T.V. One and Jupiter Entertainment “Fatal Attraction” Defamation Suit

According to Danny Jacobs, Legal Affairs Writer with The Daily Record, in an article titled, “Suit: TV Show made me look like a killer,” dated September 11, 2014, the true crime documentary series “’Fatal Attraction,’ which promises a glimpse into the dark heart of a dangerous romance, depicted another man as the prime suspect: Gary Jefferson, who was portrayed by an actor as a jealous lover seeking revenge.”

Since Gary Jefferson filed the defamation lawsuit, the name of the episode was changed and Gary Jefferson’s name has been changed. Yet, Jupiter Entertainment is quoted by The Daily Record, “Jupiter Entertainment and the Fatal Attraction production team go to great lengths to make sure every assertion made in every episode is attributable to a primary source (police, victim’s family, prosecutors, etc.). We also fact check these assertions against police reports, court records, and other publicly accessible information,” Moss wrote in an email. “We have two separate fact checkers vet each episode in-house. Once those two fact checks are complete, we submit the show to our attorneys for a third review. This is rigorous process, one to which many television producers, news outlets, and print journalist do not adhere.”

Shawn Davis is serving 18 years after pleading guilty in the stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend, Tawanna Barnes-Copeland. However, the show “Fatal Attraction” episode titled, “Raging Bull” had Gary Jefferson as the prime suspect. The show also claimed Jefferson evaded police prior to being arrested. In real life, Jefferson was not hiding from police but willingly spoke with officers.

The case is Jefferson v. TV One, LLC et al., 8:14-cv-02762-PJM.

When Jupiter Entertainment contacted the mother of DeShon Thomas regarding appearing in their filming of the double homicide case, State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas, DeShon Thomas’ mother was not interested. DeShon’s mother knew that the show would be comprised of many LIES as the judicial proceeding to what led to DeShon being arrested and convicted. There was no need for DeShon’s mother to make an appearance. The only two people seeking fame from the public viewers were Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, who prosecuted DeShon, and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin.

When DeShon’s family received a phone call from an associate about TV One and Jupiter Entertainment having aired “Fatal Attraction: episode ‘Cripple by Blood’,” the LIES were clear as day—just as DeShon’s mother had predicted. Any homicide detective will tell you that successfully solving a double homicide case is a huge deal for their career and their agency. In the episode, “Cripple by Blood” there was no homicide detective or other representative from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office that spoke about what led up to DeShon being charged with the double murders. Why? Because Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, the father of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, along with State Attorney Willie Meggs and others—went to the extreme of utilizing a “fake cop” by the name of Donald Odham, to present to the grand jury in order to get an indictment for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent against 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas. The reason why State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin spoke so precisely about DeShon and the “hit” that DeShon put out on Trentin Ross which brought about the Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder was because State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, himself, engineered the plot and recruited State Attorney Jason Newlin and the other key players—Dawuan N. Williams and Walter Cole Rayborn. DeShon never solicited Dawuan to murder anyone.

TV One and Jupiter Entertainment and State Prosector Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin and all of those who were speaking about the case fail to realize is that prison inmates who were once convicted are now being exonerated in this country EVERYDAY! Why? Because of IDIOT STATE PROSECUTORS LIKE JACK CAMPBELL! Jack Campbell is simply pulling as many people onto the boat with him as possible because he doesn’t want to sink alone. Oh, YES—JACK CAMPBELL’S BOAT WILL SINK ONE DAY!

Laqecia Herring and Sterling Conner Jr. continue to be disrespected–even in their deaths—for the mere purpose of entertainment. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell—who wants to be Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney—looked right into the camera for entertainment purposes and spoke LIES. As long as there are LIES being fed to those in the community—the community will NEVER heal or progress.