Continuation of Crime and Death in Tallahassee (Leon County)

Tallahassee, FL—In December 2021, some employees at the Leon County Jail were a part of the investigation into the death of another inmate. Inmate death investigations inside of the Leon County Jail are not rare.

Some private and court appointed conflict attorneys have begged many 2nd Judicial Circuit Judges to remove their clients from the Leon County Jail and place them in a jail in a neighboring county, in part out of fear for their clients safety. Those attorneys’ cries fell on deaf ears.

Between June and September 2012, then 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs, along with his Chief Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin plotted against 18-year-old Black male, DeShon, who prior to his arrest was a freshman student at Tallahassee Community College. Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin used Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Ronald O’Brien to smuggle contraband into the Leon County Jail. The working correction’s officer on K-Pod, was unaware of Deputy O’Brien’s presence and actions. That correction’s officer unknowingly passed the contraband to DeShon.

Deputy O’Brien, who was not an employee at the Leon County Jail, violated jail policies and laws under the direct orders of Prosecutor Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin and others in authority.

While DeShon’s life inside of the Leon County Jail was spared, he is currently in the custody of the Florida Department of Corrections serving two life sentences plus 30 years for crimes that he did not commit.

Former State Attorney Willie Meggs, now retired, was in office from 1985 to 2016. Every crime, arrest and conviction that occurred during his time in office should be reviewed. Meanwhile, Jack Campbell, who is currently 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney, and Lead State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin are criminals. Deputy O’Brien committed crimes—he was merely a pawn. Every case prosecuted—every crime, every arrest and every criminal conviction under State Attorney Jack Campbell will someday be up for review. Justice is not being served and will not be served as long as a criminal is convicting criminals.

Both Willie Meggs and Jack Campbell are licensed by the Florida Bar to practice law.

The Florida Bar stresses to everyone their rules and standards; Regulation of Lawyer Conduct: Processing and investigation of inquiries and complaints are basic responsibility of the Bar as mandated by the Florida Supreme Court. The Bar serves to protect the public from unethical lawyers.

For those who truly want to improve government and the safety of people in Tallahassee (Leon County)—Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit, they should get an answer to how long has the State Attorney’s Office been utilizing law enforcement officers to smuggle contraband into the Leon County Jail? And then they should immediately act to remove all of those who violated laws.


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