Florida’s Official Judicial Court Mockery Club Leaders: John Emmett “Jack” Campbell and George Zimmerman—“Crossing Lines: Against Children”

Tallahassee, FL—Florida’s longtime Second Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs is not running for re-election. John Emmett “Jack” Campbell, who has consistently worked under Meggs for over a decade, is currently running to become Florida’s next Second Judicial State Attorney. Jack Campbell, the son of former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell (deceased), prosecuted many cases involving children—whereas in most of those cases Jack Campbell’s dad’s employees (Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies) dominated the state’s witness list. But, in the cold-blooded murder case of 19-year-old, Ann Grosmaire, State Attorney Willie Meggs, Jack Campbell and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, along with a local defense attorney named Gregory Cummings, had come together and used Restorative Justice—a diversion program particularly used in high schools mock courts—to play a role in the prosecution of 19-year-old, Conor McBride. Special provisions were made at the Leon County Jail by Sheriff Larry Campbell to accommodate Conor McBride.

Conor McBride was a clean cut white young man who walked into the City of Tallahassee Police Department and admitted to shooting Ann Grosmaire point-blank in the face with his dad’s shotgun—leaving her alone on the floor in his parents’ home. McBride explained that he and Grosmaire had been arguing prior to the shooting. What was later learned was that while Grosmaire’s parents were oblivious to Conor’s past abuse of their daughter, Conor’s parents were not. Conor McBride had anger management problems at the time of murdering Ann Grosmaire—yet, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell and others coddled Conor McBride, the adult young man, as though he had not taken the life of a young vibrant woman.

Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell may have asked Conor McBride to choose his sentencing, but when the time had come for Jack Campbell to prosecute children as adults, those children had no choice. In fact, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell told judges what attorneys to assign to cases of those who represent indigent clients. And the judges went along with Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell’s instructions. With the help of Lead Public Defender Nancy Daniels, Jack Campbell manipulated pay codes in order for attorneys who were not registered to represent indigent clients in certain cases—to get paid—while undercutting other attorneys.


Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell and Lead Public Defender Nancy Daniels would go to such drastic measures to manipulate the pay code to undercut registered attorneys was a way to intimidate local attorneys who wanted to represent their clients lawfully—to show that they (Meggs and both Campbell’s) were in complete control the outcome of all cases within the Second Judicial Circuit—telling judges what to do and controlling and financially providing for defense attorneys willing to “play ball” with them. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell needed to convict children and send them away to adult prisons—leading to wrongful convictions.

Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell has the characteristics of a child molester. All of those within Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit should be aware of how well “child molesters” blend in—i.e. former United States Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

A child hunted down and shot dead by an adult male should have been an open and closed case. Trayvon Martin did not deserve to be murdered. As Trayvon Martin rests’ in peace, George Zimmerman seemingly can’t find any peace. George Zimmerman, who apparently has always suffered from a mental disorder, is showing the world that seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was better than him during his short lifetime and even more so better than him now in his death. George Zimmerman was a bully—who picked on children—who chased after Trayvon Martin and with a single shot took Trayvon Martin’s life.

Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell and George Zimmerman have been successful at making a “mockery” of Florida’s Judicial System. They both have, “crossed lines against children.”