He is a PREDATOR! He is a LIAR! And according to childmolestationprevention.org Florida State Prosecutor Jack Campbell has the characteristics of a CHILD MOLESTER! A CHILD MOLESTER!

That’s the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Together Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, 2nd District State Attorney Willie Meggs, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and all of their underlings as a team are nothing but BULLIES! Even before the start of the trial it was obvious—when Leon County Sheriff’s deputies/detectives took to the stand to testify—they beam in Ahhh when being questioned by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell whenever he says to them, “You all work as a team, right? And as a team…” At the end of their testimony, the deputies step down from the stand and look at State Prosecutor Jack Campbell for his approval as a child would look at their mother after performing a piano recital—when the child mastered that “keynote” that no other child could master.

One could describe the relationship between the State Attorney’s Office Detective Jason Newlin and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell as being that of the animated cartoon characters Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier. Clearly, clearly most of the male deputies/ detectives have had their manhood either stripped completely away—or severely tarnished! Although it has not been reported that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell has touched the defendant, DeShon Thomas, who has been in the Leon County Jail to which his father oversees since he was 17-years-old (now 20-years-old), Campbell’s demeanor in the courtroom is perverse.

In the case, State of Florida vs. Theodus Holloway, where Holloway, a 15-year-old Black boy was found guilty of raping a female classmate in a dug out, it was reported that during the trial Prosecutor Jack Campbell quoted the girl as to saying (after the boys raped her), “thanks for raping me,” a line that he must’ve presumably nailed considering that he got a conviction—a line that he, himself, may be all too familiar with…

FINALLY—it has been confirmed that former Detective Don Odham was nothing more than a ‘Do Boy’ for credited Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies. What’s disturbing is how in the Whole Wide-World did Official deputies (that’s spelled with a capital O) allow themselves to feel inferior to this “Wanna-be-Cop?” Nut case! Seriously, to take a lead detective position away from a credited (at one time anyway) detective and assign it to him—I mean it’s been long rumored that Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell was off of his “rocker” but… Unbelievable! Well, we see now why State Prosecutor Jack Campbell tried to make it seem like former Detective Don Odham was a fictitious character after Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings was fired by DeShon Thomas and his mother—all Odham had the legal right to do was go get donuts and pump gas in patrol cars. It was obvious on January 28, 2011 when former Detective Don Odham used such racist vulgar towards then 17-year-old DeShon Thomas and his mother that he wasn’t abreast of the laws—it was even more obvious when he refused to allow DeShon Thomas an attorney as his mother had invoked his Miranda Rights—and then (whew) it was clear that he must’ve had a few marbles missing when he deadbolt locked DeShon Thomas and his mother in a room when they were not under arrest.

To former Detective Don Odham’s defense—it’s not your fault. When you have money people act like they like you—even when they DON’T!

Author: MAUL10

Me I


  1. we the people,who are the real government,applaud and respect sheriff nick finch,and you mr Campbell,and meggs,are treasonous unconstitituional traitors,who are a disgrace to we the people,and the veternas of America.we will be watching your deeds,not your words,we the veternas of america,and we the people.do not trust either of you.good bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,shheriff nick finch.

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