Tallahassee Florida Leadership—Russians in East Ukraine: Black and Jewish People

In the book, ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,’ written by Maya Angelou, there’s a chapter where Ms. Angelou tells of how in the 1930s, whenever something unlawful happened in town where a Black man was accused, she and her grandmother would have to hide her disabled uncle in a bin and stack potatoes on top of him. A mob of all White men were quick to put a Black man on their radar. (These mobs had little to no respect for the sheriff or his deputies.) Maya tells of how she and her grandmother didn’t have as much fear for the sheriff of their town—the sheriff was fully aware of Maya’s uncle’s disability—the crimes that had been committed could only have been committed by an able bodied man. Maya and her grandmother were in great fear of every Hot-headed ignorant White man who had an itch to lynch a male nigger.

In most high schools, before high school students graduate, English teachers assign their students to read, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank.’ The book tells about a teenage girl (Anne Frank) and her family’s struggles and fears to survive in the attic of a merciful German family in the 1940’s under Adolf Hitler’s reign. Under Hitler’s reign, Nazis set out to exterminate all Jewish people. Anne Frank and her family lost everything that they once owned and they were forced to live in fear for no other reason than their Jewish heritage. Every day for two years, Anne Frank, her family and the German family lived in fear of the Nazis.

October 16, 2013 was the third day of DeShon Rashard Thomas’ 2011 Double Murder and 2012 Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder Trial. DeShon Thomas, a Black male, was a full-time freshman at Tallahassee Community College and was working at Taco Bell when he was charged with double murder. On the third day of his trial, Florida State Prosecutor Jack Campbell (the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell) called Don Odham to the witness stand to testify. Don Odham had previously been identified by Leon County District Attorney Willie Meggs, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell as a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. Don Odham prepared the Summary of Offense and Probable Cause for Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder that led to DeShon being charged with the murders. It wasn’t until Don Odham took to the stand as to when DeShon and his mother learned that Don Odham was a Reserve Deputy—a volunteer. Don Odham was not a full-time Certified experienced Leon County Sheriff’s Detective. Don Odham was nothing more than a Hot-headed White man with an itch to get a nigger wrongfully convicted. (It was noted in another situation by a former Leon County Deputy that Don Odham is a wealthy, close friend of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. (What a friend would do for a friend?)) Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell had jurisdiction over the double murder investigation—Don Odham had no respect for the team of experienced full-time Certified Leon County Sheriff’s Detectives and Deputies. Don Odham teamed up with State Prosecutor Jack Campbell and set a conspiracy foundation.

DeShon had five attorneys and two circuit court judges on his case—all because of their attempt to conspire—to conceal the corruption that plagued DeShon’s case process. DeShon’s mother paid a Tallahassee defense attorney by the name of Gregory Cummings $29850 of $50000 in legal services to represent DeShon. When asked about Don Odham’s position with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Mr. Cummings refused to give out any information. When it became clear that Mr. Cummings was practicing unethically—by refusing to disclose information that could exonerate DeShon, Mr. Cummings was fired by DeShon’s mother and DeShon. The court appointed attorneys that followed Mr. Cummings all refused to reveal any information about Don Odham or depose Don Odham and the key witness that Don Odham claimed to have given incriminating statements about DeShon. They also refused to provide DeShon with competent legal representation. In one instance, Defense Conflict Counsel Daren Shippy filed a subpoena with a fictitious name of a former Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy to avoid obtaining the deputy’s testimony—which may have been favorable on DeShon’s behalf. DeShon was convicted on October 18, 2013–still as of January 2014 the victims autopsy reports remain confidential–having never been made Public record as DeShon and his mother often inquired about.

On April 17, 2014 it was reported by the national media that Jewish people in East Ukraine were being order by Russians to list the property that they owned, pay fees, register and be issued special passports marking the confession of their faith. It was reported that if the Jewish people refused to cooperate they would face deportation and their assets confiscated. Some of the Jewish people referenced these orders as being a chilling echo of the Holocaust. Apparently, many Jewish people were so afraid that they went to their rabbis for help—not the Ukrainian Government.

In the United States of America, in Florida—in Tallahassee, Florida—who can Black people go to when private paid defense attorneys, court-appointed defense attorneys, State Attorney Willie Meggs, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson, Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, Circuit Judge Charles Dodson and Leon County Judge Robert Wheeler conspire with a mob of Hot-headed White men—White men like Don Odham—who want to soothe an itch of wanting to be at the forefront of seeing a nigger—male child or otherwise— wrongfully convicted? Don Odham, had no respect for Melinda McBride—who was the more experienced, full-time Certified Black female lead detective on the case. Detective McBride and her team of experienced full-time detectives and deputies had not concluded that DeShon was the murderer. Yet, Don Odham had the full support of those who were elected by The People—who were supposed to be For The People—to uphold state and federal laws. And most importantly to exercise the United States Constitution.

The injustice that DeShon Thomas has been subjected to SHOULD NOT/ CANNOT happen to another family. And for those who set out to repeat the ugliness of American History and abroad—need to be immediately thrown out of office.

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