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Working to change laws and policies in order to protect our children from dishonest authorities through exposure and community actions.


The purpose of this blog is to bring parents together that want to add or change laws in order to protect our children from those who have authority over them in our absence. Also, to educate parents about current laws already in place meant to help our children.

“Ignorance Is No Defense”—J. Tom Morgan

UPDATE!!!!!  UPDATE!!!!   UPDATE!!!!!    UPDATE!!!!!

PARENTS BE AWARE: Florida Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office have filed fraudulent documents with the Leon County Clerk of Courts to have children arrested and convicted. If your child came in contact with a man working for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office by the name of Don Odham a.k.a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Don Odham is an IMPOSTER!!!! Don Odham is NOT an employee with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, yet, Don Odham was given a badge and a patrol car; and the authority to interrogate children, process crime scenes, testify in court trials, file complaints and probable cause documents under “Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham.”

Judicial officials went “OVER AND BEYOND” to ensure the conviction of DeShon Thomas. DeShon Thomas is INNOCENT!!!!!! DeShon Thomas was KIDNAPPED!!!!! The LIES told by judicial officials in Tallahassee continue to unfold.




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