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Working to change laws and policies in order to protect our children from dishonest authorities through exposure and community actions.


The purpose of this blog is to bring parents together that want to add or change laws in order to protect our children from those who have authority over them in our absence. Also, to educate parents about current laws already in place meant to help our children.

“Ignorance Is No Defense”—J. Tom Morgan

UPDATE!!!!!  UPDATE!!!!   UPDATE!!!!!    UPDATE!!!!!

PARENTS BE AWARE: Florida Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office have filed fraudulent documents with the Leon County Clerk of Courts to have children arrested and convicted. If your child came in contact with a man working for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office by the name of Don Odham a.k.a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Don Odham is an IMPOSTER!!!! Don Odham is NOT an employee with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, yet, Don Odham was given a badge and a patrol car; and the authority to interrogate children, process crime scenes, testify in court trials, file complaints and probable cause documents under “Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham.”

Judicial officials went “OVER AND BEYOND” to ensure the conviction of DeShon Thomas. DeShon Thomas is INNOCENT!!!!!! DeShon Thomas was KIDNAPPED!!!!! The LIES told by judicial officials in Tallahassee continue to unfold.




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  1. On December 22, our son Kyle was pulled over by a Florida State University police officer for revving his engine and squealing his tires. Within 5 minutes, this evolved into him being physically yanked from his vehicle by 3 officers, punched, kneed and tased twice. He was charged with resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, careless driving and DUI. In reality, Kyle was only guilty of having an expired tag and admitting to having one drink. Kyle was a victim of police brutality at the hands of three officers willing to lie to justify their use of force and to destroy video evidence of their crime against him. Just one of these very serious charges carries a minimum of 56 months in the Department of Corrections. At the end of February, we received a ruling from the State Attorney’s Office that they were declining to press charges and were dismissing all action against Kyle. This decision was made possible by the grace of God and through the incredible work of our Tallahassee attorney, Don Pumphrey Jr., as well as compelling evidence seen in surveillance footage and the officer’s dash cam video.
    We were unable to discuss any of this until March. As a parent, this has been a nightmare. For Kyle, it has been horrific. As a FSU alumni, I am disgusted that some members of the very department I trust to protect our students were the ones to inflict physical and emotional pain unnecessarily and based on lies. We are sharing this now because in the last few days what happened to Kyle has been in the media. We do not want to see what happened to Kyle happen to anyone else, including our other son who will be attending FSU soon. We feel strongly that this is not an isolated incident. Sadly, we have heard of other instances in which these particular officers have crossed the line.
    We want FSU to take action. We want an internal investigation and the officers involved be terminated for their egregious behavior. After viewing this video, if you are concerned as a parent, alumni or just as a person, we are asking that you let it be known. Please send a letter via email to: Dr. Eric Barron, President – president@fsu.edu; Dr. Garnett Stokes, Interim President – gstokes@admin.fsu.edu; FSU Police Chief David Perry – dlperry@admin.fsu.edu; Alan Bense, Chair FSU Board of Trustees – agb@gaccontractors.com; Leslie Pantin , Vice Chair FSU Board of Trustees – leslie@thinkbsg.com.
    Thank you for your support. We appreciate you keeping Kyle and our family in your thoughts and prayers.
    Dea and Mike Knapp


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