Tallahassee Future Students/ Orientation: Open Letter to Parents: Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, FAMU

Dear Parents:

Congratulations! Now that you’ve supported your beloved child’s decision to attend a college or university in Tallahassee (Leon County), Florida, please keep in mind that you WILL NOT have a say when local law enforcement officials and judicial officials plot together to deny your beloved child their constitutional rights if/when your beloved child finds him/herself on the opposite side of the law.

First and far most, forget about Tallahassee’s most popular news station reporters, WCTV’s Julie Montanaro and Lanetra Bennett, being transparent in their reportings—even when it comes to crimes against young women—many agree that they WILL NOT report the truth. Julie Montanaro is a veteran report and she has yet to criticize State Attorney Willie Meggs office. Also, parents, you WILL NOT have a choice as to what national television network or production company may cover your child’s incident. And if a national television network or production company does cover your child’s incident, you WILL NOT have a choice as to how the coverage will be stated—truthfully or falsely. Neither will you have a choice as to how the coverage will be used—as a learning tool, for entertainment, for others or to make your child out to be a villain while making State Attorney Willie Meggs’ office out to be “tough on crime.”

Sadly, far too many high profile incidents involving young people that occur in Tallahassee are not escalated by the incident itself, but rather is escalated by local law enforcement officials and judicial officials who lie, conspire, rob and deceive young people. Just ask the parents of former Florida State graduate, Rachel Hoffman (23-years-old); the parents of Florida High School student, Darrielle Copeland (13-years-old); the parents of Tallahassee Community College freshman, DeShon Thomas (17-years-old); the parents of Florida State University student Erica Kinsman; and the parents of Florida State University student Jameis Winston.

Many will agree that Rachel Hoffman was deceived by law enforcement official into participating in an undercover drug sting operation that failed miserably directly under the surveillance of law enforcement—leaving Ms. Hoffman dead. The broken hearts of her parents—losing their only child—basically due to law enforcement officials escalating an incident that Ms. Hoffman had already accepted responsibility. While Ms. Hoffman’s lifeless body had been placed in the woods, her parents, had been left in the dark by law enforcement officials as to the dangerous position that their daughter had been placed in by who swore to “serve and protect.”

Thirteen-year-old, Darrielle Copeland’s only mishap was being in the front passenger seat of her mother’s vehicle when a speeding SUV barreled through a red light—striking (T-bone) her mother’s vehicle while her mother was driving her to basketball practice at Florida High School. The woman driver of the SUV—the wife of a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy (who was also a co-worker of State Attorney Willie Meggs’ son and daughter) was not charged in Darrielle’s death. Many will agree that the Leon County Sheriff’s Office botched the traffic investigation when the Leon County Sheriff’s Office assumed jurisdiction over the investigation shortly after the crash. The traffic crash occurred in the jurisdiction of the Tallahassee Police Department. Darrielle’s mother was upset when she learned that both the Tallahassee Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol had been forced away from the crime scene by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The driver of the SUV paid her citation; Darrielle Copeland died from her injuries. Darrielle’s mother and little brother, who were also injured in the incident, continue to fight for justice and mourn the loss of their beloved Darrielle.

Having an older brother that was a few months shy of receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida State University, and a mother who had attended college to pursue an Associates in Science Degree in Paralegal, was not enough to prepare seventeen-year-old, DeShon Thomas and his family, to combat the many “tricks-of-the-trade” that may have plagued Tallahassee for decades. A wealthy white male Republican being allowed by a white male Democratic sheriff to “play cop.” State Attorney Willie Meggs, a Democrat, filing documents with Leon County Clerk of Courts knowing that the sworn documents were fraudulent. The District Two Medical Examiners’ Office prevented from releasing two autopsies to Public Records under the orders of State Attorney Willie Meggs. A local defense attorney repeatedly withheld information from DeShon, a juvenile charged as an adult with Cultivation of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder, Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent, and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. In spite of DeShon’s mother having paid the defense attorney, Greg Cummings, nearly $30,000, Greg Cummings did not come clean as to why he had not perform competently until after DeShon and his mother fired him. Mr. Cummings admitted to Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell having committed prosecutorial misconduct. Prior to DeShon being charged with any crime, DeShon’s mother enrolled him in Tallahassee Community College’s Paralegal/Legal Studies program as a freshman at the age of 16. DeShon was in his 3rd semester at Tallahassee Community College when his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her brother were found murdered in their townhouse. Both of the young victims owed out a combined $750 debt. It was no secret that either of the victims planned on paying off their debts. Both victims were planning on moving out of town. On the night before they were to move out of town, a witness seen suspicious activity at their residence. The following morning both victims were found murdered. Instead of following up on the suspicious activity, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office began stalking and harassing DeShon. When DeShon informed his mother about a traffic stop by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office that occurred while he was riding in the backseat of an SUV with his cousin—where DeShon was asked to come to the sheriff’s office to discuss his previous relationship with the victims—DeShon’s mother believed that the right thing to do was go to the sheriff’s office in an effort to keep DeShon from being another “Rachel Hoffman”—meaning that she did not want law enforcement officials to scare her son into participating in an operation created by law enforcement, neither did she want her son to be forced into confessing to murders that he did not commit. Next, DeShon and his mother were locked in a room and denied access to an attorney. “Detective Odham” was extremely leading and arrogant in his role as a detective. There was absolutely nothing pointing to DeShon as having committed the murders. DeShon was not charged with anything in relation to having committed the murders. Detective Odham seemed very angry and seemed to be in a trance—DeShon’s mother knew that whatever Detective Odham was angry about had absolutely nothing to do with her or DeShon with the emphasis on “how family lookout for family.” Yet, DeShon’s mother told Detective Odham that he had made a “big mistake” by denying them (she and DeShon) access to an attorney. Detective Odham carried on as if he himself did not realize that he had done anything wrong. DeShon was not charged with the murders at that time. However, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office continued to harass DeShon and his mother. Eleven days later, when DeShon was charged with the murders, it was Detective Odham that claimed to have gotten voluntary incriminating statements from a co-worker/friend of DeShon’s. DeShon’s mother learned that Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, the prosecuting attorney on DeShon’s case, were father and son. This gave credence to why Don Odham had emphasis on “how family lookout for family.” Next, DeShon’s private attorney, a local attorney by the name of Greg Cummings, had received nearly $30,000 before being fired for withholding exculpatory information from DeShon. Then the Office of Criminal Conflict took over DeShon’s case and carried out the corruption. The District Two Medical Examiner’s Office was forced to withhold information—the victims’ autopsy reports. A number of judicial officials played roles that denied DeShon’s rights during the judicial process. Nearly, three years after DeShon was charged with the murders, he went on trial. It was during the trial as to when DeShon and his mother learned that Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham was never an employee with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. It was Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell who had been assigned as lead detective on the case against DeShon to ensure his son, Jack Campbell, gets a conviction—with everyone else in the judicial process playing along. It has been five years since DeShon and his family has started the fight for his freedom. DeShon’s appeal was quickly filed and quickly denied. Many attorneys are afraid to get involved in DeShon’s case due to what has all been denied DeShon that led to his wrongful conviction, as well as fearing intimidation by judges and others.

The sexual assault case involving Erica Kinsman and Jameis Winston proved to be botched by law enforcement officials when the Tallahassee police officer stated under deposition that he chose not to go obtain surveillance footage from the bar where Ms. Kinsman claimed to have been first accosted by Mr. Winston. Although the original complaint did not come from Florida State Police, Florida State University quickly settled a lawsuit with Ms. Kinsman for $900,000.

Law enforcement officials failure to properly investigate many cases is usually why simple case are quickly escalated—costing young people their lives, or their freedoms or their reputations. The media show Dateline NBC covered Rachel Hoffman. The news media show CNN covered Erica Kinsman and Jameis Winston case. Both NBC and CNN have used their coverage as a learning tool for others. Jupiter Entertainment Production Company depicted DeShon Thomas in one of their Fatal Attraction episodes entitled ‘Crippled by Blood.’ The one single most important take away from that episode is how DANGEROUS Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is to the community of Tallahassee (Leon County and the five other surrounding counties). Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell looked into a camera lens in agreement with seventeen-year-old, DeShon Thomas, being the cold-blooded murderer of a pregnant 20-year-old woman and a 17-year-old boy, knowing that DeShon did not murder them. And at the same time—sending a message to the real murderer or murderers, “I’m Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell—and I got your back.”

Currently, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is seeking to be elected Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney. Jack Campbell has a history of “wheeling and dealing” with criminals. If elected as Florida’s Second Judicial State Attorney, he will be the one who will have full authority over all criminal cases in six counties—including Tallahassee. Jack Campbell has the same characteristics as a child molester—yet, he has the support of many of those within the judicial system—including The Florida Bar.

So, parents, as you send your child off to attend college in Tallahassee, it is imperative that you pray. If for nothing else, pray that your child will not encounter the “EVIL TERRORISTS” that play key roles within the judicial process.