The Florida Bar Membership Fees; Support Child Molesters…

Tallahassee, FL—Rather than appearing to be “monsters,” perpetrators usually try to be very charming and friendly. After gaining widespread trust, over time, some eventually head nonprofit organizations of various kinds dealing with youth, giving the molesters not only easy access but also free rein.

They lie and manipulate, typically very skillfully.

 It is normal for children to learn early on that their survival depends on adults. Besides fulfilling the emotional and physical needs of children, adults are bigger and stronger. Children are instructed to respect and obey adults, but the exceptions to this need to be clearly taught as well.

Matthew Graziotti, a former teacher and summer camp director at Warner Christian Academy, operated by White Chapel Church of God, located in Daytona, plead guilty to numerous crimes against children, including child molestation. Graziotti, who was a husband and father, is currently in a federal prison. The parents of Graziotti’s victims have filed lawsuits suing the White Chapel Church of God. But the reality is no amount of money will erase the abuse that has already been inflicted on those children by a trusted adult—Mr. Graziotti.

Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings, along with Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, Public Defender Nancy Daniels, Assistant Regional Counsel Daren Shippy, Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman, and Assistant State Attorney Eric Trombley (Juvenile Prosecutor) are worse than Mr. Matthew Graziotti.

The Florida Bar describes its organization as “A guardian for the integrity of the legal profession. The Florida Bar is the statewide professional organization of lawyers.”

The Florida Bar’s description sounds great—something well worth paying membership fees to be a part of the professional organization. But the truth of the matter is—many lawyers, who pay membership fees, are fearful in courtrooms because calling out “child molesters” operating as judicial officials may bring their career to an end. The Florida Bar receives membership fees—and then what? Protect attorneys whose personal/professional behavior mirrors that of a child molester?

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