Florida 2nd District State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s Office A Breeding Ground for Criminals

State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas day 3 of Trial

Previously, Leon County Crime Scene Detective Fred Smelt demonstrated to the jury and those in the courtroom how –then 17-year-old DeShon Thomas—could’ve murdered 17-year-old Sterling Conner Jr., who was found lying on the livingroom floor with two pillows under his head and 20-year-old Laqecia Herring who was found slumped over in a chair less than five feet in front of him. Everybody seems to agree that both victims were caught completely off guard by their murderer. Crime Scene detectives didn’t seem to find signs of forced entry or signs of a struggle, therefore concluding that the victims must’ve known there murderer. Det. Fred Smelt’s demonstration of 17-year-old DeShon Thomas’ capability to get one round clean “kill shots” off to the head of both victims before either of them could re-act made Dirty Harry’s draw look slow. Det. Smelt stated that Thomas shot Conner Jr. through a blanket/comforter into the right side of his ear. This bullet hole matched up perfectly in line with the blanket/comforter when it was pulled back from his head. What wasn’t discussed was how Conner Jr. received the bullet straight to the back of his head. This bullet hole wasn’t mentioned in our copy of the Leon County Sheriff’s Discovery Report section for the Crime Scene Unit as far as what was located at the crime scene. However, it was mentioned the day after the murders—at the morgue.

On October 16, 2013 Dr. Anthony Clark was called to the stand. Dr. Clark testified that he received a call from Lt. Baxter about the murders and scheduled an autopsy for the next day (January 28, 2011). Dr. Clark also testified that he received education at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and that he’d performed over 200 autopsies. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell didn’t ask Dr. Clark to confirm what Det. Smelt demonstrated for the court the previous day. Dr. Clark testified that when he came in contact with Sterling Conner Jr.’s body, he in fact had abrasions on his hands. He confirmed that Laqecia Herring was pregnant and had received a gunshot to the top of her head. Dr. Clark testified that he could not determine a time of death. He testified that both victims were in slight rigor. Dr. Clark states that there was no way that both victims could’ve been murdered the night of January 26, 2011.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent, Jack Martin testified about DeShon Thomas’ DNA being located on the victims’ backdoor to their residence as being a mixed DNA (which means in part of others). Not only had DeShon Thomas previously visited the victims’ residence several times—at one point he lived with the victims. When DeShon Thomas lived with the victims, DeShon, as well as the victims, mainly used public transportation as their means of getting around. The backdoor to the residence opened up to Highway 20—the closest access to the main road. Mr. Martin also testified that DeShon Thomas and Trentin Ross’ DNA was the only DNA that he had to compare to what was located on the backdoor. Trentin Ross’ DNA was not found.

During Reserve Deputy Odham’s testimony—daytime shots of the crime scene and other locations were displayed. Of course one’s view places such as residences, streets, etc. in the daytime differ from what one’s view is at nighttime or during the early morning hours—so… Besides, folks already know his level of intelligence so…

Detective Melinda McBride was called to the stand—not much there. Don’t understand how she could stand to represent an agency that seemingly has no faith in her abilities. She did start to follow up on other leads but… Something is not right there.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Leslie Rabon testified that DeShon Thomas’ cell phone could be tracked all over Tallahassee but not Trentin Ross cell phone. That’s not in dispute here… What would’ve been in dispute was if when State Prosecutor Jack Campbell asked her if she was familiar with the Taco Bell located on Capital Circle N.E. and she would’ve answered, “No!” Now that—would’ve been disputable! But like most of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office staff members do when they take the stand and are being questioned by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell—she beamed as she answered, “Oh, yes!” (duh!)

State Attorney Detective Jason Newlin confirmed the Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier act between him and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. That trip to Daytona Beach that they took to tell Trentin Ross about a hit on his life—one could only see the previous cartoon depiction to more like a Broke Back Mountain scene. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

On a serious note, Williams, the supposed “Hitman” is just another use of the State Attorney’s Office and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to find something that will secure DeShon Thomas behind bars. Both agencies assisted Williams by walking mail into the jail—coded letters—to give to DeShon Thomas. Ironically, Williams, who is a repeated felon, who was in jail for bank robbery, was able to make post a $15,000 bond the day after speaking to Det. Newlin. After Newlin tracked him down and brought him back to the sheriff’s office, their Det. Newlin allowed him to write a coded letter to DeShon Thomas. Williams, who had taught DeShon Thomas how to read and write the alphabet in code shortly after meeting him in jail, also taught Det. Newlin and others how to read and write in code. The State Attorney’s Office bought Williams a cell phone and put money on the phone because Williams was never home when DeShon Thomas would call him. All calls coming out of the Leon County Jail are recorded. The investigation of the DeShon Thomas soliciting Williams, a charge to which DeShon Thomas has plead not guilty—was less than 3 weeks time.

After Williams made bond and was given a cell phone by the State Attorney’s Office, he (Williams) continued to commit serious crimes. Thirty-one year –old Williams charges are Home Invasion Robbery, Kidnapping, Forgery and a slew of others. Williams and all of those who have chosen to be dishonest during this serious double murder and solicitation to commit murder trial are nothing but criminals from the breeding grounds of the Florida 2nd District State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office and the Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s Office.