Unfortunately, FSU Law Professor Dan Markel’s Murder Case Added to Long Long List of Tallahassee’s Circus Circus Homicide Cases Mostly Starring, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell

Tallahassee, FL— Florida State University offers a course where students can learn several circus acts? The only requirement to be a member of The FSU Flying High Circus at Florida State University is that the student must be registered at Florida State University . http://circus.fsu.edu/

Well, students of the Flying High Circus, if walking on a tight rope or being shot out of a canon is not enough for you, just know that three blocks east of Florida State University’s main campus is the Leon County Courthouse. As if for more than thirty years 2nd Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs didn’t sicken citizens of the Big Bend enough with his Fake Bible Belt Democratic loving-self, his protégé John “Jack” Campbell is currently seeking to keep Meggs’ conspiracy tactics going into the 21st Century. Yes, Jack Campbell is exploiting the Democratic ticket in the same manner KKK members used to send White men and women into Black businesses and churches to spy on Black leaders. Jack Campbell, the son of former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, was raised in Tallahassee and is very familiar with the ends and outs of how to operate a corrupt/ unethical judicial system by manipulating  law enforcement officers, jail inmates and vulnerable witnesses—especially out of state/ out of town college students living away from their parents.

If there’s any doubts about Jack Campbell and Willie Meggs and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office’s corrupt/unethical judicial tactics, just ask the parents of former Florida State University student Rachel Hoffman (Homicide Victim), or the parents of former Florida State University student Erica Kinsman (Sexual Assault Victim), or the parents of Tallahassee Community College freshman DeShon Thomas (Victim of Battery, Kidnap, Wrongful Conviction, etc.), or the single mother of Laqecia Herring (Pregnant Homicide Victim) and her brother Sterling Conner Jr. (Homicide Victim), or the parent of high school student Darrielle Copeland (Victim), or the parents of Tallahassee Community College student Anne Grosmaire (Homicide Victim), or the parents of high school student Robert Butler (Homicide Victim),  or the family members of Ms. Peters and her three children whose 2010 murder case still has not gone to trial yet, in spite of an arrest–Brandi Peters (Homicide Victim), Taniyah Peters (Homicide Victim), Tamiyah Peters (Homicide Victim), Javante Segura (Homicide Victim), and/or the family of former Florida State University Mascot David “Chief Osceola” Mays (Death Victim), or the family of Henry Segura (whose been charged with murdering his son Javante, along with the Peters’—who also has been sitting in the Leon County Jail for nearly a decade in spite of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement withholding possibly exculpatory evidence and then the judge who once denied motions on his case getting removed from the bench (Jackie Fulford) by JQC and then Jackie Fulford wanting to join Mr. Segura’s defense team (Did you get that?) Well the acts continue, ask the parents of high school student Ansley Rayborn (Death Victim) why it took over six months to make an arrest and charge boys who were known to have played a role in her murder, and ask the family members of employee Lance Love (Homicide Victim) and the family of  employee Corneillus Poole why the young man charged in their murders has his file sealed—this young man who was an informant in the Leon County Jail who has a long list of criminal charges dating back to his juvenile record, but was given favoritism by the courts.  The widower of Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith may never know exactly who or what miscommunication darkened her life, however, she does know that her husband, a sworn law enforcement official, was murdered in his Leon County Sheriff’s uniform— not a clown suit.

Canadians welcome to North Florida—a separate planet within a planet.

Almost two years before it took ambulances nearly 19 minutes to reach the home of FSU Law Professor Dan Markel, it was reported that Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith and Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Colin Wulfekuhl responded to a call regarding a house fire. Unfortunately, Deputy Smith’s response would be his last. You see, according to reports the house fire was deliberately set by a deranged man who’d let it be known to other law enforcement officers, including Leon County Sheriff’s Sergeant Wiley Meggs, that he was anti-law enforcement, which meant that the deranged man’s home address was supposedly to be listed as some type of hot zone. The deranged man’s address was either not listed as a hot zone or somebody forgot to list it as a hot zone, either way nobody warned Deputy Chris Smith or Deputy Colin Wulfekuhl. According to reports the two deputies were ambushed by gunfire coming from the deranged man’s gun. Deputy Colin Wulfekuhl received a gunshot wound, and Deputy Chris Smith was killed. It took over 24 hours for then Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell to address the media.

In December 2015, as people around the world were hanging up Christmas trees and shopping for special gifts to give to their loved ones, on one hand the wife of Deputy Chris Smith was preparing her children to spend their first Christmas without their father. And on the other hand, she was allowing her attorney to file lawsuits against Consolidated Dispatch Agency and Motorola.

In August 2016, it was reported that Consolidated Dispatch Agency settled a lawsuit with the family of Florida State University Law Professor Dan Markel. Currently, Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood, who was appointed as sheriff by Governor Rick Scott in January 2015, is one of three members on the board for the Consolidated Dispatch Agency. While Mike Wood is currently seeking to be elected as Leon County Sheriff, it has been reported that former employees of the Consolidated Dispatch Agency who were fired in regards to the handling of the dispatch to Deputy Chris Smith, have filed lawsuits against Consolidated Dispatch Agency and Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood who is also a board member for Consolidated Dispatch Agency. Another circus act.