Will ‘Restorative Justice’ Play a Role in Florida State University Professor Dan Markel Murder Case?

Tallahassee, FL—Four years after the New York Times posted an article online entitled, ‘Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice,’ the prosecutor featured in the article is now Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney.

Despite losing the voter of his own hometown (Tallahassee/Leon County), Jack Campbell managed to become state attorney, replacing Willie Meggs—who’d been in office for more than thirty years. Jack Campbell worked for Willie Meggs as an assistant state attorney/prosecutor in spite of possibly having been sanctioned by The Florida Bar. Jack Campbell, whose dad was Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, spent the first decade of his career prosecuting criminal cases that were directly under the investigative jurisdiction of the his dad at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. That type of “sweetheart” of a career opened up the door for the Meggs family and the Campbell family to terrorize citizens of Tallahassee/ Leon County on a daily basis for decades. The majority of Jack Campbell’s witnesses (state prosecutor witnesses) were his dad’s employee (sheriff’s deputies “like family members”) who guaranteed Jack Campbell to get whatever verdict and sentence of his choosing.

Paul Tullis, a freelance journalist for the New York Times, quoted Jack Campbell in the article entitled, ‘Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice’, as to saying to a female teenage victim’s mother, “Technically, he told the Grosmaires, if I wanted to do five years for manslaughter, I can do that.”


State of Florida Landmark Case, More like, State of Florida Landmark Disgrace!

Under normal circumstances, a lawyer will pay homage of his career to his alma mater. Jack Campbell was the first lawyer in the nation to use ‘Restorative Justice’ in a domestic violence turned cold-blooded murder case (State of Florida vs. Conor McBride). During this past campaign season, Jack Campbell, a Democrat, lost the only blue county (Leon County) out of six counties (five red counties). For the very first time in over thirty (30) years Leon County (Tallahassee) turned their blue county into a red county hoping to move away from the bondage of the Meggs/Campbell klan. Jack Campbell, a native of Leon County, caused citizens of Tallahassee/Leon County so much sickness through corruptions—Leon County a high number of voters came out—flipped party lines against him—the majority of his fellow citizens did not want him in office. Yet, Jack Campbell was still sworn into office, beating out Republican Pete Williams. As far as Jack Campbell’s alma mater, well, who is his alma mater, what law school provided John Emmett “Jack” Campbell with a Juris Doctorate degree? The Florida Bar cites Samford University, Cumberland School of Law for John Emmett Campbell. However, during this past campaign season, WCTV News stated Jack Campbell as having attended Florida State University College of Law. Which law school would be proud to know that their former student is now Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney? Or does it matter—considering the majority of Jack Campbell’s career cases were in Leon County, where his dad was the Leon County Sheriff, as well as the boss of not one but two of Willie Meggs kids ( both sheriff’s deputies), and Sheriff’s Campbell’s best friend was serving as the commissioner for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the local medical examiner’s office withheld autopsy reports from public record and county and circuit judges violated the rights of defendants, prevented exculpatory evidence, allowed witnesses to commit perjury, and allowed fraudulent records to go to grand jury and trial jury—guaranteeing  all favoring Jack Campbell to get convictions.

Jack Campbell and former Sheriff Larry Campbell arranged for Conor McBride, an admitted cold-blooded murderer with a known history of anger management problems, to have a full contact visit—no handcuffs—in a private room inside of the Leon County Jail with a group of people at once—in attendance was Conor McBride’s parents, Ms. Ann Grosmaire’s parents (victim), and others. This meeting inside the jail (a government building) was unannounced, severely breached security measures for county jails and put correctional officers’ lives in jeopardy. This meeting also showed how favoritism works toward certain inmates inside of the Leon County Jail coupled with Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s office. Conor McBride, an admitted cold-blooded murderer with a history of anger management problems was give favoritism by both Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell. Conor McBride was treated much better than other inmates in the Leon County Jail who were booked on a lesser charge (favoritism to an admitted cold-blooded murder case over an inmate booked on petty theft case—Disgusting!).

Former Florida State University Law Professor Dan Markel, a native of Canada, was murdered in the driveway of his home in Tallahassee. Though it is not publicly known if ‘Restorative Justice’ will play a role in his murder trial, what is publicly known is that State Attorney Jack Campbell is a LIAR! And every criminal case where Jack Campbell’s name is attached—conviction or otherwise—will be subjected to review (retrial) one day.

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