Death Penalty: Without His Daddy and Willie Meggs Spoon-Feeding Him, Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney Jack Campbell Fails to Convict

Tallahassee, FL—For the first time in North Florida; Tallahassee; Leon County’s history of television, a Death Penalty Trial was broadcasted live and video streamed live for the world to watch.

After sitting in the Leon County Jail for nearly ten years, Mr. Henry Segura went on trial for the quadruple murder of his toddler son, his son’s mother, and her twin daughters. Mr. Segura, who was charged in 2012 by former Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs, a Democrat, is facing the Death Penalty. Mr. Segura’s case was being prosecuted by Meggs’ top prosecutor (assistant state attorney) Jack Campbell, a Democrat, who is also the son of former Leon County Sheriff Larry Canmpbell, a Democrat. (Sheriff Campbell died in December 2015).

Meggs served as 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney for thirty-two years. Willie Meggs and Larry Campbell were lifelong friends. While two of Meggs’ children worked under Sheriff Campbell as deputies, Jack Campbell (Sheriff Campbell’s only son) worked his entire sixteen year career as an attorney, working directly under Willie Meggs. To ensure Jack Campbell a successful career as an assistant state attorney (prosecutor), Willie Meggs assigned Jack Campbell criminal cases that were under the arresting/ investigative jurisdiction of his dad, Sheriff Larry Campbell.

With Leon County’s Judicial System (Tallahassee) under the “Terroristic Rule” of the Campbell/ Meggs Klan (where Sheriff Larry Campbell booked them—Meggs charged them—Jack Campbell prosecuted them)—men, women, and children—many of Tallahassee’s citizens and visiting college students lived in fear—fearing local authorities. Some judges, some local attorneys, former 2nd Judicial Public Defender Lead Nancy Daniels, former Leon County Clerk of Courts Bob Inzer, District Two Medical Examiner’s Office, First District Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel’s Office, and some law enforcement officials were all in place with their scripts to assist in “Spoon-feeding” sessions of Jack Campbell.

During the first two weeks of August 2017, the world got to see just how desperate Jack Campbell lusts for death—to be right versus wrong. And all of the clowns formerly set in place by Willie Meggs for Jack Campbell were in place. There was Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Defense Death Penalty Lawyer Greg Cummings, local attorney Annabelle Dias, WCTV News Reporter Julie Montanaro, just to name a few.

Now, for the first time ever, the Campbell/Meggs Klan was not as intact as previous years. Since Larry Campbell is dead—and gone—and Governor Rick Scott’s criminal appointee Mike Woods, who replaced Sheriff Campbell, failed to win the election for Leon County Sheriff—and the fact that Willie Meggs’ children are already paying the price for his sins—future prosecutions are not going to go too well for Jack Campbell. And the world has already gotten an up-close view of the arrogance that Willie Meggs and Larry Campbell embedded in Jack Campbell who probably would’ve never won a conviction in his career had it not been for the intimidating tactics used by Sheriff Larry Campbell against his own deputies and local citizens who did not comply to his instructions—commit perjury, tamper with evidence, withhold evidence, provide a false statement or go to jail, using pretend cops to make arrest…

There are many more upcoming high profile cases on the dockets, for instance, the July 2014 murder of Florida State University Law School professor Dan Markel—who was murdered in his own driveway during the daytime. And then there is the July 2015 double murder of Lance Love and Cornellius Poole—according to reports—both were murdered by Walter Cole Rayborn. (Side Note: the family of Lance Love and Cornellius Poole may want to request a special prosecutor. Walter Cole Rayborn was coddled by Sheriff Larry Campbell during his repeated arrests; also while in the Leon County Jail (in 2012 during Sheriff Campbell’s era) Rayborn and another inmate was involved in a scheme hatched (an entrapment of another inmate) by Jack Campbell, and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin—it is a fact that upon agreeing to the scheme, the other inmate (who robbed 2 Tallahassee banks) was released from the Leon County Jail—provided with money, a cell phone and other items by both the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office.)

With Mr. Segura’s trial ending in a mistrial—only underscores the lingering “fear” that remains over Tallahassee’s citizens after being instructed for over 30 years to vote guilty or else… Take the jury on Mr. Segura’s trial, along with previous jurors on other criminal trials, and attach that with the attorney that was “in fear” under 2nd Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford—then there you have it. An attorney that is “in fear” of the very 2nd Judicial Circuit that he took an oath to represent—has paved the way to show that it is highly likely that jurors in Mr. Segura’s case, previous cases, and future cases are, were, and will be in fear of the same fear as long as the remnants of Sheriff Larry Campbell and Willie Meggs—Jack Campbell is in office.




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