Governor Rick Scott, A Proven THIEF & LIAR,—Prompts Many State Officials To Follow Their Evil Leader: State of Florida Department of Health on Patients Diagnosed with Scleroderma

Tallahassee, FL—In November 2014, sixty-seven percent of Tallahassee citizens voted for an Anti-Corruption Amendment in an effort to weed out corruption in local government. With the help of an organization called RepresentUs (based in Massachusetts), Tallahassee is the first city in the nation to pass such an amendment. Governor Scott’s mansion along with numerous main offices of state agencies is located in Tallahassee. Many of Tallahassee citizens are employed by those state agencies —so there is no wonder why the citizens of Tallahassee would anonymously agree to desperately want protection from government officials operating like Hitler’s Regime.

In December 2013, the mother of DeShon Thomas filed a complaint against Dr. Anthony J. Clark with the Florida Department of Health whose main office is located in Tallahassee. The District Two Medical Examiner’s Office, also located in Tallahassee, is where Dr. Clark is employed. Dr. Clark is also affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, as well as being licensed in the state of Georgia. As outlined in the complaint filed by DeShon’s mother, Dr. Clark committed perjury during the October 2013 double murder trial—State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas. Documents show that had Dr. Clark not committed perjury, DeShon Thomas would not have been convicted of the January 2011 double murders.

Within a week of receiving the complaint, the Department of Health responded to DeShon’s mother by stating that Dr. Clark had not violated any laws. In addition to their findings, the Department of Health threatened DeShon’s mother in regards to information/documentation she submitted along with the complaint.

Following the response from the Department of Health, DeShon’s mother contacted Florida Surgeon General, John H. Armstrong, located in Tallahassee. In a reply from Mr. Armstrong’s office dated January 2014, in part, it was stated that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was responsible for handling complaints against medical doctors. Therefore, the complaint against Dr. Clark was being forwarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement located in Tallahassee.

Nearly a year later, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has yet to respond to the complaint against Dr. Anthony J. Clark.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health has used their resources in an attempt to go after DeShon’s mother’s Social Security Retirement Benefits.

In 1998, DeShon’s mother was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Scleroderma. At the time of her diagnosis, DeShon’s mother a 25-years-old single mother. After both a dermatologist and a rheumatologist told her that there was no cure and very little treatment for scleroderma patients, DeShon’s mother set out to do what she’d been doing since she was thirteen-years-old…work extremely hard—often times working two and three jobs just to make ends meet.

Due to DeShon’s mother’s pre-existing health condition, she did not qualify for affordable medical coverage. For the next decade or more, DeShon’s mother spent hundreds of dollars a month of her own money on doctor visits, lab work, X-rays and over-the-counter/prescription drugs. The most she spent was $90 a month for a prescription for a 30 day supply—she also had a prescription that cost $75 a month for a 30 day supply—for just two of her prescription $165 per month. (Fortunately, DeShon and his older brother were able to utilize their dad’s medical insurance.)

In 2009, after many years of suffering—the effects of scleroderma began to really take a toll on DeShon’s mother.

In 2010, DeShon’s mother made several trips to the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital due to effects of scleroderma. Each visit netted more confusion between doctors at TMH. While they knew that there was no cure for scleroderma, they were confused as to what to do to assist her as she suffered tremendously.

At one point, doctors at TMH had DeShon’s mother believing that she had a life-threatening condition. She was partly prepped for surgery—and then doctors began to argue—the surgery was called off. After what seemed like a “sideshow” at TMH, DeShon’s mother—still in tremendous pain with the belief that she was on her death bed—left her children at home and drove herself to Florida Hospital located in Central Florida (five hours away). (DeShon and his family are natives of Central Florida—they’d been living in Tallahassee for ten years—so Deshon’s mother was familiar with Florida Hospital’s professionalism.)

At Florida Hospital in Central Florida, DeShon’s mother found outstanding relief! After being admitted into the hospital, she learned that there was no life-threatening condition. There was no need for emergency surgery. There was no need for any surgery. Over several days, doctors at Florida Hospital treated her to the best of their ability. However, they would not discharge her from the hospital until she was examined by a rheumatologist.

After being examined by a rheumatologist, she was discharged from Florida Hospital. DeShon’s mother returned to their home in Tallahassee. Not long thereafter, she began receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits (the cost of doctor visits, lab work and prescription drugs were not included). DeShon’s mother, who’d earned wages of over $2800 per month, was now receiving a measly $1200 per month—if that—through Social Security Retirement Benefits.

In 2012, DeShon’s mother, who relocated back to Central Florida, began receiving Medicare and prescription drug benefits—in which neither of the benefits covered 100% of any costs. So there is no such thing as a “free ride” as so many people may be disillusioned to believe.

Speaking of disillusioned…

Recently, the State of Florida Department of Health has informed DeShon’s mother that they’ve determined that her scleroderma conditions have improved and that she will no longer receive Social Security Retirement Benefits. The State of Florida Department of Health came to their conclusion after DeShon’s mother explained to them that the physician in whom they’d repeatedly scheduled her to be examined by was not a rheumatologist—nor was he a specialist. Surely, if doctors at Florida Hospital would not discharge her until she was examined by a rheumatologist (a specialist)—what sense would it make for DeShon’s mother to go see a physician who does not specialize in any area in regards to patients diagnosed with scleroderma.

DeShon’s mother is a longtime member of Inspire. Inspire has online Health and Wellness support groups that connects patients, families, friends, caregivers, and health professionals with others who know exactly what she’s going through. DeShon’s mother has rheumatoid arthritis, fibrosis of the lungs, Raynauds, esophagus issues and other issues brought on by scleroderma. DeShon’s mother never stated that she was “comatose” on her application for disability. To state such extreme disability would be a lie. In fact, according to her employment history, it clearly shows the number of different jobs that she held as she attempted to try to find a career that would cater to her condition—to no avail. Members of the Inspire Scleroderma Community are of all different backgrounds. While there are different forms of scleroderma—overall it is a very debilitating disease. In 2010, when DeShon’s mother began having serious problems with her fingers—another scleroderma patient on Inspire told her what was to come—because the doctors in Tallahassee did not know what to tell her.

Since DeShon’s mother filed a complaint against Dr. Clark, officials with the State of Florida Departmentof Health has constantly harassed her in regards to her financial Social Security Benefits. It is very IGNORANT for anyone to believe that by taking away Social Security Benefits will silence DeShon’s mother in regards to acts of corruption committed by government officials in Tallahassee, Florida. Dr. Clark is a HARDCORE LIAR! Dr. Clark claims to have testified in over 200 criminal cases—the question is—how many of those cases did he commit perjury? The State of Florida Department of Health along with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is supposed to protect Florida citizens. The failure to address the complaint filed against Dr. Anthony J. Clark only puts more and more Floridians at risk of becoming victims of Governor Rick Scott’s Regime.