The NAACP is just one of many Black organizations that “sold-out” a long time ago. Money is screaming in folks ears these days!!!!

Back during the fight for Civil Rights, many Black celebrities, athletes, pastors and so forth left money on the table in order to make some White folks acknowledge their racism and somewhat level the economic and social playing field. Martin Luther King Jr. donated ALL of his Nobel Peace Prize money $54000 (a heck of a lot back then) to the Southern Baptist Christian Church. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t have his own news show or radio show–yet, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and others made more things happen than any of these celebrity Black folks who claim to be representing the Black community today.

Yeah, Donald Sterling ran his mouth too much. But the man had always been racist–that wasn’t new news. What’s sad is those Black folks whose calling for his head as well as those that are being silent—simply because guess what, they can’t begin to scream what they’ve financially contributed for the Black Community–especially not on the level that Donald Sterling has contributed. Los Angeles is the home of many Black athletes, Black celebrities, Black high profile pastors, etc. How did Donald Sterling out do all of them in the eyes of the NAACP? Donald Sterling was up for an NAACP Lifetime Award—how bizarre is that? Is that not almost as bizarre as Strom Thurmond having a half Black daughter?

There is no way that I support racism in any form or fashion. However, I do listen to what White folks like Donald Sterling have to say. And honestly, some of the White folks like Donald Sterling that I’ve met—who is racist but believe that if they throw money to the Black community then everything is alright—well, in most cases the only reason why they believe that racism is ok is because Black folks in position to “take care of their own kind” don’t do much of anything to make things better for Black folks. The Donald Sterling’s doing what they do for Black folks are out of both Pity and Power.

Think about it—so what Blacks hold political positions. A Black politician did not introduce the so-called ‘warning shot’ bill that amended Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground Law.’ The so-called ‘warning shot’ bill was sponsored by Senator Greg Evers, a Republican from Pensacola—a farmer/small businessman. Marissa Alexander will owe her freedom to a White man—a Republican/farmer/small businessman who attended Pensacola Junior College.

Now, don’t get me wrong—freedom is freedom—who cares who helps you get it—especially when the oppression was wrongfully brought about. And of course there’s no need to look over the person’s educational background when they’re making a wrong—right. However, a lot of Black politicians are highly educated. They hold degrees from four year state universities mostly in Political Science and Criminology. A lot of Black politicians have a long list of public service, affiliations, honors, awards, etc. Now, my question to you is—how do you really feel about Blacks representation of your community? Did you vote for them just because they are Black? Does their work and educational background fall in line with their job performance? I know for a fact that it’s a lot of White folks that feel sad about the way Blacks represent their communities or lack thereof. And that’s why most White folks do what they do in the Black communities—it’s mostly out of Pity and Power.

Black folks need to recognize that there’s more to holding political office than handing out backpacks containing scissors and crayons the Saturday before the start of the school year. There’s more to holding political office than providing turkey dinners for Thanksgiving to people who can buy their own turkey dinner with the foodstamps that they receive from the state. And there’s more to holding political office than giving out bikes at Christmas to people who already live in an overcrowded apartment. If Black folks—whether they be politician, celebrities or athletes—if Black folks really want to make this world a better place for everybody—especially themselves—then they need to partner with White folks and others to hold those accountable who wish to speak and act as if a person’s financial status (money) can oppress the Civil Rights of others. Many people died for a lot of us to have these Rights—not just Blacks. I was born in 1972—after the Civil Rights movement—however, I still grew up feeling discriminated against. But I know what I felt growing up doesn’t begin to compare to the pain that my 67-year-old Jewish friend felt growing up and having to deny that she is Jewish with her white skin color. So yeah, the Civil Rights Act is more than just Black folks.

Donald Sterling did not want his girlfriend posing with Black people or being affiliated with Black people—but if the L.A. Clippers were to win the NBA Championship—there’s no doubt that Donald Sterling would’ve smiled brightly—as he posed for photographers—ready to take limitless pictures with the entire L.A. Clippers team—which of course consists of—mostly Blacks.

Side Note: On October 18, 2013 after years of a case process plagued with corruption, my son was convicted on Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi refused to intervene despite the clear and concise unprecedented acts or inaction on my son’s case. (With Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son State Prosecutor Jack Campbell working together on criminal cases—the stench was so overwhelming that all four court appointed attorneys filed Motions to Withdraw. I’m sure that my son’s case wasn’t the first case of the father and son team.) Had State Prosecutor Jack Campbell had the evidence necessary to prove that my son murdered two of his friends when my son was 17-years-old, then the evidence could’ve been presented to a jury by a 1st year law school student—and the jury would’ve returned a guilty verdict. But State Prosecutor Jack Campbell didn’t have that. Instead State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell recruited LIARS—people who withheld evidence and committed Perjury. How many teenagers are convicted of such a heinous crime of the murder of a pregnant young woman and a teenage boy—with evidence being withheld? Evidence such as the victims’ autopsy reports. My son requested to have the victims’ autopsy reports made public record—to no avail. The reason for withholding the victims’ autopsy reports—my son was at work—my son had alibis. I paid Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings $29850 and he refused to provide my son, myself and the Public with the victims’ autopsy reports. Little did I know that Gregory Cummings (who hustled me into hiring him) was playing a part in the conspiracy being headed up by State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. The victims’ autopsy reports were NEVER provided to my son—nor were they made Public record.  HYPOCRITES!!! State Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son State Prosecutor Jack Campbell got their conviction of a Black teenager but only because of their LIES and DECEPTION. Their actions should have all Florida politicians—regardless of race and party affiliation feeling disgraceful.

For those who say that I’m not doing my son any favors by blogging about the corruption of Florida government officials. I say to you—that’s the problem—folks view the outcomes of our Judicial System as a “favor”. I’m not looking for anyone to do my son or my family any favors—I’m only asking for folks to do their job. When I hired Mr. Cummings—I hired him to do his job—the job that he said to have over 30 years of experience. Yes, all attorneys win and lose cases—but not all attorneys withhold evidence that can exonerate their clients. When Mr. Cummings failed to ethically do his JOB—my son and I fired him. When my son’s case defaulted back to the court to be assigned a court-appointed attorney—not all court appointed attorneys file false documents to avoid their client of receiving a favorable not guilty verdict—and withhold evidence. My son was 17-years-old when he was charged. My son was 20-years-old when he was convicted. It took a whole slew of adults to make that happen—but only by their LIES. State Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, his son State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Gregory Cummings—they all LIED—they all stole my money—money from my family—my Black family.