Snotty Nose: How Contagious Is Ignorance in Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit?

Assistant State Attorney Emmett “Jack” Campbell is the perfect example of a SNOTTY-NOSE BULLY! As stated before, he has the characteristics of a CHILD MOLESTER! He is a PREDATOR! He preys on weak people with low self-esteem; while he makes others believe that he has power—when the truth is—if the LAWS of the Land were being exercised and PROPER PROTOCOL was being followed in and out of the courtroom, he would have NO POWER. So really, he has NO POWER. PEOPLE WHO BREAK LAWS HAVE NO POWER!

So what Emmett “Jack” Campbell has done, being the SNOTTY-NOSE BULLY that he is, has led all of those who have long supported his EVIL doings, down a disastrous path with him because he doesn’t want to be the only one to bare shameful, dishonest, and immoral practices. He has deceived those unsuspecting newcomers—who are “directly” unfamiliar with his predatory actions. However, at the end of the day, all of those will fall because of their own STUPIDITY!

Neither the Laws of the Land nor the rules set by the Florida Supreme Court, acknowledge ignorance as a defense.




Author: MAUL10

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