Open Letter to Florida State Surgeon General & Secretary John H. Armstrong and Governor Rick Scott

When lawmakers for the State of Florida decided that accused juvenile offenders could be charged as adults in criminal court, I have to believe that they were not opening the door for Law Enforcement Officers, State Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Judges, Medical Examiners and others involved in the judicial process to set aside Florida and U.S. Constitutional Laws and act out their own disgusting tactics to render guilty verdicts.

One disgusting tactic that I personally witnessed is an accused juvenile offenders’ Constitutional Rights repeatedly being violated by several of those in authority. Another disgusting tactic that I personally witnessed is an accused juvenile offenders’ lack of understanding of the judicial process and inability to clearly understand the significance of scientific evidence against him—thus, going to trial without the victims’ autopsy reports being made public record. These are just two of many disgusting tactics that I personally witnessed taking place in adult court against an accused juvenile offender.

My name is Carissa Chambers. I am the mother of DeShon Thomas—accused juvenile offender. In early 2011 DeShon was a full-time college student at Tallahassee Community College (in his 3rd successful semester) and working at Taco Bell (nearly 1 year)—he was 17-years-old.

On February 7, 2011 DeShon was charged with the murders of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old Laqecia Herring and her brother, 17-year-old Sterling Conner Jr. DeShon pleaded Not Guilty!

The victims were found murdered the morning of January 27, 2011. Not only did the Leon County Sheriff’s Office immediately focus all of their manpower/resources on gathering evidence against DeShon, but when Lead Detective Melinda McBride and other full-time experienced deputies began to conclude their investigation as to DeShon having committed the murders—without sufficient Probable Cause to charge DeShon, Det. McBride was replaced by an inexperienced 17 year Reserve Deputy by the name of Don Odham.

Don Odham, being a close friend of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, did not have respect from other deputies. But what Don Odham did have was the full support of Sheriff Larry Campbell and Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son, Florida’s 2nd Judicial Assistant State Attorney Emmett “Jack” Campbell. While Sheriff Larry Campbell had jurisdiction over the double murder investigation, his son, Jack Campbell was set to prosecute DeShon. The Campbell’s/Odham plan may have been to walk Reserve Deputy Don Odham through the prosecution process of DeShon—and then celebrate DeShon’s conviction—or it could’ve been a simple bet of $1 similar to that in the 1980’s movie Trading Places—in order to get Don Odham recognition for “solving” a double murder—we really will never know what they were thinking—but one thing for sure is that it didn’t take long for their plan to fall apart. And when their plan fell apart—State Prosecutor Jack Campbell became very desperate to set another plan into place. It is obvious that he began recruiting anybody willing to commit Perjury in the case against DeShon. Through Perjured testimony of others was the Only way State Prosecutor Jack Campbell could get guilty verdicts.

DeShon had five attorneys on his case in two years (1 private and 4 court appointed). DeShon’s private attorney, Gregory Cummings was hired early on in his case. After sixteen months and having been paid nearly $30,000 Mr. Cummings was fired for unethical practice as well as other reasons. DeShon also had two Circuit Court Judges assigned to his case.

The week of October 14, 2013 marked the beginning of DeShon’s long awaited trial. Although crucial evidence such as the victims’ autopsy reports and DeShon’s AT&T cell phone records still had not been disclosed to him or the Public, it was clear to me that Defense Regional Counsel Daren Shippy had jumped on State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s sickening bandwagon to railroad DeShon into Florida’s Prison System—thus, proceeded with trial.

On October 16, 2013 State Prosecutor Jack Campbell called District Two Medical Examiner Associate Dr. Anthony J. Clark, M.D. to the witness stand (Dr. Clark performed the autopsies on both victims). Not long into Dr. Clark’s testimony, it was clear to me that Dr. Clark also had chosen to jump on State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s sickening bandwagon to railroad DeShon into Florida’s Prison System. Without a doubt Dr. Clark committed Perjury.

On October 18, 2013 DeShon was found guilty of Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. There is no physical evidence connecting DeShon to the murders or the Solicitation to Commit Murder. DeShon did not murder anyone. DeShon never asked anyone to murder anybody. This is why the witnesses testimony, including Dr. Clark’s was so crucial in DeShon’s trial.

On December 16, 2013 DeShon was sentenced to Two Life Sentences plus 30 years. I chose not to attend DeShon’s sentencing. As a mother, I’d witnessed firsthand my child being railroaded by those in Leon County’s Judicial System—I witnessed their Evil.

State Prosecutor Jack Campbell filed a document with the court accusing me of having played a role in the Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder plot—a baseless accusation—just one of many tactics to intimidate me—yet, possible grounds to try to railroad me into Florida’s Prison System like they did to my son.

Days after my son’s sentencing I received a letter from Florida Department of Health Consumer Services Unit in response tm complaint against Dr. Clark which I’d mailed on December 5, 2013. Their response letter, which was dated December 17, 2013, is basically in support of Dr. Clark’s Perjured testimony. While the letter basically states that the information that I mailed does not support Dr. Clark having committed Perjury, the letter states information in the complaint remains confidential—“Florida law requires that all information in this complaint remain confidential.” (Please Click the Link to read the letter from Florida Department of Health)   DOH Rsp

The only documents included in my complaint against Dr. Clark are documents that prove Dr. Clark to be a LIAR—Dr. Clark’s own documents. Receiving this letter from DOH basically stating that evidence that can exonerate my son remain confidential—even after his conviction and sentencing—additionally supports my complaint against Dr. Clark as well as the corruption that has plagued DeShon’s case.

The letter also adds the Department of Health to have jumped on State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s bandwagon to railroad DeShon—an Innocent teenager—into Florida’s Prison System. Florida State Government Agency whose

The Department of Health has a Vision is to be the Healthiest State in the Nation—it’s Mission is to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county & community efforts. Surely, their Vision or their Mission cannot be accomplished with Dr. Clark’s Perjured testimony going without consequences. Committing Perjury is a violation of the law. Furthermore, there is no protection for the community when Dr. Clark’s Perjured testimony leaves a cold-blooded murderer on the streets.

Mr. Armstrong and Governor Scott, it is your responsibility to uphold the integrity of Florida’s Government Agencies (DOH). I’m asking you to further investigate Dr. Clark’s Perjured testimony and apply the necessary consequences that will protect Florida citizens.

Thank you in advance for your attention regarding this matter.


Carissa Chambers

cc: DeShon Thomas

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