Leon County Sheriff and Florida 2nd District State Attorney’s Office—Not Above the Law: COLD AS ICE!!!!

In the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas his mother has documented nearly every aspect of his case–letters, requests for records, phone calls, messages, emails etc. leaving very little room for erroneous information to be passed along to higher authorities. Keeping up with this information has not been easy—but it is a necessary task considering what is at stake—the life of an innocent boy (then 17-years old). DeShon may have not been the best upstanding citizen, but he worked more than 35 hours a week and was a full-time college student—he wasn’t out and about doing just what he wanted to do—he was doing what a lot of mothers beg of their son’s to do—he was working and getting a higher education. He testified honestly. He testified that he did not murder his friends and his unborn daughter.

The jury has spoken—but they heard some LIES from those who really shouldn’t have been lying.

Several people with the Leon County Sheriff and the 2nd District State Attorney’s Office testified in this case. It was obvious that they were prepped for their testimony—in most cases—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell just stated their testimony and the person on the stand either agreed or disagreed. No objection from defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy—not much to be expected of him from DeShon’s family.


When Leon County Sheriff Deputies and State Attorney Office employees and others testified in this case, one could see that they had a sense of security while blatantly telling LIES on the witness stand. A HUGE NO, NO—as most of us know it to be. It’s called PERJURY! And State Prosecutor Jack Campbell didn’t flinch as his witnesses showed more loyalty to him than their Swearing to tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth—that’s COLD on his part! And IDIOTIC for them!

In today’s time, there are too many layers to one situation for a person to think that they can get away with lying. There is no one person in control of everything. It doesn’t matter what your job position— manager, supervisor, bookkeeper—whatever your position—you’re not in control. There are laws, regulations and policies to govern everything that you do. If you’ve been a witness to see where Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs have gotten away with doing something whereas others may have gone to jail for doing—that doesn’t make them above the law—everything is about timing. While State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is trying to win a cases for himself—he’s making others look like they’re not doing their job correctly. While he’s on a role to build up his reputation—he’s making lawyers, deputies, department heads and others look bad. People—have you really worked hard all of your life to obtain degrees, official certifications, and upstanding job titles to be a LOSER? And not just a LOSER—but to willingly lay down and be a complete LOSER?

DeShon Thomas is a twenty year-old black young man who has spent nearly 3 years in the Leon County Jail. He doesn’t have a college degree or any official certifications. He didn’t have an upstanding job title at Taco Bell. But what he did have was courage to take the stand and tell the jury his side of the story. In doing that—he shut State Prosecutor Jack Campbell up—and made him look foolish! DeShon Thomas didn’t lose—Daren Shippy willingly laid down and lost. If being a LOSER is the legacy that he wants to leave behind for his family—and let Jack Campbell leave a better legacy—then so be it.

Everyone should know that DeShon’s family is sparing NO ONE!!!

The FBI and the FDLE told DeShon’s family a while back that they had to be patient with this judicial process. When wrong is being done to a love one—it’s hard to have patience.

So now that the trial is over… As DeShon’s mother sat with his assistant and added more information to what was already on file—it was disgusting to have to add more people to the list of those who’ve already shown misconduct. DeShon’s mother sincerely hopes that she doesn’t have to add anymore names to the list. Despite what her son and her family has had to endure for nearly 3 years—she thinks about all of those adults who’ve made horrible decisions. She thinks about their families and what’s to come of them. Reporting someone for misconduct/ unethical practice is far from a joyous occasion—but it is a necessary action.