The State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas Day 5 of trial—according to news reports–Verdict in–Guilty on Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit Murder

At the time the verdict was read to DeShon Thomas who stood in the courtroom without his family’s support—it was raining outside. A clear sunny blue sky had turned to gray clouds and pouring rain. Justice was not served today in Judge Jackie Fulford Leon County Courtroom 3G.

But it’s still time for A PRAISE DANCE!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Although DeShon Thomas’ mother and brother were kicked out of the courtroom–DeShon Thomas’ mother had long prepared her son for this moment. DeShon Thomas and his mother bounced back and forth about his trust in people—including Regional Counsel Daren Shippy. The only unexpected events that played out in this portion of the judicial process were the facts that DeShon Thomas’ family members were even allowed in the courtroom for the first 3 1/2 days versus not at all. And the ridiculousness to sit through all those who hold authority tell boldfaced LIES under oath—one after the other. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell blatantly LIED about DeShon Thomas’ mother having had played a role in the solicitation to commit murder plot—a LIE that he put on a legal document and filed with the court. Apparently, those in authority didn’t work hard enough to earn what they have—if so they’d know that LIARS DON’T WIN—they just think that they do.

It took for 20-year-old DeShon Thomas to make forty-something year-old State Prosecutor Jack Campbell look like a “jack ass” in front of the jury. A look that twenty-something year-old James Madison had already showed the jury and courtroom spectators when Campbell boasted about prosecuting him and having him sentenced to 20 years—Madison was quick to respond that his sentence was extremely reduced—Campbell was left speechless. It wasn’t until the many times when DeShon Thomas left Campbell speechless as to when his family members were asked to leave. DeShon Thomas’ mother was fine with that. She knows that the only way folks in the judicial system can attack her son is behind her back. COWARDS!!!

Nonetheless, the timing of DeShon Thomas’ guilty verdict is perfect! Just this week it was announced that forged documents had been passed through Florida courts which resulted in the release of two convicted murderers. Authorities believe that it’s an inside job. Now that forged legal documents are on authorities radar—the FBI and the FDLE already have legal documents that had been forged and fabricated in DeShon Thomas’ case. The FBI couldn’t get involved in DeShon Thomas’ case until after trial—DeShon Thomas’ family attorney can now move forward regarding those matters.

Meanwhile, for all of you FOOLS who don’t know—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is fully aware of what information is circulating. He let each and every one of you get on the stand and perjury yourself—he’s taking you all down with him! Why would he leave you standing—when his world is about to come tumbling down? Keep smiling at him—you know him better than anyone else—right?   

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