Governor Rick Scott Does Not Have His Head in the Sand; Are There Any Dignified Leaders In Tallahassee, Florida?

Tallahassee, FL—The State of Florida is widely known for its beautiful sandy beaches. However, there are no beaches located in Tallahassee, Florida. So now, where have leaders in Tallahassee put their heads?


What Floridian is ever surprised to hear about the elimination of more state worker positions by republican governors?

On any given workday, walk into a private office of a state worker who is near their time of retirement and listen to how they’ve gone from having a job title and job description that was once worth telling their family and friends about—to presently just having a job title that sounds worthy but a job description that is really nothing more than an administrative assistant or a sales person. No, this is not in reference to state workers who may have a high school diploma or a trade in administrative assistant duties. This is specifically in reference to highly educated nurses, engineers, electricians and technician who began their careers working proudly in their respective positions and have now been reduced to work as administrative assistants—“Paper Pushers” to provide administrative support to those companies and individual vendors, etc. whom their original jobs have been outsourced. If state workers do not have an office, they’re sure to have a work cubicle that may measures 5×5 because their private office (entire work section) may have been leased out to an outside company.

Some state workers move about between buildings like migrant workers. Some cubicles are constantly being reduced to pack more and more workers in a small work space. Some state workers may have gotten to the point where they don’t unpack simply because their work space may be leased out to the highest bidder or most favorable friend (INSIDER). So many state workers are too far into their hopes of retiring from their state job to turn back and restart their career in the private sector. For those workers who may have not been able to make the right connections in the political realm or who have simply chosen to not to “play the game,” it’s better for them to continue on in their administrative support role and pray that their not one of the hundreds—or thousands—to have their job position eliminated during a time when a republican governor needs to put more money in the pockets of his friends/donors in the private sector.

Surely, if one were to really look at a lot of the vendors who do business with the State of Florida, along with those who hold lucrative state contracts, they will see some very familiar names either out front or within the lines. Could this is be why state workers do not have anyone screaming to save their jobs?

Jeff Burlew, with the Tallahassee Democrat, reported, “Florida has the country’s lowest ratio of state employees to the population—108 per 10,000 residents.”

There used to be a time when state workers looked forward to their children going to an in-state university and then obtaining a career as a state worker—not anymore—especially for those families who live in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, for some of those who have long begun to maintain government money in their families—they simply “bleed the greed.” And greed has been the main factor to Tallahassee’s low upward mobility. There’s no wonder as to why according to a study released by the New York Times, “ranks Leon County (Tallahassee) as one of the worst places to grow up in the country.”

It is a fact that true leadership produces positive results. Tallahassee is the capitol city of Florida—it’s where Governor Rick Scott has been housed in a mansion just blocks away from the Leon County Courthouse within the 2nd Judicial Circuit. Over the last year or two, many 2nd Judicial Circuit Judges have had complaints filed against them with the Judicial Qualifications Commission. So far, one of those judges have been removed from the bench, while another one (Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford) has removed herself as she’s being investigated on three counts of misconduct in three separate court cases.

In January 2015, weeks after the death of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, Governor Rick Scott appointed Undersheriff Mike Wood as Leon County Sheriff. Mike Wood may have been a great pick for Sheriff Larry Campbell, after all, not many folks with a felony record can get a lucrative paying job as a deputy sheriff and retire 30 plus years later making three figures a year—and come back as undersheriff—let alone get appointed to be sheriff by the governor.

Corrupt judicial judges… A sheriff with a felony record…   Leon County ranking worst place to raise kids…Not good!

So now, considering that there are no beaches in Tallahassee—where are leaders putting their heads?

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