Massachusetts Organization– Represent.Us–Helped Tallahassee Florida with Anti-Corruption Amendment; Then Florida’s Governor Serves ALL Floridians with 1+Million Dollar Legal Bill to Settle His Violations of Public Records Lawsuit

Tallahassee, FL—Governor Scott has argued against Floridians need for Obama Care, despite the hundreds of thousands of Florida’s uninsured workers who in spite of their aches and pains, still manage to pull themselves out of bed and go to work in order to provide for their family. Rick Scott may be governor, but for the majority of Floridians, “Rick Scott is Not Their Governor.”

Thanks to Massachusetts based organization, Represent.Us, on November 4, 2014, the citizens of Tallahassee spoke loudly when they passed an Anti-Corruption Amendment to improve their city government. The Governor’s Mansion is located just blocks away from the Capitol Building where many citizens celebrated the passing of the amendment.

Now—not even a year after the passing of the amendment, due to Governor Scott and members of his staff violating Florida’s Sunshine law, the citizens of Tallahassee along with ALL of Florida’s citizens have been delivered a 1+million dollar legal bill.

Recently, Governor Scott ordered hospitals in Florida to undergo an audit to ensure that Medicaid is not being overcharged. With Florida’s prisons being under immense scrutiny for prison abuse and unsafe housing/workplace, Governor Scott and all of his “Cronies” seem desperate to rob others—even Florida’s children.

(Has anyone noticed how the violations of Public Records committed by Governor Rick Scott and members of his staff mirror how State Attorney Willie Meggs and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, along with Regional Counsel Daren Shippy, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford were able to get the convictions of 17-year-old DeShon Thomas? For example—withholding documents.)

Governor Rick Scott has attempted to forever “darken the lives of Floridians.” But one thing is for sure—one day—Florida will be “Scott-Free!”

Author: MAUL10

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