Mother and Son Burglarized Middle School

June 5, 2012

Taylor County, FL

A mother and son duo are accused of breaking into a local middle school and stealing thousands of dollars in money and equipment.

The principal of Taylor County Middle School showed us the damage police say the mother and son caused. The two are accused of not just stealing, but leaving the place in a complete mess.

People in Taylor County are asking themselves what the duo could have been thinking. Perry Police say Jacob Gaskins, 22, and his mother, Paula Gaskins, 46, broke into Taylor County Middle School on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Officials say the two stole an estimated seven thousand dollars worth of items.

The principal of Taylor Middle say the duo climbed through a window in the teacher’s lounge. Officials say they tore up the vending machines and stole money.

They are, also, accused of going in the main office, where two Mac computers and radios were stolen as well.

Police were able to recover the equipment, but not the money.

School officials say Jacob was easily recognized on the surveillance video. He was arrested later that same day.

Then officials took a closer look at the video and noticed Paula. She was arrested last Tuesday.


It’s mothers like her that make people in authority question the really great mothers ethics


I believe that part of the reason why teachers and law enforcement officers fail to contact mothers before their child is in the middle of a crisis–is because they fear the mother may cover up for their child. Although the two people mentioned above are not the first to commit crimes together, it’s incidents like that that will stick in everyone’s mind. Leaving mother and son to nearly always be presumed guilty.