Tallahassee, FL—Dr. Anthony J. Clark with Florida’s District Two Medical Examiner’s office committed perjury during the double murder trial of DeShon Thomas. Thomas, who was 17-years-old, was charged as an adult in January 2011 double murder case in Tallahassee. Dr. Clark’s perjured testimony helped State Prosecutor Jack Campbell secure the convictions against Thomas.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, was investigating the double murder case. There was no physical evidence linking Thomas to the double murders, therefore, the Campbell’s (father son duo) had recruited a family friend, Donald Odham, a non-employee of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, to impersonate a certified Leon County Sheriff’s Detective to make their case against Thomas. Mr. Odham was assigned lead detective on the double murder case, replacing the acting lead detective and her team of detectives. In addition, there is notarized court documents filed with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office identifying Mr. Odham as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. And Mr. Odham was allowed to testify before a jury under false pretenses.

Dr. Anthony Clark’s testimony in comparison to his original autopsy report of the victims is clearly contradicting in order to support the Campbell’s theory. In October 2013, Thomas was sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years.

Recently, the family of Mr. Marlon Brown received information that a medical examiner, Dr. Shipping Bao, was ordered to change information on Mr. Brown’s autopsy report. Mr. Marlon Brown was rundown by a Deland Police officer’s patrol car and pin to a fence. Dr. Bao, states that he reported Mr. Brown’s cause of death as a homicide, but was ordered to change the cause of death to mechanical asphyxia, and that there was no evidence he (Mr. Brown) was struck by the police car.

Mr. Marlon Brown’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump was quoted as to saying, “Look at Dr. Shipping Bao’s affidavit. It speaks for itself.”

In the double murder case of DeShon Thomas, it is believed that Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford and Thomas’ court appointed attorneys were aware that Don Odham was not a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective, hence was the foundation of the nearly three years of judicial officials conspiring to secure Thomas’ convictions. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell refused to allow the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to make the victims autopsy reports public record. Thomas’ defense attorneys refused to provide Thomas a copy of the autopsy reports. Thomas’ defense attorneys refused to provide Thomas’ mother with a copy of the victims autopsy reports—this prevented Thomas’ mother from seeking an opinion of an independent medical examiner. Early in the case, Thomas’ mother paid private defense attorney, Greg Cummings, nearly $30,000 to represent 17-year-old Thomas. Mr. Cummings promise Thomas and his mother to provide them with the victims’ autopsy reports. After being on Thomas’ case for nearly two years, Cummings never provided Thomas with anything—not even the victims’ autopsy reports.

A medical examiner being ordered to commit perjury or change autopsy reports to support or protect the State of Florida is a crime. It and a harsh deception to victims, defendants and the citizens in the community by all government officials directly and indirectly involved.


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