United States Senator Bill Nelson Contacts the Department of Justice …Tallahassee, Florida Judicial Process (Leon County—Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit)

The Honorable United States Senator Bill Nelson [D-FL] continues to show that he’s willing to fight for the Integrity of All Floridians! In the case State of Florida vs. DeShon Rashard Thomas, court officials coupled with law enforcement authorities violated seventeen-year-old DeShon’s U.S. Constitutional Rights in order to see his (DeShon’s) conviction. After regulating agencies such as The Florida Bar, the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Health—who all seem to have avoided complaints filed or have not taken the seriousness of the complaints, Senator Nelson, a lawyer and retired NASA Astronaut, contacted the Department of Justice on behalf of DeShon and his family.

DeShon, who was seventeen-years-old when he was charged with the January 27, 2011 double murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend 20-year-old Laqecia Herring and her 17-year-old brother Sterling Conner Jr. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office immediately focused all of their resources on DeShon, who was a freshman at Tallahassee Community College and was very close to celebrating his one year anniversary as an employee at Taco Bell—where he’d worked an average of 35 hours or more per week.

In DeShon’s case, DeShon had five attorneys (one private and four court-appointed). DeShon’s mother offered to pay for a private investigator to assist on DeShon’s case—none of the attorneys took heed to her offer. DeShon being found guilty is inevitable when there are no expert or creditable witnesses to discredit the State’s case. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell refused to allow the 2nd District Medical Examiner’s Office to make ‘Public’ the victims’ autopsy reports—while DeShon’s attorneys refused to provide him (DeShon) with vital information about the victims’ autopsy reports.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell—who has jurisdiction over the murders. Both father and son—along with 2nd Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs lied to Leon County Judge Nina Ashenafi-Richardson in order to have DeShon charged with the murders—yet, no regulating agency wants to hold them accountable for their LIES.

Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, Circuit Judge Charles Dodson and Leon County Judge Robert Wheeler—all used the Leon County Courthouse to play out shenanigans—leading to DeShon’s conviction.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is the second U.S. Senator to call on the Department of Justice in regards to corruption within Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit judicial process. Noted on Senator Nelson’s website, Senator Nelson recalls looking back at our planet from the window of the shuttle and not seeing any political, religious or racial divides. “From that perspective, you can see that were all in this together,” he says. “If we could just remember that, we’d sure get a lot more done.”

Injustice—Is Not Justice!

(Side Note: According to reports, in the Leon County case of Dr. Mark Hash and his son 17-year-old son Alec Hash, it has been stated that U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss [R-GA] and Congressman Steve Southerland [R-FL] have contacted the Department of Justice.)


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