In today’s time, with 21st Century policing tools, science and technology, wrongful convictions should not be occurring in courtrooms in America. Innocent sons, fathers, grandsons, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers being sent to prison for crimes that they did not commit while the real criminals walk free is a public safety hazard and can destroy families of the innocent.

In Tallahassee, Florida, judges in Leon County and the 2nd Judicial Circuit have had complaints filed against them for a long list of acts of misconduct. Several lawyers have attempted to ensure that their black clients receive a fair and balanced judicial process—only to be rebuked by the judges. Black defendants have been sentenced to jail time without arrest warrants, and more sinister, white male racist civilians have been given badges, guns and patrol cars.

Lawyers are fearful of judges when they go into courtrooms. Lawyers are fearful that their clients may not get a fair judicial process if they (the lawyer) do not do some special favor for the presiding judge or the prosecuting state attorney. Law enforcement officers are fearful that if they report unethical behavior within their department, then they will be ostracized—labeled as a traitor—and possibly bullied until they resign. Former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell used to brag about his connections with the local FBI and his close friendship with the former commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Gerald Bailey. Many families in Leon County reached out to the local FBI in regards to the injustice that they believed that their families received from Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and 2nd Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs. Many law enforcement officers in Leon County may have felt that they had nowhere to turn when they witnessed unethical conduct within their department.

Unaddressed corruption and unethical and immoral misconduct within any law enforcement agency and any judicial system is an attack on all law enforcement officers. The Black Lives Matter Organization is not a terrorist group. Good law enforcement officers, along with lawyers who want to represent their clients Constitutional Rights in the court of law are being terrorized on the inside. The real terror is coming from local and state authorities—not Black Lives Matter.

Crime rates don’t go down when innocent people are sent to prison.

The Florida Bar, the organization that governs all lawyers who practice law in Florida, states in part, that their primary purpose “is to ensure the highest standards of professionalism in the practice of law for the benefit of members and the public.”

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, the organization that governs all county and circuit judges in Florida, states in part, “Specifically, a judge must not deny anyone of their rights to due process of law…”

To date, both The Florida Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commission have clearly protected white lawyers and judges who have denied the right to due process to African Americans (Blacks). So much so—that complaints against white lawyers and judges have fallen flat.

In the case of DeShon Thomas, it is clearly on the record where lawyers and judges have openly spoken about denying DeShon his constitutional rights; both DeShon and his mother filed complaints with the Florida Bar, the Judicial Qualifications Commission, Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office—yet, no one has addressed the problem—further inflicting terror on lawyers, law enforcement officers and citizens within communities who want their judicial system, their relationship with law enforcement officers, and their communities to be better.

The Black Lives Matter Network does not have more authority over citizens within states than states governors. And, if the Black Lives Matter Network has more authority over citizens within states than states governors, then those governors either need to root out corruption, unethical and immoral misconduct within government agencies—including the judicial system and law enforcement agencies or resign from office.

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