California/ Florida: When Local Law Enforcement Officials Ignore Federal Law Enforcement Officials

Tallahassee, FL—Its has been reported that recently, a father and daughter taking a peaceful stroll on a pier in San Francisco turned into a tragic event when his daughter was shot in a random (possibly accidental) act. His daughter, 31-year-old, Kathryn Steinle, was hit with a bullet in her torso. Despite immediate efforts to save her, she died. The alleged shooter was identified as Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

According to United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Mr. Sanchez had at least seven prior felony convictions and had been deported back to Mexico at least five times. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement also reported that they (ICE) turned over Mr. Sanchez to local law enforcement officials on an outstanding warrant and had requested to be notified upon Mr. Sanchez’s release. Local law enforcement did not notify the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement of Mr. Sanchez’s release. Kathryn Steinle’s family is grieving their lost.

As reported, In November 2010, twenty-eight-year-old, Brandy Peters, along with her twin 6-year-old daughters and 3-year-old son, were found brutally murdered in their home in Tallahassee. Early on in the quadruple murder investigation, law enforcement officials received information about Ms. Peters possible involvement with major drug dealers and was possibly involved in other high stakes events involving other convicted felons that may have led to the murders of her and her family. However, in September 2011, law enforcement officials arrested the father of Ms. Peters’ son, Henry Segura, and charged him with the murders, stating, “Mr. Segura did not want to pay child support.” Mr. Segura is facing the Death Penalty.

Today, Mr. Segura has been sitting in the Leon County Jail for nearly four years waiting trial. According to reports, three weeks ago, on the eve of Mr. Segura’s scheduled upcoming trial, a DNA analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) located in Tallahassee, came forward and stated that over a year ago, she’d received a letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation stating that DNA evidence belonging to a well-known drug dealer from Columbia, was a partial match of DNA located at the crime scene. The Columbian drug dealer had been released from custody in close proximity to the time of the murders. DNA analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated that her supervisor told her not to move forward with the information. (It should also be noted that long time serving Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner, Gerald Bailey, was fired from the FDLE in December 2014. Mr. Bailey’s firing possibly brought relief to FDLE employees—allowing them to come forward in cases where vital information had been suppressed.)

By the time Mr. Segura’s attorney, Chuck Hobbs, received the information regarding the Columbian drug dealer’s DNA being located at the crime scene, the Columbian drug dealer had been deported back to Columbia. Mr. Hobbs, who is representing Mr. Segura pro bono, was angry about this information being withheld from him. Mr. Hobbs and other defense attorneys may be seeking to have the Federal Bureau of Investigation open up an investigation into the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for purposely withholding vital information.

Mr. Hobbs had long asked the courts (former presiding judge Circuit Judge Mark Walker), to dismiss the prosecutor, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, but Mr. Hobbs’ request was denied. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Not only was Sheriff Campbell the overseer of the jail in which Mr. Segura was taken soon after his arrest and is currently residing, but Sheriff Campbell also was a former employee at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Sheriff Campbell and FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey worked together for years.

Many people believed it to be bias for State Attorney Willie Meggs to assign Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to prosecute cases in that which his dad, Sheriff Campbell either housed the defendants in the Leon County Jail and/or where Sheriff Campbell was the leading investigating agency. State Attorney Willie Meggs is responsible for six counties, the need to assign Jack Campbell as prosecutor on cases in Leon County, has proven to be disgustingly bias.

In December 2013, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement received a complaint in regards to Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, having filed court documents identifying a wealthy family, Don Odham, as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective and then assigning Don Odham to be lead detective on a double homicide case and actively working other cases. Don Odham, was never an employee with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Don Odham had been provided with a badge, allowed to assume the position as a detective, both a crime scene and a homicide detective. Don Odham was used to get grand jury indictments and provided testimony in several controversial trials, along with other cases where both families of victims/and defendants believed corrupt actions led to injustice of their loved ones. Sheriff Campbell allowing Don Odham to “Impersonate a law enforcement officer” was clearly a “Breach of Public Trust.” Commissioner Gerald Bailey refused to investigate Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son.

In February 2015, Mr. Hobb’s filed court documents to obtain DNA from another possible suspect in the murders with Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, who replaced Circuit Judge Mark Walker as the presiding judge. In late April 2015, it was announced that Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford is being investigated by the Judicial Qualifications Commission on three counts of misconduct that occurred prior to being assigned to Mr. Segura’s case.

As reported, after learning of DNA being suppressed by the FDLE DNA analyst, Mr. Hobbs filed a Motion to Dismiss the quadruple murder charges against Mr. Segura. Mr. Hobbs called FDLE actions, “conscious, willful, and deliberate.”

After hearing testimony from the supervisor of the DNA analyst at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the current presiding judge, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis, denied Mr. Hobbs’ motion, citing FDLE’s actions were “unintentional.”

Good Ole Boys? Local government officials against Federal government officials.

Communities need federal law enforcement officials to remind local law enforcement officials that they are not above the law—they are not an independent city or state. While it may be easy for local law enforcement officials to get caught up in their “power of authority” and lose sight of laws—the right things to do–the truth of the matter is, when local law enforcement officials ignore and/or downplay Federal law enforcement officials, regardless of the matter, results have proven to be tragic. The shooter of Ms. Kathryn Steinle is in jail. Where is the Columbian drug dealer?





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