Dishonored Ex-Lead Detective in Double Murder Case Still on Assistant State Attorney’s A+ List

As working-class taxpayers, the one thing that most of us look forward to is spending time with our family members. Whether it’s a spur of the moment lunch date with a husband/wife; a stop at McDonald’s with the kids after a long day at work or—or– a summer vacation that you spent the entire fringed-cold winter planning. No matter what, most of us look forward to our family time.


But as working-class taxpayers—who’s your daddy? (especially in this economy) Who-is-your-daddy? Your employer is your daddy! It doesn’t matter how early you come into work and how late you leave work. It doesn’t matter how much over-time you’ve put in or special projects you’ve completed. At the end of the day, it’s up to your employer as to if the time that you’ve requested off to spend time with your family member is approved or not. There are honorable American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and providing services abroad who have missed the birth of their first born child because the job that they signed up for (to serve and protect our country) would not allow them to leave their posts.


Where am I going with this? Well, I’m getting there. None of us will forget Rachel Hoffman. There were approximately 100 people called up for jury selection for her civil suit. ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE! Think about how many parents missed breakfast with their kids. Think about how many parents had to make alternative arrangements to get their kids to and from school. Think about how many employers had to reschedule meetings and change their work schedules. Oh my gosh! I could go on and on with this… All for the City of Tallahassee to settle for $2.6 million without any use of the final six jurors they selected.


In August 2011, Detective Don Odham was FIRED from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. This ex-detective, who was promoted to a lead detective position on a double murder case probably because of his financial contributions to Sheriff Larry Campbell’s past and present election campaigns, more so than his credentials, had already done a disservice to the Leon County Sheriff’s office and the citizens of Leon County by his unethical actions that cost him his job. It’s been noted that this dishonorable man, who was just a reserve deputy, has plenty of money. So really, unlike hard working-class taxpayers—a job loss for him doesn’t mean that his kids are going to miss a meal or any family time. That’s why I was so disgusted when I looked in my son’s court file and came across this Order of Continuance along with an email sent to Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell. By the granting of this Motion for Continuance, my son’s trial date was rescheduled TWO MONTHS out. In the email, this guy is so selfish! This unethical ex-detective was FIRED. Why should he be allowed to keep his vacation plans, all at the extra expense of the taxpayers? Think about the thousands of dollars a day it costs to house an inmate in the Leon County Jail. This money comes from every day hard-working citizens. If anything, this unethical ex-detective should’ve viewed his “hardship” as a way to make up for his unethical behavior that caused him to get FIRED in the first place. And Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell should’ve withheld the Order of Continuance because of the masses and the cost to taxpayers. When one person, who doesn’t seem to have a paying job or any kids to prepare for school in the fall, can set a judicial proceeding back TWO MONTHS…not only are hardworking taxpayers be up in arms…I’m up in arms about whether or not if my son will get a fair and just trial. Can somebody please tell me who’s really running the courtroom?


If nothing else, just let this article be a testimony for you—unless you have friends in high places and friends with money, don’t set your plans in stone. And if you’re up against Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell— follow the paper trail—if it doesn’t bring you pain, it may bring you humor.

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