Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs: Will He Support State Prosecutor Emmett “Jack” Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin In Their Perjured Testimony to Convict A Former Tallahassee Community College Student of Double Murder and Solicitation To Commit Murder?

Tallahassee, FL— Parents, are you prepared to handle law enforcement officers and other adults who hold positions in judicial authority to LIE on your kids while they’re away in college? Remember, your kid may be in an unfamiliar territory. Grant it—Not every college town has a forty-something year old State Prosecutor whose seventy-something year old dad is the local Sheriff—having over fifty years of active law enforcement with a stockpile of friends in high places.

Parents, are you prepared to pay the high cost of an out-of-town attorney because most of the local defense attorneys are also on the State of Florida’s payroll as Conflict-Free Attorneys—which may make you raise your eyebrows and question whether or not if the local attorney is practicing ethically? (Don’t depend on the Florida Bar for support.)

And lastly, Parents, while we teach our kids to view law enforcement officers and adults of authority as being trustworthy—remember—the State of Florida has a ton of more prisons that need to be filled than classrooms on college campuses. In the City of Tallahassee, most law enforcement officers want to go to football games on Friday and Saturday nights—they want to go fishing—hunting, etc. very few want to thoroughly investigate a criminal case—i.e. the case against DeShon Thomas, most recently the rape case allegations against Jamies Winston and the case that no one will ever forget—that of Rachel Hoffman. All of these case involved college students—all of these case could’ve had better results—if only law enforcement officers had simply taken the timeout to thoroughly investigate their cases—versus rushing to gain the spotlight or elude the spotlight.

Is it not a fact that every person is entitled to have access to an attorney? Is it not a fact that a defendant has the right to have all evidence that will be used against him or her to be fully disclosed to him or her in a timely manner? Is it not a fact that when a person contacts law enforcement then that person is the one seeking help in some form or fashion? If someone asks you to murder their spouse—and you contact law enforcement to report that person’s proposition—is law enforcement helping you or are you helping law enforcement? Let’s just say you’re helping each other. Now, how would one expect an experienced law enforcement officer or an experienced investigator to testify in court to explain to the jury regarding the investigation? Would you expect an experienced investigator to say—that you’re helping them, they’re helping you or as we worked together to build a case…?

First of all—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and his dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell has the means to activate an underhanded/unethical plot to support their charges—prosecution—conviction. In State of Florida vs. DeShon Thomas, not only did State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin (a.k.a Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier), drop a Huge bombshell of a LIE during an Evidentiary Hearing on August 19, 2013 about how/who initiated the Solicitation to Commit Murder investigation against Mr. Thomas—they tried to clean up their LIE during an Entrapment Hearing on October 7, 2013 and then they brought their LIES and a New LIE into the trial on October 16, 2013.

Originally, State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin reported that an anonymous complainant contacted him and told him that he (Inv. Newlin) needed to contact Leon County Jail inmate, Dawuan Williams… In the Evidentiary Hearing, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell boldly let it be known that he requested Inv. Newlin to go make contact with Dawuan Williams. Unable to get out of the quick sand that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell had pushed him in—Inv. Newlin went on to testify that Dawuan Williams agreed to “help” them. Despite this revelation—Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy did not move to Impeach Inv. Newlin nor did Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy ever bring it up during the Entrapment Hearing or at trial. Inv. Newlin repeatedly stated, “Mr. Williams agreed to help us.” Inv. Newlin stated, “help us,” because all of the evidence presented clearly showed that they planned and plotted to have Mr. Thomas charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. Mr. Thomas pled Not Guilty to the charge. During trial there was a letter or two presented as well as recorded phone conversations between Mr. Williams and Mr. Thomas—clearly some of the recordings were redacted—even still—there was nothing presented that supported Mr. Thomas asking Mr. Williams to murder Mr. Ross. State Attorney Jack Campbell had his co-counsel read Mr. Thomas’ testimony that seems like a confession—however, if the testimony was read in its entirety—that is nowhere near a confession. Yes, tricks played in the courtroom—well—one must hear the testimony in its entirety. Either way—it doesn’t excuse Perjured testimony.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and Investigator Newlin work directly under State Attorney Willie Meggs—so the questions is—was State Attorney Willie Meggs aware of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin’s underhanded plan/plot to entrap Mr. Thomas? If so—then that would make State Attorney Willie Meggs just as Big of a LIAR—as he (State Attorney Willie Meggs) was quoted on WCTV News website commenting about the case a couple of days after Mr. Thomas was charged with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder (showing support of the charge). If State Attorney Willie Meggs did not know about State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin’s inside plan/plot to build a Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder case against Mr. Thomas—then it is his (State Attorney Willie Meggs’) responsibility to take appropriate disciplinary action against them.

Conviction or no conviction—it is Never acceptable to LIE on court documents, to a judge or under oath—which are all of the same. If State Attorney Willie Meggs gives the “thumbs up” for his staff to give Perjured testimony—then what other violations of the law is he giving the thumbs up too? (Note: Perjured testimony committed by State Attorney Willie Meggs’ staff is not just a Mr. Thomas problem—it’s the entire 2nd Judicial Circuit problem.)

(Please Click on the Link to read complaints filed against State Prosecutor Emmett “Jack” Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin)

Campbell Meggs

Newlin Meggs

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