Florida State Attorney Uses Conversation about Rapper Rick Ross to Entrap Teen Inmate

Tallahassee, FL—Within 48 hours of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office investigation into a double homicide case, LCSO detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit acted on a hunch and aggressively sought out to charge 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas, who attending Tallahassee Community College full-time and working part-time at Taco Bell. Statements from witnesses and evidence that LCSO hoped to support their hunch quickly fell flat. But not before LCSO had violated DeShon’s constitutional rights. Without a search warrant or a warrant for DeShon’s arrest, LCSO charged DeShon with possession of drug paraphernalia and cultivation of marijuana. DeShon was charged as an adult. DeShon pled not guilty.

One detective refused to move past DeShon. His name was, Don Odham. Don Odham had introduced himself to DeShon and his mother as “Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham.” Detective Odham used racist vulgar toward DeShon and his mother inside the lobby of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Detective Odham denied DeShon access to an attorney, locked DeShon and his mother in an interview room and held them there against their will—neither of them were under arrest. DeShon’s mother voiced her frustration to Detective Odham, telling him that he was violating her and her son’s rights and that she would be contacting an attorney. Detective Odham’s reaction was to bully Trentin Ross into providing false testimony. DeShon is INNOCENT!

Trentin Ross was 21-years-old. Trentin Ross and DeShon were co-workers at Taco Bell. And when Trentin Ross tried to back away from the case, out of desperation, then Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, the son of then Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, took it upon himself to recruit State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin, along with a convicted felon, Dawuan Williams, to entrap DeShon with Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder with the target being Trentin Ross. Dawuan Williams and DeShon Thomas were housed in the same housing unit inside of the Leon County Jail. Dawuan Williams approached DeShon and propositioned to murder Trentin Ross—which was ordered by Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin. DeShon did not take Dawuan Williams serious. Dawuan Williams was released for his cooperation. Over a recorded phone line—from the Leon County Jail—Dawuan Williams and DeShon Thomas had a conversation about Rapper Rick Ross’ music. Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin edited the recording—deleting out “Rick”—only capturing the name “Ross”—which is also Trentin’s last name. This edited recording was used to make Trentin Ross and Trentin Ross’ parents and other family members believe that DeShon had a “murder hit” on his life. This edited recording was also played in court to the jury.

Despite DeShon’s mother having paid nearly $30,000 to defense attorney, Greg Cummings, whom she later fired, it was not until DeShon’s third day in trial being represented by court appointed attorney, Regional Counsel Daren Shippy, as to when DeShon and his family learned that Don Odham was never an employee with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. It’s a proven fact—documented in DeShon’s court records—that Don Odham was assigned as the lead detective with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Unit on the double homicide case against DeShon while other detectives had chose to investigate other viable leads—also information prepared and submitted to former State Attorney Willie Meggs was used by Chief Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman to obtain an indictment against DeShon on two counts of 1st degree murder and possession of a firearm by a juvenile delinquent. Don Odham was impersonating a law enforcement officer. Don Odham was just a wealthy friend of Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, Jack. With the many LIES circulating between the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the Leon County Courthouse, as well as, rogue attorneys and judges being protected by The Florida Bar, DeShon’s conviction was inevitable. DeShon Thomas was convicted without any physical evidence against him. DeShon has been away from his family for six years.

The State of Florida paid Rapper Pit Bull $1 million dollars ($1,000,000.00) to promote ‘Visit Florida’, but used lyrics by Rapper Rick Ross that were repeated by 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas, to instill fear in Trentin Ross in order to gain DeShon’s conviction.

Jack Campbell is currently the State Attorney for Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit. Not only will his past “EVIL ACTS” catch up with him, but any and all cases handled by his office will one day be subjected to be overturned. DeShon and his family are not the only victims of Jack Campbell—the victims list has grown significantly.


Author: MAUL10

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One thought on “Florida State Attorney Uses Conversation about Rapper Rick Ross to Entrap Teen Inmate”

  1. I would like to say “unbelievable” but I know it isn’t. I know a lot about Florida’s “justice system”. To go so far to frame an innocent young man – why? Because he holds promise? Because he isn’t behaving the way they want blacks to behave, to match their rhetoric? It’s disgusting and immoral they have to go this far to ruin someone who may one day have children with promise as well?

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