When Combating Crime—Florida State Leaders Must Start From the Inside and Work Their Way Out

Tallahassee, FL—Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stepen Bittel resigned after reports of ‘creepy’ behavior surfaced.


Prior to Bittel’s resignation, just miles away from the Florida-Alabama state line, Republican Alabama State Senator Roy Moore, has been aggressively denying past multiple acts of sexual abuse allegations, as he seeks to be elected into the U.S. Senate, a position previously held by current Republican U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Side Note: On Sunday, November 19, 2017, during a segment of Meet the Press,      Republican U.S. Congresswoman for Virginia’s 10th District stated, “Predators target the weak who can’t come forward.”

As Floridians prepare to elect its next state governor to replace their disgraced current Republican Governor Rick Scott, Florida’s state capital—the city of Tallahassee—has been ranked #1 in crime within the entire state for the third year in a row. In spite of their being seven separate law enforcement agencies patrolling the streets of Tallahassee, Tallahassee’s Mayor Andrew Gillum, a member of Florida’s Democratic Party, who also served as a former member of city commissioner of Tallahassee, just recently sought out to shift change in law enforcement agencies.


Although Mayor Gillum, who is also a current gubernatorial candidate for governor, supported Stephen Bittlel’s resignation, will he be open to seek an investigation into previous reports of his Democratic colleague, Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney Jack Campbell, having sexually assaulted one or more women?



Jack Campbell, a Tallahassee native, spent over a decade working directly under Willie Meggs as an assistant state attorney inside of the Leon County Courthouse located in downtown Tallahassee. The Florida Bar quickly dismissed complaints that had been filed against Jack Campbell, who is the son of former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. At least one source has reported that The Florida Bar and former Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs, were aware of Jack Campbell suffering from many immoral behavioral issues, prior to his taking the bar examination.

Could Jack Campbell be Tallahassee’s ‘Roy Moore’?

Could Jack Campbell be Tallahassee’s ‘Roy Moore’?

If so, are Florida gubernatorial candidates going to put an end to Tallahassee’s Good Ol’ Boy Network by putting the safety of ALL FLORIDIANS First?

(The gubernatorial candidates so far are Democrat Andrew Gillum, Democrat Gwen Graham, Democrat Chris King, Democrat Philip Levine, Republican Adam Putnam, and Republican Jack Lavata.)




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