Two Police Officers Arrested on Drug Charges

LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Two Little Rock police officers were arrested Thursday on  federal drug charges that accused them of driving their marked patrol cars and  wearing their uniforms while protecting controlled drug  deliveries.

Officers Mark Anthony Jones and Randall Tremayn Robinson, who  are half-brothers, face charges of conspiring to aid and abet and attempting to  aid and abet the possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and  possessing a firearm while taking part in a drug-trafficking crime, prosecutors  said.

Both have been placed on paid administrative leave, Little Rock  police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings said.

“It is disheartening to know  that members of this department are alleged to have violated their oaths and our  trust in the manner detailed in the criminal complaint,” Police Chief Stuart  Thomas said in a statement, which also praised other officers who participated  in the investigation.

It wasn’t clear whether Jones, 45, and Robinson,  38, had lawyers. A message left at a phone number listed for a Randall T.  Robinson wasn’t returned, and a woman who answered a phone listing for a Mark A.  Jones said it wasn’t the right number.

Both men are scheduled to appear  in court Friday morning.

An FBI agent wrote in an affidavit that Jones  was wearing his uniform, carrying a weapon and driving a market patrol car when  he was involved in the protection of three controlled drug deliveries  orchestrated by a confidential informant working with  investigators.

Prosecutors allege that Robinson took part in protecting  the third delivery while driving a marked patrol car on duty and in uniform.  Investigators said the deliveries totaled about 1,400 pounds of  marijuana.

The FBI agent wrote that the informant called Jones in January  and arranged to meet him at a Whole Foods grocery store, where Jones would be  working an off-duty security job.

During the recorded meeting, the  informant said he was on herb, a slang term for marijuana, and needed someone to  watch his back. Jones told him to plan it out and let him know what he needed,  according to the affidavit.

Jones provided security for a controlled  delivery of what he believed to be 200 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana,  according to the affidavit. The FBI agent said Jones received $2,000 for  protecting what he thought was a drug shipment.

In March, Jones and  Robinson both provided security for the controlled delivery of what they thought  was 1,000 pounds of marijuana, according to the affidavit. Both officers were on  duty, armed, in uniform and driving marked patrol vehicles, the affidavit said.

While Robinson was providing security to one vehicle, there was a  shooting in west Little Rock, and all police cars were ordered to  respond.

“As other police cars were traveling to the scene of the  shooting, they passed Robinson’s patrol car following the vehicle with the  marijuana,” the affidavit says. The incident was allegedly recorded by cameras  in the police cars responding to the shooting.

That same day, Jones  picked up two packages each containing $5,000 for their help, according to the  affidavit.

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