Florida First Responders Safety Comes Second to Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Political Agenda

Tallahassee, FL—Governor Rick Scott announced Florida’s first-ever “First Responders Appreciation Week” to take place during the very week of his swearing in to serve his second term as governor. To mark “First Responders Appreciation Week,” Governor Scott asked Floridians to “Honor” and “Encourage” law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.

Without a doubt, the majority of Floridians have “Honor” for First Responders. At any given time, when a First Responder arrives on the scene—rather it be an accident or a homicide—it’s the First Responders who immediately witness and have to interact with the highly emotional scene. The majority of calls to 911 come without an agenda. The majority of calls to 911are from citizens, who are sincerely seeking some form of assistance—maybe not defined as an emergency—but some form of assistance.

The safety of First Responders are not so much as put into jeopardy by citizens—for the most part it’s the ‘Hidden Agendas’ of elected officials, who continue to “Dishonor” those who sincerely serve communities.

In November 2011, it was reported by St. Cloud Police that an 18-year-old, White male, by the name of David Alyn Penney, who was dressed in military clothing, a tactical vest with several pockets for holding magazines of ammunition, and combat boots. It was reported that Mr. Penney purposely unloaded 30 shot magazines from his AK-47s through several homes—completely terrorizing the neighborhood. In response to the shooting, two officers sustained injuries. Mr. Penney shot Officer Clinton Wise in the foot. And Officer Spencer Endsley suffered glass fragments to his face and arms. In a suicide attempt, Mr. Penney shot himself with his AK-47, but survived.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol helped the St. Cloud Police during the attack. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was expected to conduct a separate investigation. Despite Mr. Penney’s violent episode being described by law enforcement as an “Ambush,” that almost took the lives of others—including two law enforcement officers, Mr. Penney was not sentenced to the maximum  time allotted—in fact, Mr. Penney maybe out of prison before his fortieth birthday.

It is a “Dishonor” by elected officials to First Responders to offer a plea deal to a teenager via a plea deal for charges of Attempted Murder on law enforcement officers.

In October 2013, Dr. Anthony J. Clark, an Associate Medical Examiner with Florida’s District Two Medical Examiner’s Office and an affiliate with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, committed perjury during his testimony in the trial of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas. Had Dr. Clark testified truthfully, DeShon would not have been convicted.

In early 2011, DeShon Thomas, a 17-year-old, Black male, was charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder. The victims were his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her 17-year-old brother. During search of the victims’ townhome (crime scene) the Leon County Sheriff’s Office located the female victim’s cell phone. As reported by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the last outgoing cell phone activity from the female victim’s cell phone was on January 26, 2011 at 10:59 p.m. The victims’ mother and those known to the female victim would not hesitate to inform anyone—including the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—that 10:59 p.m. is extremely early for the female victim to stop using her cell phone.

Mr. Thomas, who was at work from the early evening of January 26, 2011 until the early morning hours of January 27, 2011—worked straight through his shift without ever leaving the property. Mr. Thomas did not have a car—the victims lived 19 miles away from Mr. Thomas’ place of employment.

The victims’ mother discovered her children deceased at 10:15 a.m. on January 27, 2011. Almost immediately the Leon County Sheriff’s Office went after Mr. Thomas. It was Mr. Thomas’ old non-violent charges as to what may have led to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office jumping to conclusions…a hunch.

Within two weeks of the double murder investigation, Mr. Thomas was charged with murders. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office reported that they have solid evidence and a witness to prove that Mr. Thomas committed the murders at 4:15 a.m. on January 27, 2011—after he’d gotten off from work.

As documented, the timeframe between the Leon County Sheriff’s Office stating that Mr. Thomas committed the murders and the victims’ mother calling 911 is six hours. As documented, no one from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office was present at the crime scene. As documented, Dr. Anthony J. Clark, stated in his reports taken at the time of the victims’ autopsies, dated January 28, 2011, both victims were in different stages of rigor mortis. However, in October 2011, Dr. Anthony J. Clark, who took the witness stand with a ton of notes—testified that the victims were in the same stage of rigor mortis—full.

Any medical examiner that does not have stake in Mr. Thomas’ case will surely testify that full onset rigor mortis does not occur in six hours.

Dr. Clark’s testimony had to fall in line with the agenda of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office. It was the relationship between Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell—who were desperately seeking the conviction of Mr. Thomas—due to the fact that they’d both acted hastily in their actions to charge Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Thomas pled not guilty. His case was riddled with corruption.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office and 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office “Dishonored” First Responders—including their own deputies—in order to fulfill their own personal agenda.

First Responders from several agencies respond to scene of accidents and murders. While each First Responder may be affected differently to what they witness and have to interact with on the scene—the work that they put in is necessary. And for the most part, members of all of the responding agencies are treated with respect by citizens. The work that First Responders do is crucial —at the time. The only time when their work is not acknowledged is when their work does not coincide with “Hidden Political Agendas.”

Think about it—in the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas—had someone from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office arrived at the crime scene—that person could’ve been in the pool of First Responders. Dr. Clark’s report at the time of the victims’ autopsies were more than likely accurate because at that time the Leon County Sheriff’s Office had little to no information. But once “Political Agendas” were in place—Dr. Clark had to go off of his report original report and provide a false testimony—commit perjury. In order to assist Dr. Clark, the State Attorney’s Office refused to release the victims’ autopsy reports—a violation of Florida’s Public Records law. Dr. Anthony J. Clark, who testified to having provided expert testimony in over 200 cases in Florida and Georgia—continues on… While an INNOCENT teenager has been sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years, in part, due to Dr. Clark’s perjured testimony.

Recently, Governor Scott, himself, was found to be in violation of Florida’s Public Records law. Attorney General Bondi has admitted to failing to comply with Florida’s Public Records law.

Governor Scott and Attorney Bondi are elected officials whose main responsibility is to protect “ALL” Floridians. Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi have already “Dishonored” Floridians by putting their personal agendas first—and everyone and everything else—including the safety of First Responders—second. Governor Scott called for “First Responders Appreciation Week,” but where is Governor Scott’s honor?