Tallahassee, FL—Donald “Don” Odham was never a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective with the Violent Crimes Unit. Yet, numerous employees with the Leon County Sheriff Office, including active sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit and those working uniform patrol and elsewhere, allowed Don to present himself as a Lead Detective with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to a child, and then separate that child from his mother. There are notarized court documents signed by Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Dawn Dennis and filed with the Leon County Clerk of Courts that states Don Odham as being a Leon County Sheriff’s Detective—when in fact Don Odham was never a detective with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. A child was sent to an adult prison for crimes he did not commit because no one within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, no one in the Leon County Courthouse, no Leon County Judge, no 2nd Judicial Circuit Judge, no one with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office, no one with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, no one in 2nd Judicial State Attorney’s Office, no one in the 2nd Judicial Public Defender’s Office, no one in the Office of Civil Regional and Criminal Conflict Counsel’s Office, no local private attorney, no one at the Florida Bar—no one in Tallahassee—no one in Leon County—no one would was human enough or dare say, wait just a minute—“I’m not approving this. I’m not allowing this.  I’ve worked too hard to get to where I am in my life—in my career—to be a part of Sheriff Larry Campbell’s foolishness, and State Attorney Willie Meggs’ foolishness, and Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell’s foolishness.”

Under Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Melinda McBride, a black woman, was assigned by her supervisor, Leon County Sheriff’s Sergeant Kenneth Ganey, to be the lead detective on a double homicide case—where a child was one of the victims. Not long after she assembled her team and put them to work, she was removed from the case by Sheriff Larry Campbell, and replaced by Donald “Don” Odham, who is a close friend of Sheriff Larry Campbell.

Detective Melinda McBride, an active law enforcement officer, was replaced by Don Odham, a white man who was not an employee at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Don Odham bragged about having his own patrol car—he was a friend with benefits—law enforcement benefits. Worthless!

Fix it!

http://Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project Overview – YouTube



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