Tallahassee, FL—Toxins in the capital city Democratic Party, supported by The Florida Bar; paid in full by Florida’s taxpayers. This is another reason why there should be term limits for local and state government officials.

Former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, former 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs, and Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell (Sheriff Larry Campbell’s only son; current 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney).

Truly, many will have to answer why they remained silent and failed to act while Campbell, Meggs & Campbell’s self-proclaimed judicial system operated unlawfully. Why?

When you shop at Publix or Walmart, do you put your trust in the store owners or the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), who regulates millions of products to ensure the protection of public health?

When you hire an attorney, do you whole-heartedly trust the attorney or do you whole-heartedly trust The Florida Bar, the organization that regulates all licensed attorneys in Florida?

In the case, Campbell, Meggs & Campbell vs. DeShon Rashard Thomas, from the start, Campbell, Meggs & Campbell had violated many of DeShon Thomas and his mother’s civil rights. While DeShon Thomas’ former private-paid defense attorney has acknowledged that he is a victim of bullying by Campbell, Meggs & Campbell’s judicial system, The Florida Bar—still to date—continues to fail/ protect attorneys, DeShon Thomas and his family. DeShon Thomas, a black, 17-year-old, dependent minor child, is innocent.

The following videos are of truth. Part 4 was a video but is now (for now) documents that support the information in the videos.   Florida Democrats Judicial Malice (Leon County) 1       Florida Democrats Judicial Malice (Leon County) 2   Florida Democrats Judicial Malice (Leon County) 3

Florida Democrats Judicial Malice (Leon County) 4 (video- stay tuned)

(documents)   Florida Democrats Judicial Malice (Leon County) 5


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