Mother Faces Child Abuse Charges for Choking Teen Boy Who Bullied Her Daughter on Facebook

St. Petersburg, FL

Debbie Piscitella, a mother whose daughter was bullied on Facebook, had an untimely encounter with the boy who’d been bullying her daugter in a mall. It’s been reported that she and her daughter were out shopping at a local mall when the mother spotted the teenage boy. On the Dr. Drew show, the mother admitted that she had not planned on putting her hands on the teenager when she first approached him. She said that she really just wanted to tell him to stop bullying her daughter. She went on to say that in an instant, she had grabbed the boy by his throat. Witnesses said that she’d only choked the boy for a few seconds, but either way she’d left marks on his neck. And yes, the boys mother pressed charges.

Now the girl’s mother, who was a nursing student, may not be able to pursue her career as a nurse. Surely, this may affect her family financially. Jim Pisceitella, the girl’s father, told reporters that his wife made a “stupid mistake”.

On the other hand, a local radio station gave it air-time to the bully and allowed him to further add insult to the girl’s mental injury, as the boy spoke about how the girl has a reputation for sleeping around.


Where Are the Adults in this Mess?

The girl’s mother should’ve never approached the boy. I’m sure that her training as a nurse, taught her how to restrain herself. I know that a mother’s love for her child is huge! But as a mother, it’s our responsibility to be an example for our children. It’s our responsibility to show our children the proper way to deal with bullying is to simply ignore it. As tough as it may be to ignore an ignorant person–God will deal with it. And when you’re on God’s side–you will not lose. The Lord will not allow His sheep to be preyed upon. And that’s what we need to be teaching our children–God’s wrath is real. God said, “Vengeance is mine.”