An African-American Male Chose to get a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Criminology from Florida State University to Pursue a Career in Law Enforcement and This Happened…

Bobby watched Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell and Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson retaliate against him (Bobby) and their mother by stating on a legal document that he (Bobby) and their mother participated in a plot to murder state’s witness Trentin Ross.

Bobby watched at least five employees with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office commit perjury to cover up for Sheriff Larry Campbell, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, and State Attorney Willie Meggs, Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman due to their lies to a grand jury and at DeShon’s trial in regards to Don Odham.

Bobby watched Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Anthony J. Clark commit perjury in order to provide favorable testimony for Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell.

Bobby watched Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell lead the testimony during trial with his key witness Trentin Ross. Mr. Ross had more than enough reasons to give false testimony against DeShon.

Bobby’s little brother was convicted without any physical evidence against him—and hearsay testimony. Bobby’s little brother was sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years. If Bobby’s little brother would’ve been 18-years-old at the time he was charged with the murders, then he would’ve been facing the Death Penalty.

The ‘EVILDOERS’ of Tallahassee are: Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell (deceased), State Attorney Willie Meggs, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman, Assistant State Attorney Eric Trombley, State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin, Defense Attorney Greg Cummings, Public Defense Attorney Lead Nancy Daniels, Assistant Regional Conflict Counsel Daren Shippy, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Circuit Judge Charles Dodson, Circuit Judge Robert Wheeler, Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford (*retired), Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Pearson, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Ganey, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Ronald O’Brien, Leon County Sheriff’s Criminal Analyst Leslie Rabon, District Two Medical Examiner Associate Dr. Anthony J. Clark , and anyone else who played a role in railroading an INNOCENT child into Florida’s Prison System.

Bobby watched as The Florida Bar failed to protect his mother and little brother. Despite Mr. Cummings admitting that he withheld information from DeShon, The Florida Bar has failed to protect DeShon—while failing to hold Mr. Cummings accountable.

Bobby watched as the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission failed to hold any of the judge listed above accountable for their failure to uphold DeShon’s constitutional rights.

Bobby watched as the local Social Security Administration in Lake Mary, Florida, located not too far from where Trayvon Martin was assassinated, retaliated against his mother by discontinuing her disability payments and her Medicare–putting her health in jeopardy. Bobby and DeShon’s mother had worked since the age of 13-years-old. After being diagnosed with Scleroderma, a rare progressive and debilitating disease that there is no cure or treatment regime, she continued working for twelve more years because she wanted to provide them and their two cousins whom she’s raising with a comfortable home.

Bobby’s career choice of becoming a law enforcement officer is not completely shattered, but is being second guessed. There is something tremendously wrong when the arrest of anyone is better than the arrest of no one. There is something wrong when wrongful convictions outweigh no convictions. Bobby will never participate in any ‘code of silence’ or lie—commit perjury—to protect anyone. Bobby recognizes that God has been too good to him and his family—despite his brother’s kidnapping a.k.a wrongful conviction. Bobby also recognizes that in the Bible there were many young men of God who suffered due to false witness claims. In the end, the young men received the victory—including Jesus Christ.

Political leaders all over the United States are trying to find ways to bridge law enforcement officers with citizens in the community. Some leaders at law enforcement agencies are calling for a more diverse team of police officers. After the fatal shooting of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown suggested protester against police violence join forces with them, stating, “We’re hiring.”

On July 13, 2016, in part as an effort to promote diversity within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Director James Comey spoke at a Law Enforcement Training Conference hosted by Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach. Bethune-Cookman University is a Historical Black University.

There are a lot of young black men who would love to have a career as a law enforcement officer. However, there are also a lot of young black men who are far too familiar with the racism within law enforcement agencies—and many more have witnessed racism within both law enforcement agencies and within the judicial system as young as middle school age—which leaves a lasting bad taste in their mouths—so they choose to seek other career paths.

Bobby and DeShon were on career paths to help their communities—then a whole host of ‘WHITE EVILDOERS’ showed up. Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi turned their backs to the whole situation—and they were the ones who took oaths to protect ALL citizens in Florida.

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