Florida Governor and Florida Attorney General’s Failure to Protect ALL Children Claims Two More Young Lives

Tallahassee, FL— What leader does not know the importance of having the People’s TRUST? Failing to act on issues never brings about a resolution. Problems that have the capability of impacting a vast majority of people need to be addressed promptly and appropriately—especially when laws are being broken by elected officials. Problems don’t just go away. Apparently, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have so much money that they could care less about having the TRUST of Florida’s citizens. After all, the latest reports state that Governor Scott does not want Florida’s uninsured to have Obama Care, however, both Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi wants Floridians to pay the cost for their criminal activity—violating Florida’s Public Records law. Criminals protecting Criminals—while destroying the lives of hardworking parents and using children to fill Florida’s prisons.

Sixteen-year-old, Hunter Goodwin and 16-year-old, Cody Elkins, both students at Chiles High School, are the latest of Tallahassee’s children to fall under CORRUPTION of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office, Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi. And to make matters worse, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the District Two Medical Examiner’s creditability haVE become even more questionable since the 2011 double homicide case against 17-year-old Tallahassee Community College freshman, DeShon Thomas.

In 2011, State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned his Assistant State Attorney, Jack Campbell, to prosecute the double murder case against DeShon Thomas. The double murder investigation was being conducted by Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. DeShon Thomas’ mother, who knows all too well about ‘Conflict of Interest’ when it comes to government relationships in regards to private businesses obtaining government contracts—believed that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell—the son/father team—clearly posed a ‘Conflict of Interest,’—especially considering that the majority of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s witnesses against her son, were his father’s employees—other Leon County Sheriff’s staff members—deputies, criminal analyst, etc. State Attorney Willie Meggs, who has been in office for more than twenty-five years, felt comfortable assigning Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son to prosecute the case against DeShon. DeShon’s mother believed that State Attorney Willie Meggs’ exercised poor judgement and was putting DeShon and other witnesses—both for the defense and the state—in compromising positions. DeShon’s mother reached out to Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi seeking a Special Prosecutor to be assigned to DeShon’s case—to no avail. Instead of addressing the SERIOUS issues as they grew bigger and BIGGER over the near three years to get DeShon a trial date, Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi refused to act on behalf of DeShon and the witnesses for and against him in the case.

A female teen, who did not know DeShon, but may have seen the real murderer of the victims (who was not DeShon), provided testimony for the defense. After providing her testimony, that female teen was exploited online by WCTV’s Julie Montanaro—putting that INNOCENT female teen in the CROSS-HAIRS of the real murderer. Leon County Sheriff Sergeant Brian Pearson committed perjury in order to cover for Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s poor judgment of allowing a volunteer to act as a crime scene detective—investigate, collect, process and submit evidence.

As it has been reported, in February 2015, fourteen-year-old, Chiles High School freshman, Ansley Rayborn, was killed in a car accident. But was it really an accident? The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is the lead investigating agency on the Ansley Rayborn case.

Did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office use creditable full-time detectives to investigate the case or did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office allow volunteer staff to investigate, collect, process and submit evidence of the crash site? Did someone from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office come to the crash site? Who and how was it determine that Ansley Rayborn was ejected from the SUV and not deliberately pushed out of the SUV? Other than little Ms. Ansley Rayborn’s dad, Shawn Rayborn, having contaminating the crime scene, who else did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office allow to freely get up close and personal to the crash site? Were liquor bottles and drug paraphernalia taken away from the crash site by the kids or put onto the crash site by…? Reports state that Ansley Rayborn did not have any drugs or alcohol in her system. Those reports may have come from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office. If so, Dr. Anthony Clark, with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office is not creditable. Dr. Anthony Clark testified that he could not give a time of death in the double homicide case against DeShon—only stating that the victims died within 24 hours of him (Clark) coming in contact with the bodies. In the case against DeShon, the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office never went to the crime scene. Dr. Clark’s testimony was a slap in the face to scientists who’ve dedicated so much work with narrowing down victims’ time of death. Dr. Clark’s testimony was perjury at its finest—because Dr. Clark’s testimony was opposite to Dr. Clark’s notes. Dr. Clark’s testimony broadened the window of time of death in order to hand State Prosecutor Jack Campbell a conviction. DeShon’s local defense attorneys—both private and public relied heavily on future court case assignments—therefore, DeShon’s defense attorneys refused to challenge State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. DeShon’s private paid attorney, Greg Cummings, told DeShon’s mother that he didn’t object to State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s motions because Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson was going to allow whatever the State asked. After DeShon’s mother paid Greg Cummings nearly $30,000, Greg Cummings was fired. (DeShon’s mother was literally paying Greg Cummings to serve her son up to State Prosecutor Jack Campbell on a silver platter—as Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson foamed out of his mouth. Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson is a former Assistant State Attorney for Willie Meggs.)

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement testified in DeShon’s case—they read their lab reports as they found no evidence against DeShon. But in the State of Florida vs. Henry Segura case, a DNA analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement recently called the creditability of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into question. Mr. Segura is facing the Death Penalty for the November 2010 quadruple murder of a young mother and her three children—including Mr. Segura’s toddler son. Mr. Segura has pleaded NOT GUILTY to ALL charges. In June 2015, on the eve of Mr. Segura’s trial, reports state that a DNA analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated that a lab report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation showing possible exculpatory evidence was withheld from the court. Mr. Segura’s trial has since been rescheduled while Mr. Segura’s defense attorney, Chuck Hobbs, investigate the matter.

Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi were told about Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson withholding motions and orders from the Leon County Clerk of Courts and DeShon. Also, Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi were told about Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson conducting court events outside of DeShon’s presence and without DeShon’s knowledge. Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson’s actions directly violated DeShon’s right to due process under the law.

Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, a former Assistant State Attorney for Willie Meggs and United States Chief Assistant Attorney for Florida’s Northern District, along with Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi, added FUEL to Tallahassee’s already existing TOXIC and CORRUPT Judicial System. For many decades the citizens of Tallahassee have been living under the terror of State Attorney Willie Meggs and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell—because they knew that ALL local resources set to PROTECT them—would FAIL them—through the criminal proceedings and all through the appeals process. The names Meggs, Campbell, Wheeler, and Swearingen—just to name a few—are within ever level of Tallahassee (North Florida) judicial process—and they all work on each other’s cases.

In the Ansley Rayborn case, State Attorney Willie Meggs requested Governor Scott to assign a Special Prosecutor—citing the friendship/and or former work relationship between the Meggs family and one of the defendant’s grandfather. Governor Scott acted swiftly and assigned a Special Prosecutor to Ansley Rayborn’s case. Goodwin and Elkins Tallahassee attorneys will face a prosecutor from Florida’s Third District. A Special Prosecutor FINALLY being brought in on a Tallahassee criminal case may well be every Tallahassee attorneys “Dream Come True!” Finally, a Tallahassee attorney may have the opportunity to represent their client FULLY without FEAR and having to do cartwheels and backward flips in order to get police reports and other Public Records. Many Tallahassee attorneys have had to pay ordinary citizens to request Public Records for them.  In DeShon’s case—DeShon never got a Special Prosecutor. There were much more personal relationships involved all around—including the use of Don “Fake Cop” Odham.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell got the conviction against DeShon. DeShon is currently in prison. As for DeShon’s appeals process—same ol’, same ‘ol. But DeShon is NOT A CRIMINAL—DESHON IS NOT A MURDERER. DeShon’s wrongful imprisonment may lack the attention of Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi, but those government agencies who joined forces with State Prosecutor Jack Campbell to conspire against DeShon—including the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—have questionable creditability—have caused many more Tallahassee families turmoil and may cause them to go without true justice.


Criminals like Governor Scott, Attorney General Bondi, Second Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs, and Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson should be removed from office. Currently, their leadership poses a HIGH THREAT to the safety of ALL Floridians—including children. And before you know it—Florida’s prisons will be FULL of children—not because the children are guilty of the crimes in that they are charged—but because they WILL NOT be able to get a fair trial due to perjured testimony and State resources being extended to get the children convicted.