Tallahassee’s Drug Problem Part 2: Governor Rick Scott Appoints Mike Wood to serve as Leon County Sheriff Despite Connection to Drug Related Past; Lawyer With Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office Arrested on Cocaine Possession; Prominent Tallahassee Attorney and Lobbyist Arrest During Drug Sting

Tallahassee, FL—While President Obama is making headlines across the United States and around the World for granting early release to prisoners who received excessive sentences, Governor Rick Scott appointed Mike Wood serve in Tallahassee as Leon County Sheriff. Governor Scott’s appointment of Mike Wood may not have been because Governor Scott believed Mike Wood was the best that the Leon County Sheriff’s Office had to offer—because before appointing Mike Wood, who was actually retired from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Governor Scott appointed Mike Wood because it was Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s dying wish that Mike Wood be appointed to replace him. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell was so arrogant and controlling—that as his own health severely deteriorated—he refused to resign from office—causing the community to be unsafe, much confusion within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office all the up until his death—and well after his death. Governor Scott’s sub-sequential appointment of Mike Wood as Leon County Sheriff did not lift the moral of those within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office who NEVER committed a crime in their lives.

An Assistant Attorney General with Pam Bondi’s Office was arrested by Florida State University Police and charged with Possession of Cocaine and DUI. For the many INNOCENT people who are sitting in Florida prisons for crimes that they DID NOT COMMIT, instead of Attorney General Pam Bondi making it her business to “right wrongs,” it is apparent that her so called “leadership” has failed not only the citizens of Florida—but also those young lawyers working within her office.

During a Drug Sting, Florida State University Police arrested Lance Block, a prominent Tallahassee attorney and lobbyist. Mr. Block was charged with a felony count of buying cocaine, and was booked into the Leon County Jail.

Both the assistant attorney general and Mr. Block were booked in the Leon County Jail that is overseen by Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood. All three of these men have one thing in common—they all have a connection with drugs.

After thirty years of serving as Second Judicial State Attorney, Willie Meggs, whose main office is located in the Leon County Courthouse, has chosen not to run for re-election. Meggs’ protégé and the son of the late Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is currently running to be the next Second Judicial State Attorney.

When WCTV News reported on the announcement of Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell’s bid to run for Second Judicial State Attorney, WCTV falsely reported that Jack Campbell attended Florida State University College of Law.  Jack Campbell told WCTV reporters about changing the community as he sees it –technology, communication, pedophiles, playgrounds, chatrooms…

Obviously, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell has too many close connections to those in the drug business to see Tallahassee’s problem with drugs. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell has used many drug offenders to assist him with getting a conviction in other cases against a defendant who would otherwise have been found INNOCENT. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell providing financial support to drug offender who helped him was not uncommon.


It’s no surprise that many students that attend Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University, and Florida A&M University “fear” going to officials that are supposed to ‘serve and protect’ them. Many students feel that they have no protection. Instead of officials going after the true perpetrator, such as in the DeShon Thomas and Erica Kinsman case. When students go to officials—the students are made out to be the criminals. Seemingly, officials in Tallahassee have routinely “gone over and beyond” to accommodate criminals—those of their own kind.

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