sign for a subpoena with a fictitious name on it? (**click link**) LCSO Couch Concealing a witness from your own defendant’s defense—why? For the same reason why there was no private investigator put on this case. And for the same reason why there was no AT&T representative to explain DeShon Thomas’ cell phone tower activity. And for the same reason why DeShon’s mother and brother were kicked out of the courtroom towards the end of his trial—because DeShon’s innocence does not support the Leon County Sheriff and the 2nd District State Attorney’s Office’s theory—their agenda—that DeShon Thomas is the murderer.

Several Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies could’ve provided helpful testimony in DeShon Thomas’ trial—D Witness List most of those deputies were either not called or weren’t asked relevant questions to rebut State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s claims.

Despite the corruption of those in authority and the jury’s guilty verdict—citizens of Tallahassee need to know that there’s a murderer walking amongst them.

It’s one thing for those in authority to try to send a teenager into Florida’s Prison System based soley on testimony of adults that are clearly trying to avoid jail time for themselves and not evidence. But when those in authority knowingly leave a murderer on the streets—citizens should be concerned—very concerned! DeShon Thomas’ days in court are not over—he will be exonerated! Whether his exoneration comes before or after the real murderer claims another victim or victims—that we all have yet to find out. Fact, Dawaun Williams, a bank robber, was let out of jail to help the State Attorney and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office build a solicitation to commit murder case against DeShon Thomas. Fact, while out, Dawaun Williams committed other crimes—adding victims to his list of existing victims. Dawaun Williams has charges of home invasion robbery, kidnapping and forgery. Fact, the State Attorney’s Office provided Dawuan Williams a cell phone to use at will—they tracked Dawaun Williams and DeShon Thomas’ phone calls—but let Dawaun Williams run out and about terrorizing innocent people.  Hopefully, you or someone you love will not become the victim of the murderer that Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office know is still on the streets.

Perverts: Authorities in Tallahassee Florida Plot the Murder and Rape of Our Kids When They Are Most Vulnerable

It’s been nearly three years since 17-year-old DeShon Thomas has been sitting in the Leon County Jail charged with murdering his pregnant 20-year-old ex-girlfriend and her 17-year-old brother in their southwest Tallahassee residence. On Friday, October 18, 2013 after listening to four days of testimony, a guilty verdict was read in Leon County Courtroom 3G where Judge Jackie Fulford was presiding. The previous day, DeShon Thomas testified on his own behalf to explain why his DNA was a part of a mixture of DNA found on the backdoor to the victims’ residence—“When I was living there we used to put the trash on the back porch.” DeShon Thomas’ DNA on the backdoor is the only physical evidence the crime scene unit was able to connect to him—in which it was a part of a mixture of DNA.

As DeShon Thomas’ mother has listened to numerous hearings and testimonies of witnesses and those in authority during the trial, she found the conduct of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the 2nd District State Attorney’s Office to be sickening! Authorities are far from properly exercising the laws that have been set by the U.S. and Florida Constitution. The community needs to know that those within the judicial system are not out to just solve crimes—they are out plotting murders and rapes of vulnerable kids who have blemishes on their criminal record in order to solve crimes that they are too lazy to investigate.

On January 28, 2011 DeShon Thomas and his mother voluntarily walked into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to give a statement about threats against Laqecia Herring that DeShon had read on Facebook leading up to the victims’ being murdered, official Leon County Sheriff’s deputies stood by and let DeShon Thomas and his mother’s civil rights get violated by a wanna-be-cop—former Reserve Deputy Don Odham. Don Odham refused DeShon Thomas’ mother the right to provide him an attorney before questioning him; used racist vulgar and acted as if he was the “head-honcho.” Official Leon County Sheriff’s deputies did nothing to intervene or protect DeShon Thomas or his mother from the verbal abuse of this non-deputy. Some kind of way Don Odham would eventually become lead detective on this double murder case—and that’s when DeShon Thomas was charged with the murders. Despite having paid Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings nearly $30,000 and having four court appointed attorneys, it wasn’t until former Reserve Deputy Don Odham testified at the trial as to when DeShon Thomas and his mother learned that Don Odham was not an official part of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. DeShon Thomas and his mother had long asked about Don Odham’s capacity with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—but to no avail.

DeShon Thomas was in jail for nearly two years before he was charged with solicitation to commit murder of Trentin Ross. That charge came long after DeShon’s trial had been reset 3 times. According to the probable cause report, the investigation into the solicitation to commit murder charge started in late June 2012. It was in June 2012 as to when DeShon Thomas’ mother began to pressure Gregory Cummings about not having yet taken the deposition of Trentin Ross. The following link is an email sent by DeShon Thomas’ mother to Gregory Cummings in an effort to get some type of reaction from Gregory Cummings—as he’d been repeatedly ignoring her emails and her and DeShon’s phone calls. Shortly after this email, the State Attorney and Leon County Sheriff’s Office launched the plot to charge DeShon Thomas with solicitation to commit murder all because Trentin Ross would not give a deposition to support their LIES. (click link) GC email 6 22 12

Nothing is a coincidence—Gregory Cummings, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Circuit Judge James Hankinson deliberately repeatedly stalled the trial of DeShon Thomas because they didn’t have enough evidence to go to trial. In this email sent by DeShon Thomas’ mother originally dated April 26, 2012 but was not responded to by Greg Cummings until July 18, 2012. (click link) GC email 4 26 12

DeShon Thomas was 17-years-old when he was thrust into the Leon County adult judicial system looking for nothing but a fair and just trial. Instead, he was preyed upon by those in authority and their perverse plot to have him introduced to Dawaun Williams, a much older inmate, who immediately wanted to kill Trentin Ross, the states’ key witness against DeShon. Dawaun Williams, who is a career criminal, was in the Leon County Jail for bank robbery at the time. Some kind of way, immediately after making contact with DeShon Thomas, someone posted Dawaun Williams $15,000 bond. Within 24 hours of posting bond, Dawaun Williams, Det. Jason Newlin with the State Attorney’s Office and Deputy Ronald O’Brien with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office were sitting in an interview room at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office assisting Dawaun Williams as he composed a coded letter to send to DeShon Thomas. Dawaun Williams had taught DeShon Thomas how to read and write in code. Dawaun Williams then taught Det. Newlin and Deputy O’Brien how to read and write in code. Det. Newlin told Dawaun Williams to tell DeShon Thomas that he “loved him.” Clearly, Det. Newlin was desperate to get DeShon Thomas to trust Dawaun Williams. Which raises the question—if DeShon Thomas had asked Dawaun Williams to kill Trentin Ross—then wouldn’t DeShon already have established that level of trust in Dawaun Williams? The desperation and perversion of Det. Newlin’s need to have Dawaun Williams get DeShon Thomas to trust him is very clear on the video that was played during the trial.

More desperate to get Dawaun Williams’ letter to DeShon Thomas without tipping DeShon off, a team of authorities with the Leon County Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office decided that they’d provide Dawaun Williams with an envelope, tell him the mailing address to the jail. And then authorities put a stamp on the envelope, forged a copy of a post mark date onto the envelope to make it look like it had gone through the regular mailing process and then had Deputy O’Brien walk the letter into the jail.

A few days later, the State Attorney’s Office provided Dawaun Williams with a cell phone, set it up for DeShon Thomas to make jailhouse calls to the cell phone and gave him money. There is no conversation of DeShon Thomas asking Dawaun Williams to kill Trentin Ross. The State Attorney and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office desperation in plotting to have DeShon Thomas charged with solicitation to commit murder was a reminder of the desperate actions taken by the Tallahassee Police department that ended in the murder of 23-year-old Rachel Hoffman.

Whereas, in order to make a drug bust, a police officer flirted with Rachel Hoffman to gain her trust—and then provided her with drugs and a gun—in which that investigation ended in her murder. Det. Newlin promoted a much older adult male inmate (Dawaun Williams) to make sexual/mental predatory advances towards a male teenage inmate (DeShon Thomas) all in an effort to build a solicitation to commit murder case against DeShon Thomas because Trentin Ross wouldn’t come to court and LIE. Even though the State Attorney and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office provided two open lines of communications for Dawaun Williams and DeShon Thomas—Trentin Ross’ life was never in any danger. Dawaun Williams testified that he never “loved” DeShon, as he’d written in the one letter. Who wrote the second letter is unknown? What was never discussed —is how and when the investigation of the solicitation to commit murder came to an end. Obviously, this was not important for anyone—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell or Regional Counsel Daren Shippy to discuss because they too knew that this entire solicitation to commit murder plot was hatched by the State Attorney and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation into the solicitation to commit murder came to an end simultaneous to DeShon Thomas and his mother firing Gregory Cummings.

During the trial was the first time DeShon Thomas and his mother had seen or heard from Trentin Ross. The testimony given was not that of Trentin Ross—it was that of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Trentin Ross was merely agreeing with what Jack Campbell was saying.

The jury may have spoken—who knows for sure–guilty is the verdict. But Trentin Ross is just another young victim of the State Attorney and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office predatory schemes.

Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Florida 2nd District State Attorney’s Office Don’t Utilize FDLE Laboratory Reports When They Don’t Support Their Theory in a Criminal Investigation

According to Wikipedia, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement formally coordinates eight boards, councils and commissions. The commissioner is appointed to his position by the Governor and Cabinet and confirmed by the Florida Senate. The FDLE employs two thousand people; has an annual budget of $300,000,000.00; has 15 field offices and seven crime laboratories. During the State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas murder trial, three employees with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement testified—Jack Martin, Jennifer Roeder, and John Ryan Jr. were called to the witness stand by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. NONE of these witnesses gave incriminating testimony against DeShon Thomas.

As part of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s case against DeShon Thomas—the fact that DeShon Thomas’ DNA was found on the back door knob of the victims’ residence seemed unusual for Leon County Sheriff’s detectives to understand. FDLE Biology Section, Crime Laboratory Analyst Mr. Jack Martin’s testimony, basically stated that DeShon Thomas and Trentin Ross (DeShon Thomas’ former co-worker, roommate—state’s key witness) were the only DNA profiles provided for comparison. Where Ross’ DNA was not found anywhere at the residence, DeShon Thomas’ DNA was found on the back door knob as part of a mixture of DNA. This was not an unusual mixture considering DeShon Thomas used to live at the residence. Mr. Martin was not provided with Laqecia Herring’s cell phone that was found away from her body and cell phone charger—between a mattress and a wall. At the crime scene it seemed as if someone had hid Herring’s cell phone in her upstairs bedroom. No DNA test was conducted on Herring’s cell phone.

FDLE Digital Evidence Section, Crime Laboratory Analyst Ms. Jennifer Roeder’s testimony was basically that she did not find any incriminating information of value on either DeShon Thomas or Trentin Ross’ cell phone. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell claimed that DeShon Thomas made contact with Trentin Ross as Ross sat outside the victims’ residence in a parked car waiting for him as he murdered the victims. There is absolutely nothing to support that cell phone contact. Instead of Regional Defense Counsel Daren Shippy accepting DeShon Thomas’ mother’s offer to pay for a private investigator and any other needed expert to rebut State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s “expert” witnesses (Leon County Sheriff’s staff members—his dad’s employees), Mr. Shippy instead chose to ignore DeShon’s mother until a few weeks before his trial. In part, Ms. Roeder’s testimony was that the last text message sent from Laqecia Herring (the female victim) cell phone was at 10:59 p.m. Ms. Roeder never said that it was in fact Laqecia Herring that sent the last text message from her cell phone. No one in the courtroom can say for sure who sent that last text message from Herring’s phone–Herring or her and her brother’s murderer.

FDLE Firearms Section, Crime Laboratory Analyst John Ryan Jr. basically testified that the projectiles taken from the victims heads were from a class 38/357 caliber firearm. Mr. Ryan’s testimony completely disintegrates what Chief Assistant Georgia Cappleman told the Tallahassee Democrat in March 2011. FDLE firearm’s laboratory report is dated February 17, 2011—weeks before Cappleman went before the grand jury. The victims’ autopsy reports were conducted the day after they were found murdered (January 28, 2011) at which time two projectiles were removed from the victims heads. Dr. Anthony Clark is the medical examiner who performed the autopsies—he removed the projectiles from the victims heads. The same day the victims were found murdered, DeShon Thomas’ girlfriend told detectives that she’d seen DeShon with a 9mm handgun. Instead of contacting 17-year-old DeShon Thomas and/or his mother to get the facts right—Leon County Sheriff’s detectives instead contacted AT&T to have DeShon’s cell phone GPS tracked and began to build their case. It was then reported that DeShon Thomas murdered the victims with a 9mm pistol (click link) Georgia Cappleman is a LIAR When the State Attorney’s Office and the Leon County Sheriff’s detectives got caught in that LIE—they went back and tried to clean up their mess. During the trial is when they acknowledged that the victims were murdered with a class 38/357 firearm. When DeShon’s girlfriend at the time of the murders was lead by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell in asking if DeShon had a .38 firearm, she answered, yes. In this case there was no murder weapon recovered. However, FDLE laboratory reported that the projectiles were fired from the same unknown firearm.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement employees and their laboratories are more sufficient than the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. When the Leon County Sheriff’s Office submits evidence to the FDLE and get the results within a timely manner, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office should not be allowed to continue to build their case on false evidence. They should have to use FDLE laboratory reports—even when they don’t support their theory. Leon County Sheriff’s detectives theory was DeShon Thomas used his cell phone to contact Trentin Ross during the early morning hours from inside the victims residence (this is FALSE); LCSO detectives theory was that both victims were murdered with a 9mm pistol—they went even further to say that they had an eyewitness to DeShon Thomas going into the victims residence and that the bullets from the pistol matched that to which the victims were murdered (FALSE). Leon County Sheriff detectives and Assistant State Prosecutor Jack Campbell both LIED to judges to obtain search warrants. Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman knowingly LIED to a grand jury and then to the community through the media.

If these types of LIES can be told to taxpayers to make it seem as if the Leon County Sheriff’s Office alone is fighting crime—then are they not sending a message saying that they don’t need the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agency? Obviously, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office does not need or respect any of the FDLE laboratory reports. Think about it— Taxpayers payout $300,000,000.00 annually to the FDLE. When the Leon County Sheriff’s Office provides FDLE laboratories with what they believe to be viable evidence from a crime scene—the FDLE criminal analysts conduct the research, put their results in a report and provide the report to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. If FDLE laboratories reports are optional for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to utilize then what’s the point?

Some kind of way, Reserve Deputy Don Odham replaced Official Deputy Melinda McBride as lead detective on this double murder case. As Det. Melinda McBride began to follow up on other leads–as a more experienced detective would do—-wanna-be-cop Don Odham signed Trentin Ross’ and his name to a Miranda Waiver form–no other deputy witnessed the signatures. This is one of many legal documents that were fabricated in this case against 17-year-old DeShon Thomas. FDLE was not asked to analyze any documents.

The State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas Day 5 of trial—according to news reports–Verdict in–Guilty on Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit Murder

At the time the verdict was read to DeShon Thomas who stood in the courtroom without his family’s support—it was raining outside. A clear sunny blue sky had turned to gray clouds and pouring rain. Justice was not served today in Judge Jackie Fulford Leon County Courtroom 3G.

But it’s still time for A PRAISE DANCE!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Although DeShon Thomas’ mother and brother were kicked out of the courtroom–DeShon Thomas’ mother had long prepared her son for this moment. DeShon Thomas and his mother bounced back and forth about his trust in people—including Regional Counsel Daren Shippy. The only unexpected events that played out in this portion of the judicial process were the facts that DeShon Thomas’ family members were even allowed in the courtroom for the first 3 1/2 days versus not at all. And the ridiculousness to sit through all those who hold authority tell boldfaced LIES under oath—one after the other. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell blatantly LIED about DeShon Thomas’ mother having had played a role in the solicitation to commit murder plot—a LIE that he put on a legal document and filed with the court. Apparently, those in authority didn’t work hard enough to earn what they have—if so they’d know that LIARS DON’T WIN—they just think that they do.

It took for 20-year-old DeShon Thomas to make forty-something year-old State Prosecutor Jack Campbell look like a “jack ass” in front of the jury. A look that twenty-something year-old James Madison had already showed the jury and courtroom spectators when Campbell boasted about prosecuting him and having him sentenced to 20 years—Madison was quick to respond that his sentence was extremely reduced—Campbell was left speechless. It wasn’t until the many times when DeShon Thomas left Campbell speechless as to when his family members were asked to leave. DeShon Thomas’ mother was fine with that. She knows that the only way folks in the judicial system can attack her son is behind her back. COWARDS!!!

Nonetheless, the timing of DeShon Thomas’ guilty verdict is perfect! Just this week it was announced that forged documents had been passed through Florida courts which resulted in the release of two convicted murderers. Authorities believe that it’s an inside job. Now that forged legal documents are on authorities radar—the FBI and the FDLE already have legal documents that had been forged and fabricated in DeShon Thomas’ case. The FBI couldn’t get involved in DeShon Thomas’ case until after trial—DeShon Thomas’ family attorney can now move forward regarding those matters.

Meanwhile, for all of you FOOLS who don’t know—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is fully aware of what information is circulating. He let each and every one of you get on the stand and perjury yourself—he’s taking you all down with him! Why would he leave you standing—when his world is about to come tumbling down? Keep smiling at him—you know him better than anyone else—right?