Taxpayer Funded Positions: Child Molesters Working in Florida’s Judicial Circuit is A+ for School-to-Prison Pipeline

Tallahassee, FL—It has been nearly four years since the mother of DeShon Thomas first contacted Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office begging them to intervene in the judicial proceedings of her son, DeShon, due to judicial officials violating DeShon’s U.S. Constitutional Rights—both offices refused to intervene. As DeShon’s mother described her son’s nearly three year judicial process, “Pure evil! It was like being forced to watch your child repeatedly get molested by a group of adults, and the only reason you’re able to maintain your sanity is because of God’s grace and knowing that through it all your child is innocent.”

Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford and Circuit Judge Charles Dodson all preside over cases in Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit. These circuit judges “child molesters” played key roles in violating 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas’, Fifth Amendment Right—the right to due process. Normally, in judicial proceedings, the judge holds all of the power in the courtroom. However, in the case of State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas, the prosecutor was telling both the judge and DeShon’s attorneys what to do—the prosecutor clearly had the power. DeShon’s mother paid Greg Cummings, a private attorney nearly $30,000 over sixteen months. Mr. Cummings never documented a deposition neither did he file any sufficient documents to build a case for DeShon. After Mr. Cummings was fired, DeShon’s case defaulted back to the court to assign an attorney. All of DeShon’s court appointed attorneys with both the Public Defender’s Office and the Office of Regional Conflict Counsel filed Motions to Withdraw. When DeShon’s mother offered to pay for a private investigator to assist on the case—her offer was ignored. No investigator was retained.DeShon’s case stemmed from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office double homicide case. DeShon plead not guilty.

In early 2011, DeShon was charged with two counts of 1st  degree murder. The victims were DeShon’s 20-year-old, pregnant ex-girlfriend and her 17-year-old brother. While detectives with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office felt inclined to conduct Gunshot Residue Tests on the victims’ mother and 16-year-old brother, no GSR Testing was conducted on DeShon. DeShon’s and his mother had voluntarily walked into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to share inform about a recent confrontation that the female victim had had with a close friend. The information turned out to be relevant, but because DeShon’s mother was upset when DeShon was denied access to an attorney, the woman who was involved in the confrontation was not pursued (the victim owed the woman and the woman’s mother $350 the confrontation came after the woman posted on Facebook that she had a “hit out for this bitch”). There were reports from a team of creditable full-time veteran law enforcement detectives/officers that did not implement DeShon as the murderer. However, instead of using reports from the team of creditable full-time veteran law enforcement detectives/officers to bring about probable cause, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell positioned their personal friend, Donald Odham, to “crack” the double murder case. Mr. Odham, a wealthy friend of the Campbell’s, was never a law enforcement officer, but had been given permission to carry out the responsibilities of a crime scene detective and was assigned as lead detective on this case. While it is unclear as to how many staffers with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office was aware of Mr. Odham—“Playing Cop,”—it was obvious that many creditable veteran law enforcement officers didn’t trust him—yet, they allowed him to molest DeShon inside of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell introduced Mr. Odham and documents prepared by Mr. Odham into DeShon’s judicial proceedings knowing that Mr. Odham was a fraud. Both Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford are former colleagues of Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell. They all have been deficiently groomed by Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs.

Taxpayers fund all government positions, including those of judicial officials. Assistant State Attorney/Prosecutor Jack Campbell is forty-two-years-old. He has been working for State Attorney Willie Meggs since leaving law school—less than 20 years ago. Currently he’s collecting a six figure salary. There are no public school teachers—regardless of how many years they’ve been teaching school—that are collecting a six figure salary.

Seemingly, Florida’s plans for kids—are to overwhelm their school teachers with excessive goals to meet while giving them minimal pay; and to discourage students by forcing them to take tests that are designed for them to fail—which increases the possibility of them either committing a crime or becoming prey of unethical law enforcement predators. While on the other hand, paying judges and prosecutors six figure salaries to use fraudulent means in order to prosecute children as adults. Packing Florida’s prisons with children who have been denied their right to due process is a long way from the time when Florida’s children were proud to live in the same state as Mickey Mouse.

As experts say that child molesters often work in theme parks in order to have access to children—well, theme parks are not funded by taxpayers—Florida’s judicial officials are—and Florida’s taxpayers should know that they are funding child molesters.


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